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January 29, 2013


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Did you ever live in Monsey?


Yeah, "irreversibly dead" is a bummer.

king Sol

I agree with moishe .thats a fact


fuck off


He's gotta be innocent if the posters here think he's guilty.


i'm against the death penalty only because of the risk of an innocent man being irreversibly dead. however child molesters and rapists dont deserve another breath on earth.


Darn and we just lost a Jewish illegal immigrant whoops illegal alien to take advantage of illegal immigration reform.


There is no comparison between this guy and weberman for jail time no way, weberman was much much worse a dozen others were raped or molested by weberman this guy so far did it to one girl anyone who says we should take an example from here to future cases is deluding himself .

Moshe Aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

Doesnt he look similar to the todos Ahron rabbi? They share the same last names, they both are in monsey, the todos Ahron rabbi left israel when he had marriage problems and lived in monsey before he became grand rebbe and went back to Israel, this creep looks very similar as the todos Ahron rebbe

zionist goy

There are countless millions who did things the legal way in applying for citizenship, only to wait for years or be denied altogether. A nation of laws?

zionist goy

"i don't want to say i am here illegally." I overstayed my visa." It takes a crime or some atrocity to throw out these people of every race/ethnicity out of the country. I say throw them out by the millions or at the very least monitor many to a sort of guest worker status. Amnesty, no. Oh, i see, they've really provided a safety net and jolt for the economy, haven't they?


Where are all the kvetchers? "Oy vay a yid with a beard and payes can't get a fair trial in this unfair country".


He's getting off easy. Maybe he saw what happened to Weberman and decided to cop a plea rather than go to trial.


And she told Kohn that no man in the religious community would marry her because of what he did to her.

What is the specific Halacha that makes her unmarrigiable, and why is she so, if she did nothing wrong?

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