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January 28, 2013


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let me save the charedi troll apologists some trouble.

he isnt charedi, he isnt a man, he wasnt arrested, there were no assaults, the assaults werent sexual, there werent 17 victims, the victims werent girls and they werent preteen.


i demand this man be punished severely!! and by "this man" i'm referring to the evil person who told the police.

Saul Harvey

Remanded three times in one day? How do you let someone go under these circumstances? What kond if rediculous indecision was going on?

A. Nuran

Quick! Say tehilim for him and collect for his legal defense fund.


ah-pee-chorus-Youre analysis sounds like those 3 monkeys no see, no hear and is it no feel,


jancsibacsi -

close enough. hahah


Some more facts are needed here - three times in three days indeed. A piece of this story is missing.


Originally sourced via Manny Waks - outrageous: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3Z6dFA9O1o

Rueven Aharon

Some more facts are needed here - three times in three days indeed. A piece of this story is missing.

Maybe the police keep forgetting that they had already remanded him?


I assume they mean applied for an extension to remand him, and received it.

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