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January 01, 2013


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I am totally identify with peebrain's comment, but I still don't get it do the women went to the police to complain, because I read the police call all the subject women to come and give evidence and they say they will believe them, so I am little confused how and who told the police the allegations?


he uses speeches to portray himself as a tzaddik when in reality he is possessed by the devil totally and his members like assholes still listen to this prick


You're kidding, right? Women don't count and boys do?

Darth Zeidah

There is one good thing about this affair that no one seems to have noticed: at least Halpern only shtupped women who came to him for counselling - and not young boys.

What did he do

What exactly did this Rabbi do?


I laughed when I heard this whole story. Whilst I am no follower of his, and believe the allegations, I did attend some yichud shiurim by Reb Chaim a few years ago. Ironicly, I actually kept the rules in the main, and the shiurim helped me a little bit in keeping them whilst courting my now wife.

Shame he didn't practice what he preached. Guess he's gotta go.

Pee Brain

best part is that this asshole is giving a class about yichud!!!

probably had a finger up some sluts butthole while he was giving the class.

fucking raaaaaabis

someone else

Calling it an "unlicensed marriage counseling practice" is misleading and a distortion. All clergy can counsel without being considered "unlicensed."

That doesn't change the fact that he performed disgusting acts, but try to be a little more accurate.

Clean shaven

This is like using hannibal to understand the mindset of the psychopath. The haredi website should be applauded for its progressive approach to teaching halacha and availing itself of its fair share of torah transgressors to provide expert opinion. Plus he has a beard and a shtreimel so it is a haredi truism that every utterance of his is divinely inspired.


Sorry you are wrong there 'Halperin'is the correct spelling.

Garnel Ironheart

> from continuing to feature Halpern's (misspelled as Halperin) audio/video classes on a very importantant topic

Wasn't it Inspect Maigret who used a hardened criminal to catch another one? If anyone knows about the topic, it'll be the guy who can abuse it and still come off as a tzadik.

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