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January 31, 2013

Haredi Beit Din In Case Of Alleged London Rabbi Sex Abuser Begins

Rabbi Chaim Halpern 2The special beit din (Jewish religious court) formed to hear charges against Rabbi Chaim Halpern, a leading London haredi rabbi accused of clergy sexual abuse against adult women, has arrived in London and started preparations to hear testimony. Witnesses and complaining witnesses should begin to be heard by the beit din tomorrow.

Rabbi Chaim Halpern 2
Rabbi Chaim Halpern

Beit Din In Case Of Alleged London Rabbi Clergy Abuser Begins
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

According to a Behadrei Haredim report, the beit din (religious court) called to investigate allegations that Rabbi Chaim Halpern has arrived in London. It met this morning to deal with administrative matters and will begin hearing Halpern's case tomorrow.

The dayanim (rabbi-judges) are: Rabbi Sariel Rosenberg, of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz's Beit Din Tzedek (Badatz) of Bnei Brak; Rabbi Yisroel Berger, who was sent by Rabbi Ephraim Nussbaum of Badatz Ahvas Shalom and Beit Din Hayashor Vehatov in Jerusalem; and Rabbi Avraham Baruch Rosenberg of  Monsey, New York who heads the Badatz Toras Chaim-Vizhnitz Monsey USA and who also heads another beit din there, Machon Le'Hora'ah.

Rabbi David Cohen, Rabbi of the large Sephardic community in London,  rabbi of the North Hendon Adath Yisroel Synagogue, was appointed as a special assistant to the Beis Din to screen those who want to testify and determine the procedures for the hearings, which are expected to continue for another week. After the beit din finishes hearing testimony it will meet in  a series of hearings to decide the case.

A decision is expected to be handed down in late February or early March.

Haredi rabbinic leaders have refused to allow alleged victims of Halpren, who is accused of clergy sexual abuse, to cooperate with police.

The rabbinic head of the UOHC (Kedassia) Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, who caught on hidden camera telling an alleged victim of child sexual abuse that it was forbidden to report the crime to police, allegedly saw and heard evidence – including a recording of Halpern – that proved Halpern's guilt. Padwa at first appeared to be trying to remove Halpern from all his positions of power in the Jewish community. But Padwa quickly backtracked. Through it all, Padwa allegedly told Halpern's victim's that it was forbidden to report Halpern to police or cooperate with police in any way.

[Hat Tip: Burich.]


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"Rabbi David Cohen Rabbi of the large Sephardic community in London..."

In every post about which I have particular knowledge, you make egregious errors.

I can only extrapolate from that fact that there is nothing you write that can be relied on.

"Rabbi David Cohen Rabbi of the large Sephardic community in London..."

In every post about which I have particular knowledge, you make egregious errors.

I can only extrapolate from that fact that there is nothing you write that can be relied on.

Posted by: Snag | January 31, 2013 at 12:48 PM

"לצד בית הדין מונה הרה"ג דוד כהן רב הקהילה הספרדית בשכונת הנדן בלונדון"

A direct quote from Behadrei Haredim's report.

Perhaps you should email that esteemed haredi publication and point out their 'error.'

Err- Shmarya -

Snag's point is that you incorrectly claimed that London has a "large" Sephardic community.

Not sure how your quote from BeChadrei is a defense against that point. Which word in the quote above means "large"?

Shmarya, im a big fan, but this bros din started on Monday.
all of the charedi rabbis have advised these women to go to the police. Apart from padwa and co from stamford hill.
What's happening to your journalistic skills in this story?feeding off a haredi Israeli website is poor.
Read or contact ifyoutickleus.
He's just an ordinary fellow that triple checks each source.
Lazy Yank

chazer/menuvalim, its all chazer fleisc ganuvim gazlunim chamsonim nuchem is right

Is this the same Rosenberg from Monsey who messed up the Crown Heights Bais Din Elections, then ran away when the problems came out.

If they were taking a Rabbi from Monsey, why didn't they use Rabbi Mordy T.

Rabbi David Cohn grew up in the Golders Green Beth Hamedrash of Rav Eli Munk ztl and Rav Chaim Feldman shlita. Rabbi Cohn is the grandson of Dayan Dr Grunfeld and Rabbanit Dr Judith Grunfeld, of impeccable Hirschian ancestry. I don't understand where the large Sephardi Kehillah came into the picture.

I don't believe clergy sexual abuse is a criminal matter. Assuming all are adults.

Although it must be dealt with.

It is unethical and immoral.

Bechadrei Chareidim is a terrible source for any international news.Their "reporters" don't know English

Jake, what exactly do the words "clergy sexual abuse" mean to you? Do you think raping a human being over the age of majority is not a crime? Do you even think?

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