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January 23, 2013


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Hometown Postville

And the bags over their heads can only be 110x130 centimeters.....


I can't even imagine what going to this camp would be like. I can imagine the rabbis forbidding the girls from doing basically everything except bussing tables for the male staff and taking care of the younger campers. I shudder to think of what else might be going on there where the male staff would have full access to these girls. My bet is that this is just a ploy to collect high camp fees from the parents and basically keep these girls from doing anything so that the camp owners get to keep most of the fees for imprisoning these girls in substandard cabins for a couple of weeks.

steven k

Fail to see anything wrong?
Is some wrong with me?


I think what makes these rules irritating is that they have crossed the line between teaching modesty and imposing B.S. Repeated imposition of B.S. makes B.S. normative and renders the victim docile to authority.

Prohibition of layered clothing is a case in point. At our local Jewish high school it was practice for girls to wear bright colored camisoles UNDER their dress code shirts so that a colorful tail stuck out. There is also the practice of wearing long sleeved shells under sun dresses or tank tops. While I find both these styles wince-worthy, neither of them immodest, and both are a means of personal expression within a code of modesty.

Then there is the question of male, religious authorities throwing their weight around where females are concerned. Face it, tznius clothing for women at least is conservative, business casual, and many nonJews wear it and secular Jewish women wear it. Those rabbis have to make the Jewish uniform distinctive don't they?

I aggree parents should vote with their feet. The girls, however, will go where their parents send them. It's up to the parents to spare their children from too much senseless B.S.


This sounds less like summer camp and more like a clothes for a week of mourning. Jews are such a fun-loving bunch.

What to do? How about voting with your wallets and not attending the camp? Don't like a rabbi's religious dictates? Ignore him. Religious "authorities" have no real power over anyone. People cede control over their lives to old men in beards, like little children.


Swimming suits? Is swimming possible for these girls? After all there is in Talmud that teaching a child to swim is to save his life.

Posted by: Michelle Stein-Evers Frankl | January 24, 2013 at 05:35 AM

There is also a Halacha that you should teach your children a trade so they can work. They don't follow that either. I think that a lot of charedi kids drown because they can't swim, or very young children are left in charge of even younger ones around swimming pools.


I think you've all missed the most extreme part of the ad.

'Material available in some Judaica stores may be inappropriate'

What on earth are they referring to?

Shulchan Aruch |Chelek Even Ha'ezer? Rambam Hilchos Bios Asuros?

Michelle Stein-Evers Frankl

Oh, and what is not tziut about the layered look?

Michelle Stein-Evers Frankl

Swimming suits? Is swimming possible for these girls? After all there is in Talmud that teaching a child to swim is to save his life.

old time brooklyn

i guess they will get hardons over the shoes - nuff said ns i dont wNTt to know


"Skirts should not be longer than ankle length."

At least they're becoming more lenient. LOL.

old time brooklyn

are razors allowed, trimmers nd who is on thong patrol - bunch of dirty old men loooking to see some teen snatch - callo in social services


Does that say revised 2013 at the bottom of the page or 1613....


and yet it seems as though opiates are the religion of the masses


Religion is the opiate for the masses.


Reminds me of the dress code for sem. They missed out no denim. Or does no one wear it anymore, so no need. I like the "skirt must cover knees by 4 inches, in all positions" sounds rather kinky. The beis yaakov kama sutra.


Makes sense for a Bais Yakov camp.

Only thing I disagree with is the tight top.
Top should be so tight that nipples are clearly visible,erect or not.
Also all shirts should have on front Best Yet, Great Taste,Feel Good or similar verbiage in 6 inch letters covering the breast area.

World does have something to learn about reasonable modesty.


Why not just sell camp uniforms? That would solve the problem. Most of the girls wear them year-round anyway.


Interestingly its always man who make hteese silly immature rules for woman,of course we know woman dont dare to contradict or make rules for men,and they have much more reason to make rules for men,it looks like its in the mans gene to dominate woman.

Yochanan Lavie

The layered look leads to lesbianism (and alliteration).


From my experience with BY, it is correct.


>Who cares?

The Talibanization of Orthodoxy affects Orthodox Jews who do not want to be Taliban. In addition, it also affects non-Orthodox Jews (witness, e.g., the issues surrounding the Chareidization of the Rabbanut in Israel). Thus, it effects all Jews.

And, arguably, this dress code approaches mistreatment of the girls who have to endure it as they are supposed to be enjoying a leisurely summer in a sex-segregated environment.

Finally, it's just interesting.

different dave

I really don't see a problem, their camp their rules if you don't want to abide by them don't go. What are you trying to prove by posing this


I vote for blister wrap and duct tape. Poor yidden. Sad. Luke


With these dress codes becoming increasingly strict the only real solution is to have women wear the buqua, black only of course.

Or better yet, don't leave the home.


Who cares? You don't like it - don't go to that camp. Very different from harassing people on streets of RBS etc.

R. Wisler

Layered-Look == Slut and future whore....

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