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January 04, 2013


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Friar Yid

Jake- Hiddush's website says its primary goals are to promote religious freedom and equality and increase economic and military parity across the political and religious spectrum. These are not exclusively secular goals.

Furthermore, Rabbi Regev is a native-born Israeli who served in the IDF and has helped build Israel's Reform movement from the bottom up for the past forty years. Regardless of your feelings about his positions, he's clearly earned the right to have a say in Israeli politics.

What entitles R. Teitelbaum to so brazenly try to influence another country's electoral process? Other than thinking he knows better than everyone else, of course.


How's Teitelbaum going to get out of the US and into Israel with hundreds of thousands in cash? He planning to declare it (though effectively he's done so). Does Israel restrict this kind of thing? The destructiveness of the Satmars knows no bounds.

Expatriate Owl

"Police arrived and dispersed the Sikrikim..."


If indeed they were "violent" then the police should have arrested them, not dispersed them.

Perhaps too much of a political hot potato?

Yochanan Lavie

Reb Entitled Bum should go to Gaza to campaign for Hamas.


Hiddush's boss Rabbi Uri Regev who is also an attorney does not drawn on any of his vast knowledge as reform rabbi when running Hiddush a secular group. I got it.

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