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January 03, 2013


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Those hunched-over, pale yeshiva weaklings need to man up. Treat them the same as everybody else, no special accommodations for fanatics.


This is counter productive. The purpose of military training is deconstruct a normal human and turn him into a killing machine. That is not accomplished by coddling. Much of basic training is brutal by design. The purpose is to create a being that will do what must be done despite the fact that it is repulsive. If the the haredi are coddled they will be lousy soldiers. It is an ugly business after all.

Jewish Cynic

Of course IDF doctors shouldn't be allowed to touch the genitals of young haredim.

If they did, then Haredi youth might find out that using lips and tongue are not part of a proper exam as they have been told by their rabbis.

Just Curious

Posted by: Avi | January 04, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Haha, that would certainly give me palpitations...

Just Curious

"[P]hysical testicular palpitation" sounds frightful...

I believe what was meant was "testicular palpation" (palpation means examination by touch, while palpitation means pulsating or fluttering, usually referring to the heart).

Better than you

Something tells me that this ain't gonna fly...


There are few Charedei doctors. LOL. Wise up about life.

This is a good move. They ate showing the charedeim they are ready to work with them and they are showing if you don't work with us to jail you go..

Btw folks to medical deferment you have to have your case reviewed by a army medical committe unless the basis for the deferment is obvious. Blind,CP etc.


My first post was a little naive. Of course the Charedim's doctors will declare them unfit...


I would assume the army is insisting on the need to have one of their own docs confirm any diagnosis that would give a deferment. if not , this is ridiculous.


The Palestinians must laughing at the breakdown in Israeli society. The Haredi are the Palestinians' secret weapon. Who knew it would all end like this?

The medical deferments for the Haredi will be more corrupt than the deferments and exemptions in the US during the Viet Nam war.


..by the boatload.


What this does is opens a loophole for lots of them to get medical deferments.


So I assume the Charedim's doctors will not examine their testicles and scrotal area either to check for cancer, hernia or other problems?

And if they can't be examined by female medical staff under any circumstances or only certain parts of their bodies by male doctors, how are they to be treated for combat injuries (assuming they would go into combat which is unlikely)?

It's strange they don't have similar concerns about bathing with their buddies every morning in the mikvah. Or concerns about pedastry.

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