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January 31, 2013


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Unsurprising outcome - case dismissed with prejudice (meaning the plaintiffs can't re-file) as being out of the court's jurisdiction b/c this is a religious matter. One wonders if it wasn't it really another outfit, like the OU (but presumably not Star-K or O-K, which filed an amicus brief supporting dismissal of the case), that was behind this whole sham suit in the first place, aiming to try to muscle in on triangle-k for this piece of hashgacha work. Talk about slander - google "conagra" and "kosher" and you now get a bunch of results saying "hebrew national not kosher". Apparently, when it comes to lashon hara, business is business.


'And in the eyes of the Gentiles, it again makes us look foolish.',



Chicken, turkey [fowl] is biblically NOT considered meat. The rabbis said it was meat and needed to be shechk.

Posted by: Isa | January 31, 2013 at 07:01 PM

So true. I believe the requirement to shect birds was introduced about 1000 years ago.

Similarly, the requirement that wine be specifically kosher. This was a late Halachic "innovation" as well.

Before that, you could drink proper wine, not the sweet alcoholic syrup that much kosher "wine" is these days. (Although there now is a lot of good kosher "proper" wine like the Teal Lake range from Australia to name just one).

BTW, with regard to supervision of kosher wine production, do you have any idea how bizarre the non-Jews regard issues such as only the Jews be allowed to turn valves etc. during the manufacture of the product? Oh well, people, Jew or Gentile will do anything if paid enough.

Eli, what me messiah?

LAC, I'm guessing about 12 judgment by the sense of humor in my earlier post...

dh, seems to me there could be an obvious connection between what mohels do in performing MBP and frankfurters, but I can't post it because LAC the schoolmarm is watching....


Anti-agenda, yeah, really. That's why they don't call it the "lucid hour."

But don't they both share points of law having to do with the court's jurisdiction over religious interpretation. MBP is religious interpretation. Kosher is religious interpretation. The court won't touch kosher. But so far, the court won't not touch MBP or interpret what a bris is.

Doesn't it sort of make sense?


Just because a food has been declared kosher does not necessarily make it healthy. Last time I checked a Hebrew National hot dog package, the hot dogs contained sodium nitrite, a chemical that is a that cancer causing agent. Eating too much meat can contribute to your getting prostate cancer. Gefilte fish typically has lots of salt and lots of sugar.

If you make it to Medicare age, chances are good that many of your friends and older relatives will have had prostate cancer and/or heart surgery by then. Don't become a statistic yourself. At the rate Medicare is spending money, it is slated to run out of funds by 2024.

Courts in the US are reluctant to get involved in religious issues, whether the subject is kosher food or religious education. That is also why the Haredi are able to get away with turning out so many functional illiterates in New York State, some of whom post on this web site in poor English.

anti-agenda arguments

Posted by: dh | January 31, 2013 at 07:47 PM

I think you had one drink to much. The case regarding hebrew national was that they were falsely claiming that their product was "kosher." The court ruled that since Kashrut is controversial, it was incapable of ruling. (I doubt it would've ruled the same way if, say, the issue would have been pork.) However, NYC does not care if MBP is part of the "bris" or not. It says that it is dangerous and freedom of religion doesn't mean you can do whatever you want: it means you can practice religion as long as you don't infringe on anybody else's rights.


I'm sorry for breaking some rule or other here, but, well, it is the cocktail hour. I changed the parties and the religious, um, activity, and....:

The definition of the word “bris” is intrinsically religious in nature, and this Court may not entertain a lawsuit that will require it to evaluate the veracity of [insert name of cult] representations that its MBP rituals meet any such religious standard.

Gefilte Fish

Hey Yuturd,

Don't you have a math test to study for? It's a school night! Stop writing nonsense or your mom will take away your computer privileges.



Chicken, turkey [fowl] is biblically NOT considered meat. The rabbis said it was meat and needed to be shechk.

Besides chicken, turkey etc is much heathier to eat than beef

To Yurtur Binsonfire: go drag your hands on the floor someplace else

Lubavitchers Are Christians

"Judge Frank"? seriously? did he ask whether the parties wanted fries with this decision?

Posted by: Eli, what me messiah? | January 31, 2013 at 05:45 PM

How old are you?


I don't understand why lawyers even thought it was an appropriate matter to bring to Court. A huge waste of everyone's time and money.

And in the eyes of the Gentiles, it again makes us look foolish.

Ultimately the consumer must decide what is "kosher" for them since not even the rabbis can always agree on what is kosher or not. There are multiple standards and practices of kashrut.

I recently stopped eating kosher meat due (a) to the fact that various rabbis said the meat is still kosher even if cruelty is involved in its production or slaughter and (b) the ever more ludicrous cost (which will continue to increase as the number of consumers decrease, partly because of the Charedim turning people away from Yiddishkeit).

I still regard myself as kosher though, because I only eat the permitted meats and fish although without kosher slaughter for the meat (but humanely killed nevertheless).

Eli, what me messiah?

"Judge Frank"? seriously? did he ask whether the parties wanted fries with this decision?

in any event...the decision makes sense. fake labor case masquerading as a silly class action case.


Wise decision.

Outcast Yid

Exactly. The kosher consumer must decide whose hashgacha he/she trusts, and act accordingly. If that's too hard, you can eliminate meat (and perhaps poultry) from your diet.

Any other ruling could have opened a Pandora's box. Imagine if Satmar sued the OU. Or a restaurant where female staff members wear slacks.

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