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January 10, 2013

Child Sex Abuse: What Rabbi Aryeh Goodman Allegedly Did

Aryeh Goodman closeup brown yarmulkeThe Pike County sheriff released the Affidavit of Probable cause against Rabbi Aryeh Goodman of Chabad of East Brunswick, New Jersey. It explains what Goodman allegedly did to a young camper in 2001, and it also tells some of the story of how police got the goods on him.

Aryeh Goodman
Rabbi Aryeh Goodman

Originally published at 9:21 pm CST 1-9-2013

Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, the rabbi of Chabad of East New Brunswick, New Jersey, was arrested on child sexual abuse charges late last week.

This is what the Affidavit of Probable Cause alleges Goodman, now 30-years-old, did to a student in Camp Menachem, a Chabad (messianist) sleepover camp, in 2001:

• The alleged victim says that while he was in school in the spring of 2001, Goodman approached him and asked if he would like to attend camp at Camp Menachem that summer. Goodman said that he was a counselor there and promised that if the victim agreed to attend, Goodman would be his counselor.

• The alleged victim attended the camp and Goodman was indeed his counselor. Approximately 15 boys were in his group. They all shared a bunk area with bunk beds.

• The alleged victim said Goodman slept in the same area as the campers.

• The alleged victim said he woke up more than 10 times to find Goodman in bed with him. Touching occurred on at least 10 occasions and the alleged victim was positive that it was Goodman who was touching him.

• More inappropriate touching allegedly occurred during an overnight trip. Goodman zipped his sleeping bag and the boy’s sleeping bag together and fondled the boy during the night.

• On Oct. 19, 2012, Detective Jeannette Sbordone from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office assisted with the recording of a 24-minute conversation between the alleged victim and Goodman. Goodman told the victim that he frequently thinks about the incidents and is embarrassed by what happened. Goodman also told the victim that apologizing to him was not enough, and asked if there is anything he (Goodman) could offer to the alleged victim to make the situation better. Goodman also repeatedly apologized. He said that he was sorry for hurting the alleged victim and admitted doing things to the alleged victim that should have never have been done to someone of that age, admitting that he touched the alleged victim inappropriately.

• In that same recording, when Goodman was asked repeatedly by the alleged victim to explain why he had sexually abused him, Goodman responded by saying that he did not know why he did it.

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"In that same recording, when Goodman was asked repeatedly by the alleged victim to explain why he had sexually abused him, Goodman responded by saying that he did not know what he did it."

There is a typo here which makes this important sentence incoherent. Please correct it so we can read what Goodman allegedly said back to the victim?

The goods on Goodman!

turns out that the seewald guy that posted here a few days ago was right.

the people that said 'oh such a nice guy could never happened etc etc' ...what say u now?

looks like there will be no trial. straight to sentencing i should think ... does anyone know how he pled?

so now where is the statement from chabd NJ head Moshe Herson and From Rabbi carlebach disavowing him from chaqbad

'oh such a nice guy could never happened etc etc' ...what say u now? Posted by: gezha | January 09, 2013 at 09:45 PM

Those people will say now - we were half right at least - wrong about whether it could have happened, right about him being a nice guy. Never heard of one of these guys apologizing. Nice and polite too. Suprised he didnt ask permission back then.

Where's Jane?

So is he Chabad or not?
The Australia connection is creepy. Seems like a training ground for Chabad pedophiles.


Goodman? Goodman?

There was this "one year Yeshiva wonder" that was a Chabad shaliah in the main Minneapolis community. He had some really young kids, maybe the boy was around 6 years old, back around ~~1982 maybe had younger kids too
Anyway this Shaliah grabbed me by the nuts once.
Another family in the community noticed this guy took an 'interest' in their daughter, of course he was never invited back. I wonder if this is his son!

This guy is from a splinter mashichist Chabad group that broke away from Rabbi Herson. Rabbi Carlebach hired him through nepotism as his father was the fake Rabbi on the campus of Rutgers.

People say they were nice guys, but if you had any connection to Torah Judaism they came off as creeps. Possibly because they're smoke and mirrors parlor Judaism doesn't cut it for everyone.


This is not the first time you are commenting about this tragedy asking about Rabbi Hersons response...

To clarify, Aryeh Goodman never held any position at all in the worldwide Chabad movement, which Rabbi Herson respresents in the state of NJ.

His boss is Rabbi Carlebach, who is currently assisting him.
Rabbi Carlebach and his runs an unauthorized so called Chabad, and has no permission for using the name Chabad in NJ.


@ reuven 6:37AM c'mon, once a molester/pedophile/abuser etc., always a molester/pedophile/abuser.

reuven--You are mentally deranged,better to publisize this then to let him go and do it to many more others ,you are the lowest scum of this earth blaming the molested one, you deserve to be put into lunatic asylum.

Reuven - does it bother you that you enjoyed being sexually molested as a youngster?


so rabbi carlebach is not chabad and chabad of utgers and east brunswick and others are not under herson

so your saying that carlbach is not a shliach

by the way so anyone in nj can open chabad ill open next to hersons kids and see how long herson will be quiet

herson if he cant control his state should be removed

c'mon, once a molester/pedophile/abuser etc., always a molester/pedophile/abuser.
You are so right--but wait, this may soon be thought to be no longer a problem.
Decadence is on the march! And now, a defense of pedophilia as just another “sexual orientation” has been published in the mainstream left wing UK newspaper The Guardian. From, “Paedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires Into the Light:”

Paedophiles may be wired differently. This is radical stuff. But there is a growing conviction, notably in Canada, that paedophilia should probably be classified as a distinct sexual orientation, like heterosexuality or homosexuality. Two eminent researchers testified to that effect to a Canadian parliamentary commission last year, and the Harvard Mental Health Letter of July 2010 stated baldly that paedophilia “is a sexual orientation” and therefore “unlikely to change”.

The idea, apparently, is to embrace pedophilia as a normal part of the human condition so that we can help those with the “orientation” refrain:

For Goode, though, broader, societal change is needed. “Adult sexual attraction to children is part of the continuum of human sexuality; it’s not something we can eliminate,” she says. “If we can talk about this rationally – acknowledge that yes, men do get sexually attracted to children, but no, they don’t have to act on it – we can maybe avoid the hysteria. We won’t label paedophiles monsters; it won’t be taboo to see and name what is happening in front of us.”

a few points
i never blamed the victim
i dont buy that rule once a molester always.. & i've researched this plenty there are very many variables to be considered & thats precisly what bothers me that "wild emotional mobs are hijacking justice" w/o due process
the courts will only punish the crime to me that is secondary to a proper eval as the current threat the perp is .
my question to you is if a qualified physch well versed in these areas were to tell you that this person who (i dont know)is a minima;l threat does the torah allow for him to be locked up to satisfy the victims need for revenge?? ( yes if it was my son who got hurt i wouldnt be talking true BUT THE QUESTION REMAINS?

mendel, have you considered joining the frum section of NAMBLA? Maybe the rebbe would even name you the shiliach to the entire NAMBLA world!

reuven, it's ok to have compassion. It is important to remember that many molesters were once victims themselves, which is why it is so important to break the chain.

More likely here is that Goodman thought he wouldbe reported, so he tried to smooth things over. Too late! Already had the police on wiretap.......
Same thing happened to Weiss.......police had him on tape telling the boy not to say anything to his mother.

It looks to me he was attempting to bribe the victim.


You sound like a very disturbed and insensitive individual.

Yes, Rabbi Carlebach and his affiliates are not Chabad. end of story.

I feel no need to go into stupidity as you suggest in the second part of your comment.
If you are seeking clarification, i have given you the facts.

To Yanki: why are you not sharing the whole story? Herson would love to get rid of Carlbach but does not have the muscle to do it. Carlbach has a letter from the Rebbe Zt'l that he is the shliach of that area so even 'the State head shliach' cannot undo that. On top of that, carlbach has access to deep pockets and built one of the most expensive chabad affiliated houses. B/c of these two things it pretty much makes him untouchable. Otherwise he would have gone the ways of so many other former shliachs who stepped out of line.

The real problem in Chabad is there are no standards set on what is the criteria and what qualifications one needs to be a shliach - as long as one shliach a notch up on the rung brings someone else out, abra cadbra, a new shliach is made.

Part of it is by design. If there were standards set on qualifications to become a shliach, the nepotism would be broken and there would be a revolt amongst the rank and file.

I feel bad for this guy,,,hes a young guy with no sex outlet, he made a mistake,admitted he doesnt know why but it was a bad idea and apologizes, doesn't have a history of this. let the guy get a shtup up his tuches w/o Vaseline and call it a day.
am i being insensitive? im not sure why but i feel bad for the kid and this guy...if this guy has a history thats a different level and a different story...

To Yankel. Herson is just as big a meglomaniac as Carlebach is. Hersons yichus stems from coming from Herson. I.e self made yichus. They are both about power and money and don't let ethics stand in their way.

Goodmans father is the real thing, is paid shit and takes a crap from so called gezehs. Let the evidence against his kid speak for itself.

I dont know where u get ur info, but goodman never had a conversation with the alleged victim and was never convicted and is at this time out of prison.

From the criminal complaint and indictment as quoted by several newspapers.

Your buddy is apparently out on bail.

My feeling is that this is a case of a horny 18 yr old sexually frustrated teen unaware of the impact his acting out has on his crush's future stress
Made a poorly thaugjt through period o mistakes

& if he has otherwise no history prior or since as an abuser
He should get evaluated & cleared by experts in the field & move on & perhaps teach camp counselors about the severity of impact acting out sexual urges on a child can have on the child & the horny teen himself if the child wants him & his family to suffer

My hunch is that this episod is far in his past & he was not fully mature or aware of the impact of his actions

If that's the case, he doesn't deserve this ruthless treatment some giddy anti-haredy seem to be craving & enjoying at his expense & his wife children etc

Sick of all these inhuman dirty men who molest young ones, shame on these victims's parents who choose to keep silent. I even heard of some teen-agers who did commit suicidal after years of molestation and the parents are still part and member of mesirah's group game ! Anyone who knows of a crime and don't do a thing is more guilty than the perpetrator, since this last one is mental and the witness of his act is not !

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