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January 17, 2013


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Why does he have to issue a ruling on this when it us already Halacha and also falls within a Jewish ethical framework?

If his followers don't already know these things, then what the hell is it that they are "learning" all day every day to the exclusion of working or educating their children?


"is" not "us".

Marty the K

Does it also apply to fraud and corruption in the Chief Rabbinate, like Eliahu Bakshi-Doron and Yona Metzger? Or are they exempt?


You can't take seriously someone who dresses up in a costume.


Far be it from me to love on the Israeli Rabbinate, but come on. How on earth is it a bad thing that Amar is actually reminding his following of one of the beautiful ethical imperatives of Judaism, for a change?


I'm with Ze'ev. Although it's sad that we've come to the point that when a prominent Charedi rabbi publicly affirms basic Jewish ethical principles it amounts to a major kiddush Hashem, but let's be grateful for it-- and thanks, Shmarya, for publicizing it here.

OTD with ADD but no STD

I would not like any of these clowns (Ashkenazi or Sephardi) who are by the way state employees voicing their opinion on ANY pending Knesset legislation.

Bartley Kulp

How about that. A psak Torah on something besides I phones. Kol Hakavod.

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