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January 23, 2013


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Eli, what me messiah?

Posted by: Moshe Zuchmere | January 24, 2013 at 02:32 AM

Moshe, dearie, we have enough to deal with here on FM without your conjuring up images of Shmarya with his pants down. Isn't there a with haredi male porn where you can take your fantasies? Sounds like haredi Playboy is not suitable to your tastes.

Account Deleted

It does like as if the cop administered a good beating on him, he could have restrained him without the 26 or 27 punches to his head, not to mention a few of those to the back of the head, which might have produced serious damage. When the guy shoved the cop, you have the battery charge, and the cop could have grabbed him twist his arm and submit him, or ask the other cop to help him submit him without what looks like excessive contact. A grand jury can find this ...unsettling and decide to indict (federal court, violation of civil rights, grand juries decide this)then in a trial, the admissibility of the video can prove to be damaging to the cops. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Moshe Zuchmere

yet you know it won't get to court - and you have a stupid habit of replying incessantly to posts when you're caught with your pants down in some stupid biased posting yourself. And while the image of you with your pants down is one that could make the worst of us vomit (is that why you're not married - or is it because there ain't enough room in Mama's basement) it still tickles me pink to see you exposed for your hatred.


#1 I can't believe your still promoting the security guard permission theory since it has zero bases. Never mind the fact that the local police dept knew exactly what goes on at Aliyah and who's in charge i.e it shouldn't have escalated so fast.

That's quite odd because both the guard and one of his friends that was with him are clear about it on video and so is the rabbi who runs the center.

The guard called the cops. The cops came. The guard met them and directed them to Halevy. The cops woke Halevy and asked him to leave. Halevy refused. The cops called in the guard who said halevy had to leave. The guard leaves the room. The cops decide to handcuff Halevy and remove him because Halevy still won't cooperate with them. The altercation starts.

I believe the Aliyah Center needed the security guard because of previous problems at the center that resulted in police calls. I think the center's rabbi promised police that he would have private security in place. The police responded to a call from that me that private security guard, met that guard on arrival and tried at the guard's request to get Halevy to leave.

But Halevy resisted, and that sparked the incident.

You have a ridiculous concept of what police are supposed to do and what people like Halevy can legally do.

If this case gets to court, you'll quickly learn that.


Rebitzman, lol


Rather sadly he had the unlucky opportunity to have an interaction with 2 rouge cops.

How is the color of the police officers relevant?



Re- #1 I can't believe your still promoting the security guard permission theory since it has zero bases. Never mind the fact that the local police dept knew exactly what goes on at Aliyah and who's in charge i.e it shouldn't have escalated so fast.

#2 Your forgetting he was woken up from his sleep and shouldn't be expected to right away be oriented enough to obey all commands especially when he's innocent.

#3 Norman Siegel is a heaver hitter sure he want's to make money but he has his cup full of easier and quicker cases he can take on but chose this one.

#4 The video doesn't show him making physical contact in an offensive manner.

#5 Your the one with the minority opinion in this case Thankfully 99.9% of media understand that the police are WRONG.

#6 Any Marijuana that he allegedly had on him in person wasn't of the amount that = an arrest charge and even the DA understood that.

#7 This won't get to court unless the individual officers want it to. Because the city is gonna settle they have never taken a case handled by Siegel to trial.

#8 Yes the female officer preformed terribly and probably shouldn't have passed her physical.

#9 Instead of taking a break from your anti chabad vitriol you dive right into it. Aliyah is a program for people that don't exactly wear a hat or jacket or in Ehud's case Yarmulkah and Tzitzit so what are you bringing up Chabad habits etc.

He didn't get beated b/c he was naked (He wasn't) He didn't get beaten b/c he failed to Obey the law. Rather sadly he had the unlucky opportunity to have an interaction with 2 rouge cops.


It's a great lawsuit. The first thing the police should have done was ask the "guard" who met them on arrival, especially since the "guard" likely wasn't licensed, if the guy questions to determine if it was a trespass.

Everyone is an idiot in this vignette.

Fleishike Kishke

To me it seems: ALIYA is A Lubavitcher Intoxicated Youth Association, that (at a minimum) looks the other way when "at risk" youth indulge in alcohol (and drug) use, with the hope that one day they'll become "frum" again.

The court/cops must pay special attention to witness intimidation. Community bigwigs may use very coercive measures to get the security guard in line with the Lubavitcher position.

Bloated Beard

Shmaryoo, not a single LE member that has seen this video can provide justification for the boxing match. The first officer should have done what the restraining officer did. You spin as much as the others and are just as bad.

Russian PhD

This story has a part that Lubavichers really try to keep quit: who and why called police to expell Jewish fellow from their propery-during Yom Tov!


Did the police ask the guard or the friends if he had permission to be there, whereupon they were struck mute? lied?

Or didn't the police even ask?

Posted by: dh | January 23, 2013 at 05:31 PM

Police were called by the security guard who met them on arrival.

The security guard comes into the room (I believe at police request) where Halevy is after police have awakened Halevy and are talking to him. He has a brief discussion with police and Halevy and leaves the room.

Police continue to try to get Halevy to cooperate, at first to get dressed and leave, and then to allow himself to be handcuffed.

Halevy – intoxicated – apparently insisted that police call the rabbi. But it was approximately 4:00 am at the time, I think, and very few cops will call a person's home at 4:00 am to find out if a drunk who has already ignored the security guard's orders and is now ignoring police commands has the right to sleep there or not. At that point, it wasn't even the issue. The issue was belligerence and inebriation.


Did the police ask the guard or the friends if he had permission to be there, whereupon they were struck mute? lied?

Or didn't the police even ask?


Posted by: Anon | January 23, 2013 at 03:35 PM

1. The security guard had the authority to do exactly what he did. And even if he did not have that authority, it is not the responsibility of the police to determine it before detaining, restraining or arresting an evidently inebriated man.

2. The arrest was not "illegal." Police have the right to detain and if necessary subdue anyone who fails to heed their commands or who threatens them or anyone else in any way. At the same time, if you believe police are falsely or mistakenly arresting you, your responsibility is to tell this to to police and still cooperate with them and follow their commands, not do what Halevy clearly does on the video: resist arrest.

3. Norman Siegel takes cases he thinks he can make money on. But the issue is not whether police had the right to detain Halevi. The issue is whether they used excessive force in detaining him. Siegel believes they did, or he believes they came close enough to do so that a jury will have a reasonably good chance of finding for his client. And he also knows that the city may settle because it's cheaper. So the small amount of money it takes to file a case and start the legal ball rolling is worth it.

4. Everything I wrote in my post is documented in the videos I linked to. If you actually read those posts and watch those videos, you would know that.

5. You need to learn the difference between accurately reporting facts – something your community, its rabbis and its organizations are especially bad at doing – and the spin you hope to be true and the spin you want other people to believe is true.

6. Halevy was very intoxicated. I've also heard that there was also a distinct smell of hashish or marijuana on Halevy and in the room. If that is true, and if you look up PCP use and its effects on users and on those who have to try to restrain them, you might have an idea why police reacted the way they did when Halevi became belligerent.

7. The real question that will be addressed in court is if Halevy was still resisting arrest and was still belligerent when he being struck by police on the couch. I see a brief lull by police and Halevy immediately acting like he was trying to get up. If this is what happened, continued violent attempts to restrain Halevy are justified. If not, and Halevy had really ceased resisting, police should have tried to cuff him again.

8. One of the key problems with the police response, I think, was the behavior of the female officer, whose reactions seemed slow and who was little help to her partner, essentially leaving him in a one-on-one fight with an inebriated person who was physically strong, bigger than that male officer, and who was resisting arrest and behaving erratically. This mitigates the male officer's behavior somewhat, even if you think he had no right to try to handcuff Halevy. But it also helps Halevi's csse, because it isn't his fault that police didn't fully have their act together.

9. Lastly, instead of bitching at me and screaming about the "illegal" arrest, what you should be doing is asking yourself why Chabad misuses alcohol so pervasively and so often. If Halevy had been sober, would he have been walking around the center naked? Would he have refused to get dressed when the security guard asked him to? Would he have refused to listen to police commands? Would he have knocked away the officer's hands or chest-butted him? You know the answer to all those questions is almost certainly no. There would have been no incident – and there should have been no incident. But there was. And even the Rebbe finally, after years of doing nothing to stop it, and in fact encouraging it by his own sometimes drunken behavior (largely heavy slurring of words when speaking on some Shemni Atzerets/Simchat Torahs and on some Purims), the Rebbe made it very clear that no one under the age of 40 could have more than four individual 1 oz shots of liquor, and no one should become inebriated (except on Purim and then under controlled circumstances). But Chabad regularly ignores this. One result of that it is alcoholism and binge drinking, both far too common in Chabad. Another result of ignoring what the Rebbe said about drinking alcohol and intoxication is what happened to Halevy. What could have happened to Halevi if he had tried to take the officer's gun or if the officers were truly violent and brutal? He could have been serious injured or killed. A cop could have been killed. You should really try to think about that.


Shmarya your anti Chabad stance is blatantly shown here. Even 100% of the non Jewish/Secular media understands that the officers are 100% wrong... Yet you buck the trend and say a bunch of untruths.

1) The so called security guard had no authority to do what he did + he said openly on TV the he didn't recognize Ehud, could he be lying sure but then why mention him...

2) Norman Siegel wouldn't take on this case, mind you he isn't getting any money upfront, if he felt that the cops had any merit....

3) Its not called resisting arrest when the arrest was illegal in the 1st place.

The aliyah institute is at the forefront of changing/reforming certain things that are being done wrong in Crown Heights/Chabad.

In fact the Rabbi is openly supportive of CH watch even though its part of the shul was built with the support of the first person to be listed on the site.

The institute had for years before this incident accrued an open line with local elected/NYPD officials so the original act of entering the facility was for sure handled wrong.

Eli, what me messiah?

Halevy stupidly resisted, and the cop exaggerated.
But why isn't Halevy suing the Chabad ALIYA Institute youth center as well? The let the guy get drunk and fall asleep on their premises and then called the cops on him -if that is what happened.


Why do you think the charges were dropped? The Rebbe intervened?

Cop went way past what was necessary. Also apparent.y this cop appears to have a bit of a record of a past history.

Cops should not be getting into boxing matches. There was no real
Threat there.

Just wait for more cops to arrive and 123 the guy will be cuffed. No fuss no muss. But this is the NYPD...........home of courtesy meaning don't give a fellow cops mom or gir
Friend a ticket for making a illegal u turn. Double
Ines in a road plus limited sight curve in road and no u turns and at the same traffic stop going through a stop sign and speeding. My cousin,the cops mother, pulled out her honorary PBA shield,gave it to the cop who stopped her.. A few minutes later the cop came back and said ave a nice day mam..........

Yosef ben Matitya

ay ay ay, crown heights, sodom on the hudson!

different dave

why were the charges drop

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