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January 31, 2013


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No...the Supt. is not a member of the Board...he is a hand puppet of the Board. The meeting, like the Board was a sham. They could care less about fixing the problem, they are just putting lipstick on a pig!


That's why I asked if the Superintendent is a member of the Board. Where I reside he is not so the rules of order are different.


That violates the New York State Open Meetings law, which includes school boards. If the board meets, it must be open to the public unless there are special circumstances, such as a personnel issue. And adequate notice must be provided. This doesn't pass the smell test.

Pearl of Wisdom

Oh...and the Rabbi that was present asked for security...you guessed it, paid for by the taxpayers! You just cannot make this stuff up. We have NO security in the elementary schools...nothing between our little ones but a secretary and a buzzer! No assistant princiapals...they were fired! But the Yeshivas now want the public to supply police. As we all know, if you are from the Yeshiva community, all you have to do is ask the Town Supervisor and viola....you wish is my command! East Ramapo is in the three circles of hell for sure.


I love how the ERCSD board calls a meeting and no board members are present. It really shows how much they care about the topic/district. Maybe if the public started marching through yeshiva school property during school hours, these exclusive meetings might be more well attended.


I don't know why any invitations were sent. This is an issue where the board should have contacted security firms to get ideas and quotes on how to secure the property and *possibly* find a way to create a safe and secure passage for the people in the community to use during the holidays, especially during inclement weather for mothers who are pushing carriages and strollers.


Funny business as usual! The invites for the two most vocal groups, NAACP and Padres Unidos got lost in the mail??? Then, it was discovered by the JN that they were not aware of the meeting and dumb, dumb Klien doesn't pick up the phone to make a personal invite and make a fake apology? Then, Scwartz makes a speech about how sorry he is that the only two non-religious board members quit last week alleging mistreatment by the board.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along. The make believe board is making believe to care...Not!


Devorah-You got to milk uncle sam as much as possible its miderayse.


"Klein said he hopes the school district will get state and federal grant money to boost security."

Hassidim steal the funds and then ask the state and federal government to pay for security?


Yeshiva of Spring Valley CEO Rabbi Eliezer Stern was invited, yet the parents and activists for many years were not. Why do we have to invite a Ruv to make security decisions for public school kids? I'm tired of having rabbonim make educational decisions for public school kids.


I'm confused. Is the Superintendent separate from the school board?


I have a friend who lives there, MO, and he says what is happening, what the frum board is doing is shameful

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