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January 01, 2013


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ship them all off to gaza, problem solved

zionist goy

Israel will undoubtedly go the way of the U.s. on this issue. the thought of deporting these infiltrators, even for severe crimes, will be thought of as "inhumane" by the lefties in the state.the inevitable comparisons to persecuted european jews and the st. louis ship will be drawn.American aid will be tied to strings attached on this issue. The infiltrators will stay, be granted citizenship over time, be discriminated against and undergo thier own civil rights struggle ala Israeli style.they will eventually become a radical faction in the Knesset and be fast tracked to some type of affirmative action. Ultimately they will intermarry as blacks have here and will alter Israeli society and culture in ways undetermined.


Shmara showing his true color!! (not black- but black in white)

The perverted African did nothing wrong because he's not Charedi, and he's a refugee. Therefore continue to let them attack people and rob and rape, because they will suffer in their home countries.

Shmarya, if someone robs you or attacks you, will you not deport him? And if he's Charedi will you not say that all Charedim are responsible??

Why are refugees not responsible for themselves? Why do innocent people have to suffer??



Posted by: israeli | January 01, 2013 at 04:12 PM

You're wrong.

They were persecuted in Egypt and are almost all of them are considered refugees under international law and the treaties Israel signed but does not keep.

Israel is behaving very badly here and deserves to be called out for it, not praised.


Formally these people are not refugees. They flew from their own countries to Egypt. Later on they infiltrated through Egypt-Israel border. There is no substantiate danger to one's life in Egypt. Hence their crossing of Israel border was not seeking refuge.
I'd call it simple illegal immigration.
These immigrants are responsible for a lot of theft and other crimes. I understand that crime is probably the only way for many of these poor people to get money, but I don't wish to be robbed, neither pay additional taxes for immigrants' support.
One of very few good things which Bibi did was a fence on Egypt's border. Last couple of months there were virtually no illegal immigrants.


How did these people even get into Israel? Why are they still there? It's so funny that these people, many of which are moslims never go to the surrounding lands, which should accept them freely with open arms since they are one, but instead flock to Israel, very interesting.

Atheodox Jew

I don't know how productive such a program can be without taking additional and perhaps stronger measures using contributions from the pharmacological and/or genetic sciences.

Posted by: Antiparazi | January 01, 2013 at 07:34 AM

I was with you until this last line.


I am disgusted by the insensitive commenters here even more than I am by the hate-filled Kachniks. They have forgotten that the essence of Judaism is tikkun olam, which means letting in the losers of every African tribal conflict and taking care of them until their homelands resemble Singapore in orderliness and safety. It goes without saying that while here, these future voters should enjoy all the rights to which they are entitled, including but not limited to food, water, shelter, internet and the unrestricted practice of their beautiful African traditions like theft, robbery and raping grandmothers. After all, the Jews can't be racist-that would make them as bad as Hitler. They need to embrace the benefits of diversity, like surprise romantical encounters at bus stops, the chance to buy a new cell phone ahead of schedule (which also stimulates the economy!) and having large swathes of their cities turned into African slums. THAT, my friends, is the meaning of being good Jews. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go-the dusky gentlemen who've been staring at my iPhone are approaching me with a certain ominous look in their eyes and bulges in their pants.


we need a "like" button



FM Fan

The post of course left off that the "alleged" rapist had done this before and was discovered in the act.

Poor poor refugee.

This piece of trash needs to be kicked out of Israel regardless of his color.

Israel is supposed to be a Jewish state and open to Jews who need it or want to be there.

It is not supposed to be refuge for criminals and thugs.

Unless you like little boys backsides and you're a Gerrer chasid.


I believe Enoch Powell warned of such things in Britain in 1968. He was vilified by his fellow Brits. Israel ignores this at its own peril.

Yosef ben Matitya

antiparazi is 100% right.
as to bivi's silence:
a- it all took place under his watch
b- he is no better than the kahanist
they are one and the same!


It is a big problem here these days. On the one hand they are refugees frim brutal governments to which we can not send them back, but on the other hand they are bringing with them a subhuman culture that is destroying our way of life. Yet on the other hand they are an alternative source of cheap labor that is filling the void left by many arabs that either won't or can no longer do the menial jobs because of political problems. So now we have a growing population of thieves, rapists, and murderers that we feel sorry for but are also disghusted by and are afraid of yet are providing incentives to stay by employing in our populated cities. I have heard at a lecture at the university that there is a behavior modification initiative planned which will provide them with language and vocational training while also educating them on how to live like regular human beings within a civilized culture. I don't know how productive such a program can be without taking additional and perhaps stronger measures using contributions from the pharmacological and/or genetic sciences.

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