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January 03, 2013


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I never cease to be offended by the picture of the Cossack walking past those brave Israeli soldiers. He should at least stop to ask if any of them want their boots polished.


We have prepared teams of officers, combat frameworks, and bases for them, all approved by the chief of staff."

Not acceptable. They should be treated the same as other recruits. This farce amounts to not much more than a Yeshivah away from home. I very much doubt they will do useful military work or anything else of a useful nature. And the drain on resources is simnply not worth the efoort to accomodate them.


Toy soldiers.


They threaten a civil war,a war in which they would (supposedly) fight and kill their Jewish brothers and sisters BUT they refuse to serve in the defense of their country from those who are sworn to eradicate the Jewish State. What TRASH!


This is a great beginning.
There will be bumps along the way that will be ironed out.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

They should be treated the same as other recruits. This farce amounts to not much more than a Yeshivah away from home.

Maybe, maybe not. The IDF seems to have worked through the practicalities of this. They're drafting only 18 year olds, who can probably be brought into fighting shape in boot camp. The IDF isn't bothering with older yeshiva students. That was a reasonable first step.

Soldiers can transfer within the IDF. Some haredim in the IDF who want better jobs or training may transfer out of haredi units. The IDF may choose to provide incentives to do this.

(The IDF seems to do a lot less transferring between units than the U.S. military, though.)


One has to start somewhere and the youngest are the ones least entrenched in the Haredi system so may as well begin with them. First thing is to get them to comply by showing up. This is 3000 of them that will be exposed to something outside their comfort zone. They should be dispersed so that they don't comprise a critical mass in any one unit; that way they can't just turn inward and huddle together and form mini-ghettos within the IDF. The Haredim need to understand that the party's over for them, that non-participation is no longer an option.


Why so few? Are there only 3,000 hareidi kids eligible for the draft? It seems to me that the army is just trying to make believe they are taking the hareidi draft issue seriously, since they do not want to deal with the issues that a full scale draft would bring on. ( civil war )

Better than you

I pray to G-d that this comes to slap those Israeli bastards right in the face. As far as I'm concerned let that whole Zionist state fold and cease to exist; it's a sick country that could never hold its own. Its existence is merely a burden on other countries. You pro Israel idiots can scream bloody murder but facts are facts!


Jake, SML, right on.
In my opinion, even if there are Haredi sub-groups within the IDF, even that won't be a problem. The only thing that might cause a problem is if the IDF allows Haredi rabbonim (as opposed to normal Orthodox rabbonim) to function as kind of "political commissars" (à la Soviet Union, and it still goes on in China).

Friar Yid

I hope that this will be handled carefully and sensitively by the IDF and the government to ensure a positive outcome-- mainly, the normalization of the Haredi community within greater Israeli society. If more Haredim start to work and serve, it will benefit everyone: they will be able to be part of the country they live in, it will help build bridges between different communities in Israel, and, perhaps most importantly, it will undercut some of the most effective weapons that the separatist and isolationist leaders use to keep their followers in line.


Better than you--the zionists are sick you say,well not as sick as youre farrikter puny brain its a healthy vibrant prosperous country built up beutifully, i cant saythat about youre hassidishe shoites fools who are hell bent on destroying israel similarly to the arabenemies ,if you dont see who you are then there is no hope for youre type,those who hate, hate will consume you fir that description perfectly.


Friar Yid - The Haredim have no interest in being "normalized" into Israeli society. They're interested in enslaving and oppressing Israeli society because apparently all you have to do to be an overlord of Jews is march around in a stupid fucking uniform. Why would they give that up when the children of Israel are subjugated under Haredi racial supremacy. Freedom in Israel? What a fucking joke. I'm more free here while dwelling with the daughter of Babylon and my Springfield .45! Fuck these Haredi pigs.

Baal TEshuvah


How can people be so idiot here? The soldiers won the Israeli wars? You did't learn anything in all the miraculous wars of Israels??? Where is G-d in the war? Sleeping? Stupid Hilonim!!! Wake up!!!

Friar Yid

Korben- I have to hope that not every Haredi child grows up wanting to be a kollel slave or believing that they must choose between being religious and being a part of the Israeli state. Some certainly may, but for others it is drilled into them through coercion and fear.

For several years the Belzer rebbe has told his people to go and work. Over 2000 Haredi men have served in Nahal Haredi. I have no illusions that it's a widespread cultural issue-- but there are ways to make progress on it, and I hope that this is one of them.


You pro Israel idiots can scream bloody murder but facts are facts!

Posted by: Better than you | January 03, 2013 at 04:59 PM

I think you're confused about the meaning of the word "fact".

Posted by: Baal TEshuvah | January 03, 2013 at 10:09 PM

How do psychotics keep finding their way here?

Better than you

Is it not a fact that Israel is a burden on the American taxpayer?

Better than you

It's a healthy vibrant country built up beautifully?
A) then what's the problem?...
B) built with whom's resources?

Farshteist d farrikter Ungarischer?


Posted by: Better than you | January 04, 2013 at 07:28 AM

Answer the question that was put to you: Why are you here?

Yoel Mechanic

Israel, along with a number of other countries receives a giant amount of aid earmarked specifically for military use. The US taxpayers fund this, and it constitutes a subsidy to the US military contractors who make and ship all that hardware. It should be obvious to all that this is going on. If the US did not do this, Israel, along with those other countries (why single Israel out in a double standard?) would produce or purchase that equipment elsewhere. Decisions are done on this basis, so pick the alternative that suits you best.

Review; antisemitism should be seen in 3D.
What are the 3D's?

1. Double Standards
2. Deligitimization
3. Demonization

You decide how many of the D's we have seen so far.


How do psychotics keep finding their way here?

Jeff @ 02:59 AM

It's a vast psychotic wing conspiracy.

Big Bill

Why not take lessons from the Tsar or the Americans? Rather than try to draft all young Jewish men to "fight for their country" the Tsar negotiated with the Jewish Nation to only draft a handful of young Jews who would serve for many years and left it to the Jewish Nation to pick the boys it would sacrifice. The Americans followed a different approach and permitted Jewish boys with money to escape the draft by going to college. In WWII, the the Americans pursued a different approach to accommodate draft dodgers: the V12 program.

If Israel tries to draft them all, I fear it will have the same result as it did under the Tsar and they will all emigrate to America to live off the Americans as they still do in Brooklyn, Rockland County and Monsey. Some "escape hatch" for Jews must be provided.

Better than you

I don't recall that question ever put to me.
Why I'm here? I am practicing my rights: freedom of speech and freedom to navigate freely on the internet's highways, byways and DIRT ROADS such as this angry blog.


Why I'm here? I am practicing my rights: freedom of speech and freedom to navigate freely on the internet's highways, byways and DIRT ROADS such as this angry blog.

You're afraid to answer the question.

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