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December 09, 2012


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Rueven Aharon

The Yiddish theater is baaaaaack

(and we frei yidden still don't understand it ;-))


Oh, and there are some things that you just "have to be there" to understand: Like how entering the back door of the bus is not the same as entering from the front and walking to the back, and how Bet Shemesh Haredim are crazy, but Mea Shearim Haredim are generally normal...

There you go, you sent me on a nit-picking frenzy. I'll take a sedative and go to sleep so I don't go all OCD in response to your claim that I defend Haredim. Oh my God, it's so tempting. Suffice it to say that I'm culturally anti-Haredi (culturally) but ideologically pro-Haredi, and that, no, you're not expected to know what that means (but I don't even pretend that I keep Shabbos). Okay, click "post," type in the captcha and close this tab ... now! I'll try...


Posted by: Abracadabra | December 09, 2012 at 08:43 PM

I'm not a "troll." When I don't post anything that usually means I agree 100%. I'm a fan of Shmarya, and of this site. I'm just more of a "stickler" who can't stand when fine points are overlooked or little errors in fact or logic slip in here and there, because I feel it undermines the legitimacy of any and all of the genuine criticism and factual information provided by this site. So, yes, I nitpick. And the more stronly I feel about an issue the more agressively I will nitpick with Shmarya over the finer details. Although I am not a Kahanist at all, I am also very bothered by the way Shmarya treats Meir Kahane, who isn't here to defend himself, and was one of Shmarya's genuine friends.

If you read my posts back-to-back you should be able to find a running consistancy. If not, then I am truly an enigma; perhaps I just don't fit anyone's paradigm.


How Ironic (or is it: hypocritical?) for Shmarya to be heavily promoting a film that features the infamous scammer & molester, even accused rapist of underaged boys, Moshe Pinter - who acts throughout in this film!

& this, only a few months after Failed Messiah featured here the NY Daily News article exposing Moshe Pinter latest crimes!:


See this picture of Moshe Pinter (chubby guy on extreme left with the cast), from the Forward's podcast page:


Perhaps you can get an exclusive interview with Eve about this???

Larry Lennhoff

Amelia Bassano Lanier (who I read about on Wikipedia thanks to the comments - thanks.)

gary kurlander

embedded in Shakespeare's 1609 sonnets is the mention of kaddish in Aramaic.


Iy this not child abuse ?


Maskil - Very clever.

I'm curious if you are the same "Maskil" who used to troll around here about a year ago, attacking Shmarya and the commentors and defending Chareidi misbehavior?

Or are you Maskil II?

Wayne Levin

I can't say I've ever heard of any connection - and I can't say I really care! But hey - Ill post this anyway to get a shot at winning!.

Shmarya, I'm visiting from Toronto just in time to enjoy the storm here in Minneapolis. If I win, let's meet and I'll buy you dinner.

Joel Katz

Amelia Bassano Lanier


Aemilia Lanyer according to John Hudson
though the evidence seems weak.

A Yid

Aemilia Lanyer


It is suspected that William Shakespeare was the son of Yochanan and Miriam (nee Adler) Schapiro, of the Schapiro rabbinic dynasty in the town of Slobodka. Yochanan, after a losing a bitter battle with his younger brother Moshe to succeed his father as Rosh Yeshiva, moved to England with his family and converted to Christianity. Schapiro, it is suspected, anglecised his name to hide his Jewish roots. At that time, his eldest son (to survive childhood mortality) Baruch, was 17 years old.

The memoirs of Daniel of Troki, a Jewish merchant living in Slobodka, record the themes of the Purim plays enacted by the local cheder between the years 1567 and 1610. Shakespeare's earliest works are nearly identical to the plots and themes of these "purim shpillen" that he would have attended before his family emmigrated. Moreover, the ensuing years also featured plays that strongly resembled the Shakespeare's writings and it is speculated that although Yochanan had broken ties with the Jewish community, it is more than likely that they returned to visit each year on Purim.

Shakespeare may have just been rewriting plays made by an oppressed Jewish village seeking one day of leisure a year in order to rework them for Gentile audiences. A recent historian was fameously quoted saying: "It seems that William Shakespeare not only did not create his own plays, but he may not have ever had a single original idea in his entire life."


For the record - both "connections" are extremely speculative and I don't find them compelling, but I di have a prof that got quite animated on the subject.......

Unsure why - the prof was As Irish Catholic as they come.


His grandfather' real name was Jacob Spiro (common Morano name) and hs mother Miriam Arden or Ardon was also rumored to be Jewish.


Amelia Bassano Lanier


Aemilia Bassano Lanyer. Was she the dark lady?


Aemilia Bassano Lanyer


("Just Like Romeo and Juliet", The Reflections)

Findin' a job tomorrow mornin'.
Got a little somethin' I wanna do.
Gonna translate this little play.
Someday it might be a ballet.
This play's gonna be written down in Yidishkeit.
Just like Romeo and Juliet.

Oh, poor William Shakespeare
Might have had a Jewish friend.
No wonder Shylock was sympathetic.
If you prick us, do we not bleed?
This play's gonna be written down in Yidishkeit.
Just like Romeo and Juliet.

Just like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like Romeo and Juliet.

Talk about translating to Yiddish.
How many people will farshtay it?
I'm gonna put Will's language
Right on a pewter plate.

All right, now, I'm speculatin'
Wonderin' if anyone will comprehend.
If no one buys a ticket tomorrow
My backers will have heartaches and sorrow.
My new film'll be known as a tragedy,
Even worse than "Heaven's Gate."

Free Thinker

Amelia Bassano Lanier


Amelia Bassano Lanier

Levi Keller

Amelia Bassano Lanier, according to John Hudson, and that's a load of rubbish IMHO

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Amelia Bassano Lanier


Aemilia Bassano Lanyer


He was circumcised.

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