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December 07, 2012


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Beating Cancer

how are you
your artical is very nice i like this

cancer Awareness

Thank for sharting these info with us! I like your blog and themes & colors.

Gallbladder Cancer Symptoms

Doctors generally treat cancer of the gallbladder that has come back (recurred) in the same way as stage 3 or 4 gallbladder cancer. But your treatment will depend on whether you have had radiotherapy or surgery in the past. And on where your cancer has come back. There is a maximum amount of radiotherapy that you can have to any one part of your body. If you have too much it can cause damage to healthy body tissues. So if you have had radiotherapy before, you may not be able to have it again.

The Anti-Schmerl

99% of Williamsburgh knows to ignore these ridiculous letters. Only Shmarya bothers to give their writers the attention they crave.

A. Nuran

You can selectively block IP addresses or groups of IP addresses based on their geographic location.


Technical question...

How can a website be blocked in a certain geographical area / zip code? Does the "internet" know the physical location of the user?

Gevezener Chusid

gotta laugh at the last line of the Yiddish: "Make [your] money in a kosher way and you will lack for nothing."

From Williamsburg - the city built on outright fraud, food stamps fraud, section 8 fraud, medicaid fraud, unemployment fraud, and Judaism fraud.


Most Charedim don't believe in cancer (or any other form of medical) screening anyway, so what's the problem?

Expatriate Owl

Knowing that cancer causes great suffering, I shall resist the strong temptation to wish that those behind the letter would themselves contract cancer.

And I hope that RCCS will continue to aid cancer victims and their families.


Hopefully the stream is being recorded and made available later on YouTube for viewing.

elwerthy  barak

these arseholes are of the same ILK as of the extreme MUSLIM sects. basically all mental fuckups. no apology for the f word. and they want peace in the middle east ho ho ho? (am not living in us).


I wonder if they also banned this in Iran?

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