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December 06, 2012


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western Jew wrote: " Torah never forces

Torah compels


Torah never Forces. The Vaad is likely a culprit of the evil it seems to "hate".


Vaad Hatzeniyos is only the tip of the iceberg in Satmar Corruption. Example in KJ a closed town (Hey, NAACP, try to buy a house there..) and EVERYTHING is controlled by AT, and his goons. From Birthing to Burial in their cememtary. (5 figures if you are dying to get in... cash only ... prepaid before the first shovel..)

Say you want to build a house in Brooklyn... you go through the bureaucratic hassle of the Government etc. but YOU DON'T PAY OFF THE BLOOMBERG.

Not so in KJ... Tens of thouands of dollars must be paid 'to the mosdos' as an illegal tax which gets passed along...

The layers of 'protection' they have until it reaches the top is nothing short of amazing; no FBI or IRS would ever get past one of two then they would be shut out. But the sheeple take it for a simple reason: They are stuck. They don't know English, their children are hostage many ways, and very few have the courage of a Nuchem Rosenberg who threw caution to the wind... and was ostracized.

Very sad situation and they call it Torah and Chassidus. The Baal Shem Tov would cry....


Don Aharon needs to call a meeting of all the five families to straighten this out.


Posted by: Gary | December 06, 2012 at 01:52 PM


You're haredi troll trying to do what you can to cause trouble.

If you post any more comments like these, I'll ban you.

And now, just to cheer you, I'll dig out my files on Chai Lifeline's previous problems – some of which were potentially criminal, I believe.

After all, people should know who and what you're trolling for.



Nobody ever said that bad people never do good things. According to your thinking, just because some one does a good thing, we should ignore the bad.

Posted by: Bas Melech | December 06, 2012 at 11:52 AM

This was a cut'n'paste error. Post was meant to be listed at


Where it now also appears.

Garnel Ironheart

> told The Jewish Week he was “stunned” that Feuerwerger would make such a claim under oath. “

I wouldn't be. He probably doesn't think that lying to non-Jews is forbidden.


seymour -Perfect answer,you cant get away with this nonsence of vadd hatznoius in bp with such diversity only in willi you have the right conditions for it or kiryas yoel.


Where is the vaad hatznious in boro park? Never heard of one .

Posted by: Yidlle | December 06, 2012 at 12:27 PM

boro park is much more diverse so it would be much harder to set up something like that


Where is the vaad hatznious in boro park? Never heard of one .


Joal engleman is a reject and one question how many did he abuse and still does


I know for a fact. vead hatznios does not exist. vead hapipik does .

John Haman


I am typing from my phone so it is harder to go into lengthy details but you fail to mention Lakewood when you discuss these tznious mafias. I have plenty of documented proof that the same modesty mafia exists in Lakewood, they aren't as stringent in going after people like in satmer, by that I mean they don't have the same reach across everyone living here but if you somehow get tangled with the bmg vaad hatznios/mafia/ askanim they are just as bold in their tactics. If they feel you are a bad influence in the community ie. If you have a girlfriend/affair with any adult female in the community and the vaad somehow finds out you will get the same mafia treatment trying to run you out of town. In a way its worse in Lakewood bec they are smoother in their intimidation tactics so less people are aware. Even if you are minding your own business,if they feel you are a threat to their community grasp they will "deal" with you.



A. Nuran

Bas Melech and LaC - It's extortion by logical fallacy. "Shut up about Weberman or the kid with cancer dies"

Would it sound better if it were a charity that raised money for Christians with cancer? Only for Japanese children, no round-eyes need apply?

Didn't think so. The casual racism of the frumbags is monstrous.

Lubavitchers are Christians

Morris and Gary, why bring up the great work of Chai Lifeline together with this piece of shit Weberman.

Bas Melech


Nobody ever said that bad people never do good things. According to your thinking, just because some one does a good thing, we should ignore the bad.


As the end of the tax year approaches, now is the time to donate, if you haven't done so already, to a most worthy cause, Chai Lifeline. This organization helps thousands of Jewish children stricken with cancer and their families. This organization has branched out to help children with special needs and their families as well.

For more information as to who they are and what they do please visit http://www.chailifeline.org/

Posted by: Morris | December 06, 2012 at 08:11 AM

I know people who have been helped by this amazing organization. A most worthy cause to support.

A video that was shown at the Chai Lifeline dinner just held this past Monday (12/4) - moving.


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