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December 10, 2012


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What a powerful moving story! You may not know it, but you're a hero for writing this, putting words to it, and surviving it.


It's so heartbreaking just reading the blurbs that I can't bear to read the full story.


Tell us and how many did u abuse


R. Wisler,

OMG, they beat their kid up!!! He had bruises from the abuse!! Please lets not use words like courage and concern when describing their character. My ex-husband was abusive to me but heaven help any one else who he thought didn't treat me with respect. It was not because of any concern on his part, rather it was a reflection of his control. This boy's parents were alright with abusing and neglecting him - they just didn't want anyone else doing it.


R. Wisler-You are right but dont forget as he writes his mother and father abused him terribly also so to me it looks like he didnt see much different in the degree of evilness from his parents to his molester in his eyes they were both equally evil or hated by him.

R. Wisler

An opposing viewpoint:

For all of the blame that he puts on his parents, at least they had the courage and concern for their son to try to do something about it.



I think you should file charges against this roidef.

He will do it to more people if you do not stop him.


As a 10 year old in a communist european country in the 50 s thats exactly what happened to me i wrote this many times here the difference is that in the town i lived there was no indoor plumbing in the winter my mother bathed me until the age of 10 but in the summer they let me go to the mikva that was a prewar built mikva when the town had over 600 jewish families living there,we had a shohet who also was the moel and he somehow made it through ww2 he was in 1960 63 years old so he could easily be my grandfather he is the one who fondeled me under the water while other kids were also there but had no clue as to what was going on i dont know if he did it to the other kids i havent seen them over 50 years i would like to speak with them about this if i ever meet them anyway he was a hassidishe man with a shtreimel which was very rare in those days in a communist country,since a few years ago i had no idea that this is so prevelant among the hassidim but i am not surprised this is what repression deos to the psych they are so controled theese hassidim that they dont care if they destroy lifes of the innocent children as long as they get their few minutes of domination they spawned all theese evil molesters by their own actions we can see this with this weberman case

Rueven Aharon

Has anyone ever heard of a bathing suit? Why not wear that in a mikvah? Just curious.


What a terrible story he needs to come forward and name the perp

mikvah should be abolished

by abolishing the mikvah, no risk of sex abuse , no trauma . the hassidic community will keep their children into their sect .

if their children get traumatized and cannot live with the psychological scar of being sexually abused , they will leave their community and become secular .

the community will loose their children .

mikvah should be abolished

the mikvah should be abolished .
it is a ground for sexual abuse .

no mikvah - no encounter - no place to hurt -

if rabbis do not want to abolish the mikvah, then parents should not send their kids there . children should not see naked men , anyway , it's not healthy for their mental health . a fag assembly of naked men is traumatizing for any child .

parents should bath their children in their own bathtub . it's safer .

R. Wisler

I don't understand how he became so articulate and such a good writer if he was raised in Bobov or in that type of sect. It is amazing to consider the personal strength that these people go through when they leave the chassidishe velt with no skills, no education, and damaged emotionally. Kudos to this man for his accomplishments.


which rabbi is his father?

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