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December 10, 2012


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Too quick, sounds like he got off on the real stuff.


prob NG

sleaze factor


anti-agenda arguments

Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 10, 2012 at 01:33 PM

Yes, probably. A he-said she-said, no other victims stepped forward,and his alternative motive likely saved him from at least the serious charges.



sleaze factor

Guilty on all counts. May he rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life!


i hope i'm wrong....



Alter Kocker

Like I said; The boys in the showers are just going to LOOOOOOVE him! See how rape feels from the receiving end, dirtbag!

Yosef ben Matitya

the 'bonus' the bastards of satmar with their reprehensible behaviour gave us, are the members of the jury and the court turning to antisemites.


Will this dirtbag claim his religion mandates that he be kept away from the general population? I certainly hope not. I also hope that he isn't given any special treatment - kosher food, etc. After all, if he can rape kids, he's not really Jewish, is he? no.

moshe davidovick

The Rabbi should be given non kosher food and root in jail, along with other supporters


Weberman is a piece of
garbage.I hope someone cuts
his balls off in jail for
doing what he did

AJ Weberman

He has a right to Kosher food under Federal law as do Muslims Halal food. I hate the guy but he still has rights.

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