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December 04, 2012


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the mafia doesnt exist either. omerta.


I refrain from commenting on this whole saga will wait till after the trial.

there is a Modesty Squad?name the people in the squad ask your reliable sources.


Posted by: Deremes | December 04, 2012 at 02:32 PM


Off the top of my head I can name two: Weberman and Yosele Fried.

But that isn't the point.

Just as you lie your colleague is now lying – except he's doing so under oath in court, and when other people sue UTA and your rebbes for various illegal actions taken against them, this perjury will end up costing UTA dearly.

Moshe Katsav

OK - Mr. Hynes - why don't you go after him for Perjury? Come on - once and for all.

A. Nuran

Hynes has his lips firmly wrapped around the Satmar cigar. He'll never do anything.

I suppose these scum have some way of rationalizing it. An oath really isn't an oath, especially if you give it in a goyishe court.


What a great idea to reboot the 1960s series "The Mod Squad"!

"The Modesty Squad", 2012:
3 undercover black hats (all men, of course) comb Williamsburg & Crown Heights for female criminals who prey on unsuspecting Haredi men by not covering up the last 1/4 inch of skin.


Deremes dont act so naive..
Sure there is. they operate upstate NY too


All the better for the DA. He will bring enough witnesses who state the contrary... and this will undermine feuerwehrberger's credibility...


Couple of things:

A.Even IF there is or was a modesty squad not a principal and not everyone knows that such a thing exists.If you know ANYTHING about the community you would know that what i just said IS so.Therefore the principal is not lying.

b.I know them both and NEVER knew that they belong in a squad.

c.You scream liar on anyone you dislike but you never proved that i lied intentionally at most i am misinformed.
But you mr truth teller were proven many times by your readers that you are misinformed/lied but you wouldn't correct the post.
Two posts come to mind but there are many more:




Please, a principal wouldn't know about the Vaad haTznius? I believe YOU are lying.


We are watching the shit hitting the fan in slow-mo. It's a nasty sight!


Posted by: Deremes | December 04, 2012 at 03:03 PM

Years of your lies and your trolling, literally dozens of people calling you out on those lies, and you just keep lying and lying and lying.

You're truly pathetic.



wrong conclusion in A)

The right conclusion is: therefore, it could possibly be that Feuerwehrmann is not lying...


You have to admit - it's a great quote!

"I saw this word in dictionary...It doesn't exist..."

When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, was speaking at Columbia University in New York, he was publically asked about gays in Iran. His response was the same - they don't exist.

I'm sure the Modesty Squad doesn't exist in Iran either, the thugs there that beat up women who don't cover up properly according to the Mullah's rules. No, they never exist in these societies. People there follow all the strict, crazy rules because they WANT to, not out of fear.

Lying under oath. "I saw this word in dictionary... It doesn't exist..."


How about all the Satmerers in jail for lying cheating and stealing? Does jail exist? Did he ever see the word "Jail" in the dictionary?


Shmarya--Lie is the satmerer trade mark they were born into lie conceived on lie and will die lying,if they stop lying their whole existance is meaningless.

tell the truth

Would a man who commits these atrocities against innocent children have any conscience. Why would he not lie before the court without a care in the world?

Moshe Kats

The “generalization” of entire communities on this site is ignorant and very un-American; David Duke must be proud.

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