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December 05, 2012

Weberman Sex Abuse Trial: Principal's Testimony Causes Spectators To Burst Out Laughing

Rabbi Nechemya Weberman (right) and his attorney George Farkas (left) 2Rabbi Benzion Feuerwerger, who is accused child sexual abuser Rabbi Nechemya Weberman’s first cousin, drew incredulous laughter from several Orthodox spectators when he testified that Williamsburg's modesty squad — or Vaad Ha’Tznius — didn’t exist.

Rabbi Nechemya Weberman (right) and his attorney George Farkas (left) 2
Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, right, with his attorney

Originally published at 9:24 pm CST 12-4-2012

The New York Post reports:

…“It was brought to my attention her [the alleged victim's] behavior, her modesty, was not like the other girls,” Benzion Feuerwerger, a principal at the United Talmudical Academy in South Williamsburg, testified today in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “The principals were not happy and it came to the attention of the other rabbis, too.”…

“When we see a girl is not following the tradition, we try to work on it,” testified Feuerwerger, who answered, “Yes,” when asked if the goal of his school was to make sure the students followed “each and every role of Satmar.”

Feuerwerger, who is Weberman’s first cousin, drew incredulous laughter from several Orthodox spectators when he testified that the modesty squad — or Vaad Ha’Tnius — didn’t exist.

The alleged victim testified last week that part of the reason she was afraid to report Weberman was his Vaad Ha’Tnius membership.…

[Hat Tip: Ban the 'Rabbis.']


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does a charge of perjury still exist in brooklyn da vocabulary

Family run business:

Feuerwerger, who is Weberman’s first cousin

Until some New York City judges punish Hasidim who commit perjury, the way Her Honor the Great Linda Reade did to the Hasid who lied under oath in her court, Hasidim will continue to give false testimony as easily as they lie about under-the-table earnings when applying for government programs. Is there one judge with the courage to enforce the perjury laws on the books?

I dont know from which rotten loch these menuvals crawled out of but they are an afront to the Yiddsishkeit I grew up with.

My late Parents were very religious Jews who suffered thru the holoaust and who never waned from their beliefs. They taught me the values of 'Yiddishkeit is erlichkeit'.

Today we have these self annointed menuvals pretending to be the guardians of the faith.

We Jews must expose these menuvals for what they are..MENUVALS.

Its time to take back our religion from these inbred freaks.

Stop supporting them in any way possible.

I include all the so called Haredi, Chabad Chassidish etc.

They must know in no uncertain terms that Jews will not support them in any way possible.

They are so cruel that they allow their own children to suffer at the hands of pedophiles. How insane is that?

Yes, unless they prosecute for perjury they will be a laughingstock in chasidic world.

Have to prosecute presidents for perjury as well.

Also need to prosecute anyone who commits perjury.

The reality is that perjury happens every day. Even cops do it.

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