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December 01, 2012


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Your an absolute fucking animal, all these holy douds are the same filthy low dreks and they all need sorting out!!!!!


Thanks No Light.

And a little gold EffEmmy Award back to you!! (LOL!!)


Brava Abracadabra!

I send cake and a little gold "EffEmmy Award" in your general direction.

Mendel - The victim, the survivor of this hideous abuse and of the backward shtetl-mentality that enabled it, is a young woman who has courage and strength beyond the scope of your stunted imagination.

She doesn't know it now, she might never realise it, but she has saved the lives, psyches, and futures of the little Chanas, Shmuleys, Ilsas, and Aarons that would have. been future victims of Weberman, his associates, and other degenerates who will be brought to justice as those they tormented rise up and scream "NO MORE!"

Eyes have been opened, awareness is being raised. Young men and women will no longer brush off suspicious behaviour they're witnessing with "It's ok, he's a gadol" or "A teacher wouldn't do that, it'll be fine".

Slowly it will spread, then, as with the catholics, it will reach critical mass. Those raised FFB will leave, anxious to raise their future children somewhere safer and less mediaeval. Converts will. choose a different derech (with the added bonus of not being treated like shit!) and the stream of BTs will dry up as people realise Haredism and Hassidism are as authentically Jewish as cholov yisrael milk and Palm stockings.

Catholicism is reaping the "rewards" of allowing women and children to be systematically and horrifically abused under the pretence of "Averting immorality" or "Giving personal advice". The RCC (aka Raping Children Church) is haemorrhaging members in the developed world, so they've set up camp in developing countries.

Fortunately, for citizens of said countries, the BBHBB are unashamedly racist and xenophobic. They fear and hate the goyim, especially (as Deremetic would put it) "The dark ones), so those people are safe, and the BBHBB will be relegated to history everywhere but Israel, which they'll destroy, thanks to their hubris

spacedout BT

Dershowitz- what about the enablers? When will it be their turn?


Mendel -

Thank you for clearly stating that you are cutting and pasting, and for providing a link to your source.

I disagree with what you cut and pasted, and with your premise that this is "the reason" for what is going on with this case.

"The reason this is all happening now," is because a 17-year-old young woman has strength way beyond her young years by standing up to her rapist, a powerful man who was sure he could get away with despicable actions - his sexual and mental abuse of her - and I suspect to others as well.

This is happening because he chose to abuse his power, he chose to hurt and take advantage of this young girl and her family for his own sexual pleasure and lust, and she had the strength to stand up to him.

This is happening because Satmar leaders think it is worse that this Weberman animal pay the price for his sins by the punishment and trial of a secular court than what he did to this girl - stealing her childhood, her body, her sexuality, her emotional life, and causing her a lifetime of anguish and pain. This is happening because Satmar leaders think that protecting the abusers is more holy than protecting the victims of sexual abuse, or any abuse for that matter.

This is happening because Satmar leaders do not realize that they are far better off running the abuser out of town, disowning him, stripping him of his titles and of any power in their cult, dismissing him from any positions he holds, and making it publically clear that they do not want, nor will they tolerate those of his kind in their midst. Instead, Satmar leaders chose and continue to chose to protect the abusers and to shame the victims and try to silence the victims with shunning and every other cult tactic in the book.

THAT, Mendel, is why this is happening now.

And the only "chizuk," strength, I take from all this is that of the brave, bold, incredibly strong 17-year-old victim and SURVIVOR who is getting up there and providing public testimony in open court. THAT is what gives ME strength!

Her brave testimony gives me strength and gives me hope that this publicity will make a significant dent in the dam the leaders and silencers have built. And that the big dent in the dam will allow the floodwaters of others who were silenced, to come forth with their testimonies of painful, heartwrenching stories of sexual abuse at the hands of rabbis, teachers, leaders and others in positions of power.


No, it's happening now because there are finally systems in place to hold these scum accountable for their actions. Not because of your Lubavitch Messianic nonsense.


Ever ask yourselves why this is all happening now? It should give us strength(chizuk):[cut and pasted by Mendel]


Question Mark
Ask A
QUESTION: The verse says that before Mashiach comes, "Those who go out and come in will have no peace from the enemy" (Zecharyah 8:10). Rav explains that this means that even Talmidei Chachamim -- who "have much peace" (Tehilim 119:165) -- will not have peace from the enemy at that time. RASHI, in one explanation, says that the enemy is the Yetzer ha'Ra.

Why does the Gemara teach, according to this explanation of Rashi, that the Yetzer ha'Ra will be less of a threat to a Talmid Chacham than to everyone else? The Gemara in Sukah (55a) states that the greater the person is, the greater is his Yetzer ha'Ra!

ANSWER: The Gemara in Sukah (52b) teaches that although a Talmid Chacham has a greater Yetzer ha'Ra, while he is learning Torah he is free from the influence of the Yetzer ha'Ra. However, during the time before Mashiach comes, even his involvement in Torah will not protect the Talmid Chacham from the Yetzer ha'Ra.

The TORAS CHAIM explains the reason for this as follows. When a force is about to be overpowered, it gathers all of its remaining strength in a final attempt to vanquish its opponent. This is why the last moment of the night, immediately before the light of dawn, is the darkest point of the night. Similarly, the day or so before a sick person succumbs to his illness and passes away, he seems healthier than he was until then. (In the same manner, a plant that is being starved for water will use its final strength to flower and produce seed.)

When Mashiach comes, Hashem will "slaughter" the Yetzer ha'Ra (Sukah 52a). For this reason, immediately before Mashi'ach comes the Yetzer ha'Ra will use its last vestiges of strength to overpower even those who are normally free of its influence


Kestenbaum. I can smell the dreck too, and it seems to be coming the Zali community and others like you.

Kindly go fuck yourself. I don't consider you are your kind to be Jewish. Sheigetz arois!


Thanks everyone! My insomniac webrants are composed by mental magic, of the kind that comes from realising that 5am affords very little else in the way of entertainment.


Alter Kocker, a trial in a real court is infinitely worse and scarier for Satmar. If it all comes down to who has the more badass friends, then well, that is all it will come down to.

Alter Kocker

Weberman is extremely lucky that the girl's husband does not have "acquaintances". After all one fine morning before shacharit, the minyan at his shul would find him on the steps leading to shul with his severed dick hanging out of his mouth.

Not retribution, mind you, but a clear signal to Satmar and all of the little dictatorships that this behavior will no longer be condoned.

old time brooklyn

BRAVO!!!!@ no light


close bold

no light-


Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

This whole story smells like shit. ... sad to say, I have to go, because I can't stand this shit anymore. ... in a normal world if you're going to take on to rescue a cat you go to a vet, Was this vet suitable? This should be a joke…but I know it's not”… that's pretty much what I am feeling today. If this was a movie, I'd ... I know this feeling permeates through the satmar zali community where this girl attended school. I think that too many of you out there just aren’t vocal about this, but you should be. Maybe you are afraid of attacks if you speak out, but you need to know that you are not alone and others out there need to know you feel this way too so they can speak out.


1- what else did weberman do besides raping her , messing her psychologically ,and making her watch porn ?

2- there must be other victims . they must come up .

i don't believe this 18 year old girl is the only one he abused . there are more .

what a sick man this weberman is. he did the opposite of what he was supposed to do . i hope he'll be locked up for a long time .


What shocks me about this story is not so much that a child was abused, because that happens in all communities. What shocks me is the reason she fell into this pedophile's hands: asking questions and writing poetry.

Apparently, she asked how we could know God exists. Instead of giving her a serious, scholarly answer about the grounds for religious belief, she was deemed emotionally disturbed and sent for counseling.


No Light, thank you for this wonderful response. It is a masterpiece.


Posted by: david | December 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM

This so-called "rebel" asked questions in class and wrote poetry. To your way of thinking, that means she should be able to fend off the manipulation and intimidation of a grown man who's allegedly a serial rapist? She was twelve years old, you ignorant brain-washed troll!! There's no amount of restitution your community can make to this courageous child that will compensate for the egregious suffering you've collectively caused to her and her family. It's time for your communal institutions to be taken down- permanently. Even the Mafia treats their daughters better than your Vaad HaTznius treats your 'aidel maidels.'


i am happy that finnally we our kids the future will not have to suffer with the bs that went on foer years of covering up
but this girl is full of it a girl that is a rebel does not take that crap

Posted by: david | December 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM

David, if she is telling the truth, the abuse started when she was TWELVE.

A girl can rebel by questioning the religion, which she apparently did, without being able to stand up to a fully grown man who was an authority figure in her world.

Plus, these perverts are very good at manipulation and very few twelve-year-olds have the ability to defend themselves against the machinations of a pedophile who probably had decades of experience in using people.


Hers's a rough translation of No Light's highly articulate response in language that can be understood by david (not David with a cap D):

Posted by: Eli, what me messiah? | December 02, 2012 at 03:17 AM

Thanks for recognizing that. Appreciated.


i am happy that finnally we our kids the future will not have to suffer with the bs that went on foer years of covering up
but this girl is full of it a girl that is a rebel does not take that crap

Posted by: david | December 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM

Please note that this is not me, the regular David, that can spell, construct sentences, correctly use grammar and did not have a Charedi "education".


This Weberman is proving to be SUCH an absolute piece of trash.

"See that maidel on the television screen? Yuh? Now you do the maiyseh that she is doing. Farsheist? Git! You see how good therapy is?"

"Yes Mr. & Mrs. _________ the therapy with your daughter is ah zeiy git for her! Of course 5 times a week would be a sach besser than only 4 times a voch. But I understand that the gelt is hard to come by."



No Light - Standing Ovation!!

Eli, what me messiah?

Hers's a rough translation of No Light's highly articulate response in language that can be understood by david (not David with a cap D):

david, You liek abuser foer kinder or jus say things liek really stupit smuck becuaz you was raised by iodiots and dont no better?

Bartley Kulp

Just a quick critique on the writing style of this article. She is described as a beautiful blond. Whether it is true or not is beside the point. The writer might have wanted to leave out that description. It just makes the whole thing into sex sells sensationalist journalism from what should be a very important story.

Zayinist Basher

How can Satmar stand in support of Weberman now that he's a Zayin-ist???


" Let's say you a little girl." should be " Let's say you have a little girl. "

Insomnia+phone-posting is a rotten combination.


"but this girl is full of it a girl that is a rebel does not take that crap"

You frumbag fuckleschmucks are all the same, aren't you? "Oh she can't have been raped. She's OTD/not shomer shabbes/she does drugs"

So here's the thing David. Let's say you a little girl. She's been shoveled full of bullshit Satmar dogma since birth. Three year old girls are so sexually alluring that they must be covered up, in case they give men occasion to sin. Ordinary people deserved to die in the holocaust, because shitbag Teitelbaum said so. If they died it wasn't because he abandoned them while saving himself and his possessions, it was because god wanted to make an example of them. Women are pots of filth, non-Jews and non-Satmar Jews are scum, goyim especially. If a goy is dying in front of you, then let him, as long as nobody is watching. If you are being observed by a mixed crowd then help him, or else you'll make. a chillul Hashem etc etc.

So one day she gets curious, as all kinderlach do. She asks the morah "If Hashem made everything in the world, then why do we hate some of his creations?" or "If Adam and Chava were the first people, who did Cain and Abel marry?"

So for daring to ask a question, she's referred to the Tallitban's Whore Patrol "Modesty Squad" who decide that regular rape by someone who's supposed to be an authority figure will make her more tzniusdig, more dignified, more accepting of Satmar dogma.

So if that was happening to your precious little girl, if everyone she's been taught to respect (such as her teacher, a rabbi, the Va'ad) has let her down, hurt her, shamed her - wouldn't you expect her to act out?

I mean, I know girls and women are useless apart from their ability to bear children at some point, but do you honestly expect a 12 year old to keep up the docile, compliant, indentured servant facade when she's being regularly and repeatedly raped. by a RABBI? Would you still expect your little girl to believe the cult's lie about the "Chosen People, the Or l'goyim", what a blessing it is, "Shelo asani goy", when she's being sexually violated in the name of her religion, when she's been told that sexual misconduct is the fault of the female?

If you expect your child to remain frum, love her religion, consider herself a superior being, believe that all frum Jews are the light among the nations, then you're a medical idiot. The "evil" goyim weren't raping her, the "savage and degenerate schwartzes" weren't defiling her body, ripping her psyche to shreds. The "wicked homosexuals weren't (as the frumbag bigots so often lie about) "recruiting her" or trying to "brainwash" her.

Outside of the shtetl walls she's safe, secure, finally trusts someone with her story. Still only a child, she's brave enough to face the world, expose the disgusting, sordid reality of cult life. She's slandered, threatened, blackmailed. and STILL goes on, despite the BBHBB turning against her, wholesale.

If you were her, or if she was your little girl, would you expect yourself or her to still believe the tapestry of lies that Tevyeism is built on?

Rebellion? I'd want outright revolution. OTD? I wouldn't want to be on the same PLANET as the evil, child-raping, life-destroying "erliche yidden" I was supposed to live amongst.

So in short, fuck you. Fuck your judgemental attitude toward this brave child, this mighty young hero that dared to shout out loudly "No more!" Her "rebellion" (meaning not being a little Satmar fembot) didn't lead to the horrific abuse, the abuse led to the "rebellion". A rebellion which may help prevent your children from years of tortuous rape. You should be on your knees, publicly thanking her, not being. another spineless frumbag anonyputz casting aspersions on her.


Posted by: david | December 01, 2012 at 09:18 PM

Please use coherent spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or don't bother posting at all.


"but this girl is full of it a girl that is a rebel does not take that crap"

Are you serious? First of all, it was reported that the "rebelliousness" that got her referred to this guy in the first place was asking questions in school rather than just accepting without comment whatever her teachers said.

Second, according to her testimony she was TWELVE when all this started and fifteen when it stopped. Exactly what do you think a twelve year old, not all that rebellious, girl could do to avoid taking crap from a middleaged prominent member of the community who has been hired to counsel her (despite having no qualifications/credentials for doing such counseling). What could she do? run away with no resources and little knowledge of the world at large? kick him in the testicles (if she even know what and where testicles are and how vulnerable they are to a good swift kick)? Even grown women find it difficult to avoid taking crap if it is dished out by an authority figure (employer, clergyman, commanding officer, etc.).


Oh boy, is this guy twisted. This sure should be an example of all that is wrong with cults.

I am wondering who is supporting the victim, beyond her family? I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for her to tell about all that happened to her in court. Does she have the support of a women's organization or an organization for abused victims (in the way that Weberman has support of most of the Satmar community)? Is there a way the FM crowd could support her beyond what we write as comments?


i am happy that finnally we our kids the future will not have to suffer with the bs that went on foer years of covering up
but this girl is full of it a girl that is a rebel does not take that crap


@ seymour:

I love how they'll openly defend him even under the presumption that he's guilty. They're perfectly content with letting him destory the lives of innocent children as long as it means that they won't have to come to terms with the many problems in their perfect little world. It sickens me that even after all the suffering that this girl went through the Satmar goons are still harassing her and her husband. They have a warped perception of reality and they'll protect it at all costs, even if it means letting a child molester roam free.


PIG! Take your whole vaad, and shove up the enablers.


this says it all the statement that explains the frummies sad behavior and now the world knows how twisted they are

In another bizarre twist, Fried, who runs a news service for the Satmar community, had been secretly recorded arguing with the alleged victim’s now-husband a few months ago.
“Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t go to jail,” Fried is heard saying of Weberman, according to the recording obtained by the Daily Newsand translated from Yiddish. “A Jew doesn’t belong in jail.”
The contentious conversation came after three men stripped a kosher certificate from the husband’s restaurant, leading to harassment charges against them.

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