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December 10, 2012


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apikorus al ha'esh

Nobody needs captions, Shmarya. This is a cute video with an important message, but the yiddish is amateurish and easy to understand. I doubt anybody in Williamsburg is going to see this and magically become less homophobic.

What I'd like to see is a video -- in yiddish -- that actually explains some basic facts about LGBT life and about tolerance.


What is LGBT? Some radical Haredi sect?


Well excuuuuuse me for not having my Yiddish freestyle skills on point to your liking @Apikorus :P

however, you are right - I would love to make LGBT educational videos in Yiddish, but I'd need to partner with more heimishe people to do so...

Chaim Heller

LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered.


Apikorus - no, this 1 video isn't going to make people suddenly become tolerant. But it's an important start. Let's hope it acts as a seed for others to join in. Just as you're better heard in a minyan, the more voices raised for this, the more likely change will come about.


I'm thinking "Geboren Azoy" by Rebbetzin Gaga.

Yochanan Lavie

I support this, as long as he doesn't also make a pro-BLT video (humor).

Abe Friedman

Y Love I'm here will definitely get to work on that Yiddish freestyle.


Whatever happened to the explicit Prohibition against homosexual relations which is found in the Torah I'm all for tolerance but how can you reconcile gay Jews and Judaism

Simpsons fan

He can't. Y-Love wouldn't commit to abstinence. So if he practices and encourages homosexual relations, how can he be described as Orthodox? I am not asking him to turn straight, he already tried it. I am only asking him to be accurate in describing himself.


Giggidy, please.

Weren't we ALL created in God's image, as it says in Genesis? Does God make mistakes?

Since you have to answer "yes" to the first question and "no" to the 2nd question, then that's how one reconciles oneself to what might appear on the surface to be a problem.

Since Y-Love was born gay and is a Jew by choice, just what would you have him do? Judaism should welcome all Jews, not bar the door for those whom we don't like or don't understand. It's not like our temples are overflowing every Shabbat.

I'm not complaining about those of the 613 that you're ignoring.


What is LGBT? Some radical Haredi sect?

Posted by: JD

no no no....Life Guard Ba'al Teshuva

they face horrible discrimination in the frum world since few charedim know how to swim.


Sarek pretty simple he can be abstinent and then there is no issue with being frum and gay.


Sham geirus

Turd Degree

Silly me. I thought LGBT stands for Lubavitch, Ger, Bobov, Taliban.


Hey Y-Love did you tell the Beis Din doing your Geirus that you were gay?


Respect Schmarya! It appears that you have undertaken a task of immense proportions. Neither this endeavour to gain conscionable, objective and thoughtful rendereings, nor any semblance of success of such conscious elevations will be easy to come by.
However i and i (as rastafari) give you my blessings and in turn, hope you do effect change for which your heart so apparently yearns. I see you!
. . . i will add that the LGBT community ( as represented by Y-Love) is not easily received by or within the Rastafarian diaspora. It may be because of the perceived struggles that we must endure daily which requires our soldiering on without 'perceived' frailties. Which is to say our perceived "Strength, is not to be seen as effiminate" and consequently vulnerable to the masses. Unadulterated allignment with the LGBT cause gainfully takes us onto a rather unique course. But as of yet, we are not prepared.
And so perhaps, there in lies our greatest weakness. As it is with Y-Love, Rastas everywhere believe they too are chosen and are tangibly connected to the creator.
But the question of sexual proclivity is as yet to be touched. it is taboo and even existentially threatening to the unconscious mind.
As for my personal beliefs, if in fact we are all here to learn "love," then i must obstain from any judgement of the LGBT lifestyle. But be reminded that as Rastas one must be ever loving, ever faithful and ever sure. Blessings!

Rueven Aharon

What is LGBT? Some radical Haredi sect?

Apparently, some of the folks from Williamsburg have not been to Greenwich Village ($2.25 and 30 minutes by subway). LOL

apikorus al ha'esh

@Y-Love - I have nothing but respect and admiration for your art and for your orientation. If anything, I was peeved at Shmarya (still am) for his overweening and inaccurate headline. But please do continue spreading the message.

@Sarek - I don't need a minyan to be heard. I haven't been to minyan in years. Minyan is overrated.


a correction "obstain" should be read as abstain


another wannabee somebody with no fans or followers, trying to get some attention.

what else is new?


y-love hates white jews who don't believe in gay marriage.

The Anti-Schmerl

This guy converted to Judaism so he could break into the Jewish music market - and he failed because of utter lack of talent.

Now, he wants attention so he stooped to this. Lipa Schmeltzer he will never be, and he isn't even as big a loser as Shmarya.


Good on ya Y-Love! There's no such thing as god so stay gay and enjoy life!
LGBT equality NOW!

Friar Yid

This guy converted to Judaism so he could break into the Jewish music market - and he failed because of utter lack of talent.

What a devilish plan! Converting at least five years before starting his hip-hop career. What will these evil genius Jewish convert rappers think of next?


I know Y-Love from when we all used to chit chat in some dorky MySpace Group. He is and always has been an earnest convert who also happened to make music, not the other way around.


I support this, as long as he doesn't also make a pro-BLT video (humor).

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | December 10, 2012 at 12:36 PM

On Dr. Pepper's recent "I am t-shirt" web-promotion, this guy's slogan was "bacon lover" ...


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