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December 11, 2012


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yankee doodle

Only Mr.Weberman, the ALLEGED victim, and
G-d know whether something really transpired or not!

Betty Sebrow,communications liaisonSOVRI-Beth Isra

As the shock of justice finally being served is absorbed, victims all over have reason to celebrate. When injustice is committed, the victim as well as witnessess and families of injustice now realize that their voices will be heard and their hearts will be healed. Nothing is more painful to a victim than not being believed, or being abused by those they complain to. That feels like being kicked when having fallen. SOVRI always understood that. Since 2008, we have dedicated ourselves specifically for this purpose; to be the listening ear for the victim or family. We have always validated the victim who has been called a liar. And we have always offered support and referrals. Callers have always felt the comfort in knowing that they can call whenever they need to, and that whatever they tell us remains confidential. May the holy lights of the Chanukah candles bring brightness to those who are still suffering at the hands of their perpetrators, and know that we are here for them. Please call us. We want to hear your voice. We want to help you. You are not alone. SOVRI Helpline(888)613-1613 Mon-Thurs 9-7 and Fri. 9-2.

Michael from Lakewood

Posted by: leo | December 11, 2012 at 12:56 PM

I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling from this guy Leo...


Tell me why were you quiet all this time
Why are u blaming your childs closeness to you on weberman
Let me tell you your child started to want to be like your sister the whore
And now u wante to make money of this story since you are all very poor family but your father mr rochman from williamsburg was a real tzadik
Why you are doing this to him i dont know


I can't wait and am waiting with open.....


Reb Yochanan,

Lets get a Parody of Springsteen's Johnny 99 for Sicko Weberman


online dictionary

[uncountable] confidence and the ability to deal with dangerous or difficult situations

It takes balls to quit your job like that.


"A counsellor with balls!"

Which part of a FEMALE counselor didn't you understand ??


From the end of the above video : "The girl finally told a female counsellor about the sexual assault in early 2011 and Weberman was arrested the same day."

A counsellor with balls!


Well, I get the right story and so do people in New york.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Video link is returning a story about some lottery winner.


What a piece of crap this guy is. Where do they come from these grinning arrogant idiots. There are so many.


i'm so happy for the family.
they were and are so brave.
i send them huge hugs and warmest wishes and am SO happy for them.
and i thank them for their courage in taking this POS off the streets


sorry for the double post

can satmar start to raise funds for the webberman vasaline fund

then they can follow ith the 4 bribey guys

wondering if vaad hatzniyus will be running the fund


can satmar raise mo0ney for the webberman vasaline fun

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