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December 07, 2012


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....to their normal roots and live free .


......' how can she be so blind ......, bc she was brainwashed to the core by the rabbis and officials of the sect to the point that she could not think for herself anymore . that's the danger ppl have to deal with when they join a sect .

that girl's family better go back where they comr from , to their normal roots and leave free .


this is the mother's fault or parents of the abused girl . does she have a dad? if she doesn't, then i understand the bullneck took advantage of her . if the wild girl has a dad , then he is the one responsible for all the pain his daughter endured . how can satmar parents could have allowed their daughter go with a 50 year old man for a 12 hour trip upstate , just him and the girl ? this is not credible . either the parents are crazy or out of reality . i can assure you that no secular jewish parents would have let their 15 year old daughter go with a 50 year old man alone in a car for a day trip. unconceivable .

this mother and the two aunts do not look satmar at all . how did they got into that ? they should have known the danger of joining an extremist jewish sect . even if you want to be religious , you don't join a sect, i'm sorry . if you do, you'll have to suffer , bc they'll take advantage of you sexually and financially . and there is nothing they can do, bc they'll be trapped . they have no say like in a free , more relaxed orthodox religious group . in a sect, everything is controlled . the members of the sect tell you what to do and you should comply and not question anything . how dangerous .


I hope this story stays on the news radar and doesn't die down and get forgotten quickly. What went on with Weberman, and others like him, (sexual abuse, intimidating modesty squads, misuse of monies, unlicensed therapists, etc.) needs to be exposed and the public needs to be aware of what is really going on in these cult-like ultraorthodox communities. These sickos thrive inside the strucures of power and secrecy the community has built.

I keep hoping that the victim's family has strong support - they surely will need all they can get. It must be hell to go through this and now be at risk for the retaliation of the Satmar community. Is there anything we on FM could do to help support them?

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

Yo momma is so dumb, she runs out and checks her mail box every time AOL tells her, “You’ve got Mail. Mrs Kraus dont be dumb and speak in public where no good will happen to you. people really feel your pain. People really do feel the pain that you are in now do the deed and sue, sue the school, sue the peaople who created your pain, thats how change will come, talking to the media you waste your time and will only get you in trouble


Is she a whore or a g-d fearing person


Begins with an ad - more and more things in life is infected with spam. Be patient and story follows the spam.


It works for me in both Chrome and Firefox.


For me works with Chrome not Firefox. Both have adblock.


The video is fine. It keeps playing after the first video. You must have delayed watching it for a couple minutes.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Bad link. Video is "McAfee hospitalized in Guatemala"

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