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December 11, 2012


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Bless Be Name of The Lord
Chapter 38

The Father spoke to the Son, saying: "I came with love to the Virgin and took your true body from her. You are therefore in me and I in You. Just as fire and heat are never separated, so it is impossible to separate the Divinity from the Manhood."

The Son answered: "May All Glory and Honor Be to You Father; may Your will Be done in Me and Mine in You."

Chapter 1

"I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth, one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am the one who spoke to the patriarchs and the prophets and the one whom they awaited. For the sake of their longing and in agreement with my promise, I assumed flesh without sin and concupiscence, by entering the womb of the Virgin like the sun shining through the clearest gem. For just as the sun does not damage the glass by entering it, likewise the virginity of the Virgin was not lost when I assumed Manhood. I assumed flesh in such a way that I did not have to forsake my Divinity, and I was no less God - with the Father and the Holy Spirit, governing and upholding all things - although I was in the womb of the Virgin in my human nature. Just as brightness is never separated from fire, so too, my Divinity was never separated from my Humanity, not even in death.

Thereafter I allowed my pure and sinless body to be wounded from the foot to the head, and to be crucified for all the sins of mankind. That same body is now offered each day on the altar so that mankind might love me more and remember my great deeds more often. But now I am totally forgotten, neglected, despised, and expelled as a king is from his own kingdom and in whose place the most wicked robber has been elected and honored.

I have indeed wanted my kingdom to be within man, and by right I should be King and Lord over him, for I made him and redeemed him. However, now he has broken and desecrated the faith which he promised me in his baptism, and he has broken and spurned my laws and commandments which I prescribed and revealed to him. He loves his own will and refuses to hear me. In addition, he exalts the most wicked robber, the devil, above me and has given him his faith. The devil really is a robber, since he steals for himself, by way of evil temptations, bad councils, and false promises, the human soul that I redeemed with my blood. But he does not do this because he is mightier than me; for I am so mighty that I can do all things with a word, and so just, that even if all the saints asked me, I would not do the least thing against justice.

But, since man, who has been given free will, willfully rejects my commandments and obeys the devil, it is only right that he also experiences his tyranny and malice. This devil was created good by me, but fell by his own wicked will, and has become, so to speak, my servant for inflicting vengeance on the workers of evil.

Yet, even though I am now so despised, I am still so merciful that whoever prays for my mercy and humbles himself in amendment shall be forgiven his sins, and I shall save him from the evil robber - the devil. But to those who continue despising me, I shall visit my justice upon them, so that those hearing it will tremble, and those who feel it will say: "Woe, that we were ever conceived or born! Woe, that we ever provoked the Lord of majesty to wrath!"

But you, my daughter, whom I have chosen for myself, and with whom I now speak in spirit: love me with all your heart - not as you love your son or daughter or parents, but more than anything in the world - since I, who created you, did not spare any of my limbs in suffering for your sake! Yet, I love your soul so dearly that, rather than losing you, I would let myself be crucified again, if it were possible. Imitate my humility; for I, the King of glory and of angels, was clothed in ugly, wretched rags and stood naked at the pillar and heard all kinds of insults and ridicule with my own ears. Always prefer my will before your own, because my Mother, your Lady, has, from the beginning to the end, never wanted anything but what I wanted.

If you do this, then your heart shall be with my heart, and it will be inflamed by my love in the same way that anything dry becomes rapidly inflamed by fire. Your soul shall be so inflamed and filled with me, and I will be in you, so that everything worldly becomes bitter to you and all fleshly lusts like poison. You will rest in the arms of my Divinity, where no fleshly desires exist, but only spiritual delight and joy which fill the delighted soul with happiness - inwardly and outwardly - so that it thinks of nothing and desires nothing but the joy which it possesses. So love me alone, and you will have all the things you want, and you will have them in abundance. Is it not written that the oil of the widow did not decrease until the day the rain was sent to earth by God according to the words of the prophet? I am the true prophet! If you believe my words and follow and fulfill them, the oil - joy and jubilation - shall never decrease for you for all eternity."

Chapter 6

"My enemies are like the most violent beasts that can never be filled or have rest. Their heart is so empty of my love that they never allow the thought of my suffering into it; and not once has a word like this been uttered by their inmost heart: "O Lord, you have redeemed us, may you be praised for your bitter suffering!" How could my Spirit remain with the people who have no divine love for me, and who willingly betray others in order to satisfy their own will? Their heart is full of vile worms, that is, full of worldly desires. The devil has left his filth in their mouths, and that is why my words do not please them.

Therefore, I will sever them from my friends with my saw, and just as there is no more bitter way to die than to be sawn asunder, so there will not be a punishment in which they will not partake. They will be sawn in two by the devil and separated from me! They are so abhorrent to me that all who cling to them and agree with them will also be severed from me.

Therefore, I send out my friends in order that they might separate the devils from my members, for they are truly my enemies. I send my friends like knights to war. Anyone who mortifies and subdues his flesh and abstains from forbidden things is my true knight. For their lance, they will have the words that I spoke with my own mouth and, in their hands, the sword of the true faith. Their breasts will be covered with the armor of love, so that no matter what happens to them, they will love me no less. They shall have the shield of patience at their side, so that they may suffer and endure all things patiently. I have enclosed them like gold in a vessel; they should now go forth and walk in my ways.

According to the ways of justice, I could not enter into the glory of majesty without suffering tribulation in my human nature, so then, how else will they enter into it? If their Lord endured pain and suffering, it is not surprising that they also suffer. If their Lord endured beatings and torture, it is not too much for them to endure words and contradictions. They should not fear, for I will never abandon them. Just as it is impossible for the devil to touch and divide the heart of God, so it is impossible for the devil to separate them from me. And since they are like the purest gold in my sight, I will never abandon them, even though they are tested with a little fire, for the fire is given to them for their greater reward and happiness.

Chapter 14

"I am your God who was crucified on the cross; true God and true man in one person who is present everyday in the hands of the priest. When you pray any prayer to me, always end your prayer with the intention that my will always shall be done and not yours. For when you pray for the already condemned, I do not hear you. Sometimes you also pray for some things that are against your own welfare and that is why it is necessary for you to entrust your will to me, for I know all things and do not provide you with anything but what is beneficial. Many pray without the right intention and that is why they do not deserve to be heard.

There are three kinds of people who serve me in this world: The first are those who believe me to be God, the Creator and giver of all things and mighty ruler over everything. They serve me with the intention of gaining honor and worldly things, but the things of heaven are considered as nothing to them so that they would gladly do without it if they, instead, could gain the perishable and present things. According to their desire, worldly pleasure falls to them in everything and so they lose the eternal things, but I recompense them with worldly benefits for all the good things they have done for my sake right down to the last farthing and the very last moment.

The second are those who believe me to be God almighty and a strict judge, and these serve me because of fear of punishment but not out of love for the heavenly glory. If they were not afraid of suffering, they would not serve me.

The third are those who believe me to be the Creator of all things and true God and who believe me to be just and merciful. These do not serve me because of any fear of punishment but because of divine love and charity. Rather, they would prefer and endure every punishment, if they could bear it, than to even once provoke me to wrath. These truly deserve to be heard in their prayers, for their will is according to my will.

But the ones who belong to the first kind shall never escape from the place of punishment and torment or get to see my face. The ones who belong to the second kind shall not be punished and tormented as much, but will still be unable to see my face, unless he corrects his fear through penitence and amendment.

Revelation 7

"When there is fire in a house, a venthole is needed to let out the smoke and allow the inhabitant to enjoy the heat. Likewise, for anyone who desires to keep my spirit and my grace, habitual confession is useful in order to
let out the smoke of sin.
Although my divine spirit is in itself unchangeable, nevertheless it quickly withdraws from the heart that is not protected by the humility of confession."

Revelation 8

"That man was singing: 'Deliver me, O Lord, from
the unrighteous man!'

His voice is in my ears like the sound of two
stones struck together.

His heart calls to me as if with three voices.
The first says: 'I want to have my will in my own control, to sleep and to rise and to talk of pleasant things.

I shall give to nature what it craves. I want money in my purse, soft clothes on my back. When I get these and similar things,
I count them a greater happiness than all
other gifts and the spiritual virtues of the soul.'

His second voice says: 'Death is not too hard, and the judgment is not so severe as is written; harsh threats are made as a warning, but mild punishments are given out of mercy. Therefore, so long as I can have my will in
the present, let my soul make its passage as
best it can in the future.'

The third voice says: 'God would not have redeemed us, if
he had not wanted to give us heavenly things, nor would he have suffered, if he had not wanted to bring us
back to our fatherland. Indeed, why did he suffer?

Or who compelled him to suffer? Of course, I do not understand heavenly things except by hearsay, and I do not know for sure whether I should trust the Scriptures. If I could only have my will, I would have it instead of
the heavenly kingdom.' You can see what that man's will
is like and why his voice is like the
sound of stones in my ears.

But, o friend, I answer your first voice: Your way does not tend toward heaven, nor is the passion of my love to your taste. Therefore hell lies open for you, and, because you love the low things of the earth, you will go to the regions below.

I answer your second voice: Son, death will be hard for you, judgment unbearable, and flight impossible, unless you
mend your ways.
I tell your third voice: Brother, I did all my works out of love in order that you might become like me and so that, after having been turned away from me, you might return to me. But now my works are dead in you, my words are burdensome, and my way is neglected. What awaits you, therefore, is
the torment and company of demons, because you turn your back on me, you trample underfoot the signs of my
humility, and you do not consider how
I stood on the cross in your sight and for your sake.

I stood there in three ways for your sake.
First as a man, whose eye a dagger would penetrate; second, as a man whose heart would be pierced by a sword; third, as a man whose every limb would shake with the pain of pressing affliction. My passion indeed was more bitter to me
than a puncture in the eye; yet I suffered it out of love.
My mother's sorrow moved my heart more than my
own, yet I bore it.

All my inner and outer parts, too, shook for a long time from
pressing pain and suffering, yet I did not give up nor retreat.

Thus I stood in your sight, but you forget and
neglect and scorn it all.
You will therefore be thrust away like an
abortion and a unclean menstrual cloth."
Yeshua HaMasciah

My will is still the same as it was when I hung upon the cross. I am the same now as I was then, when I forgave the thief his sins upon his asking for mercy and opened for him the gates of heaven. For the other thief, however, who despised me, I unlocked hell's barriers, and there he remains, forever

Mechel Weiss

You know, Weberman may have, ordinarily, been the greatest guy in the world. However, when it comes to Yichud, which has been established in this case - Sorry, Weberman loses credibility here, especially when you lock the door! I mean, would you put it past even Moshe Rabenu to be nichshal in this?


ps : three cases where sex offenders were murdered in jail

1 - michael parr murdered mitchell harrison in their cell jailin H.M prison FRANKLAND

2- michael deloach killed elasko mark thomas at abilene/taylor county

3- john derek chamberlain brutally murdered by a gang of inmates , october 5, 2006 , when they heard that chamberlain was a sex molester .

weberman should be locked up in the same cell with violent criminals .


..... 'the world of secrecy has been lifted.....' . exactly . that's the key
sentence that every chusid who lives in his secret world should keep in mind .

the secular world has his own courts of law, and the media is there to publicize

nobody should complain to the bet din , bc the rabbinical court will be on the side of the defendant , no matter what .

that's why the rabbinical court should not be trusted . victims should put a complaint in writing to the police , retain an attorney and put a complaint with the D.A . AND NOT BE AFRAID OF DOING SO . that's the only way to prevent further damage to other kids to be hurt for life .

yeah, weberman was very respected and a trusted member of his satmar community and no one believes what he did . BUT behind closed doors , he was a rapist and a sex molester , prying on young helpless

weberman had full control . he would have never imagined IN A MILLION YEARS , since
members of the satmar community are not allowed to report anything to the secular world , that this would happened to him .

i want to see how weberman would handle his life in jail . is he allowed to keep wearing his garb ? how he would eat ? even reg ' kosher ' is not kosher for him . why should a predator who breaks the law should have priviledges ?
and how he would sleep at peace in the same room among dozens of other criminals , just like him . he must be scared to death .

if other criminals , murderers , drug dealers .......happen to know that he raped a 12 year old girl, they might kill him . it did happen before . i don't have in mind right know the name of a rapist who was killed in jail by his fellow inmate . but it did happen .

i'm so happy for the victim . ' moshiah ' is on its way . for sure , it is .


Jerry Sandusky.

Yoel Mechanic

Seymour, I like your style. But not only the style, but the content too. There was one other guy who used to post here; I liked his style, but didn't concern myself with the content. In particular I like that you try to be fair minded and principled.

Gefilte Fish


Look real carefully---Yossi referred to "self-HEATING" Jews.

With regard to the term "self-hating Jews"--I think that it is used by those to attack other Jews who don't follow the party line.


Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 11, 2012 at 01:05 PM

Shmarya as talking about Yeshiva education. If you still persist with our 2nd grade claim, then you are no saner than him.




closed cesspools of control, ignorance and abuse




First of all, jerusalemdiamonds, can you give me a good deal?

Second of all, Gefilte, I honestly don't know what a self hating Jew is. I still have difficulty understanding what a troll is, but I digress. I'm a Jew. I hate myself. What am I missing. Does it describe a Jew who holds other Jews accountable or a Jew who isn't ultra-ultra-orthodox? Help.

Finally, Shmarya, forget it. You are never going to be able to explain third grade US civics to adults who have no desire and ability to understand and learn. They can't even understand the distinction between learning the law of the land in it's simplest premise and it's implicit beauty..... that they don't even have to agree with it. They can freely damn it out loud if they want, unlike what is allowed by their aged brain shrunk leaders in their tiny little closed cesspools of control, ignorance and abuse.

They're merely darting around without a sliver of comprehension of right vs wrong or even a furtive glance at the EVIDENCE THAT WAS PRESENTED against Nummy, as Nechemya's new bff affectionately calls him.


And now... Shmarya boldly asserts that many Satmars do not have more than a 5th grade Jewish education.

How many Satmars have ypu come in contact with?
Posted by: Menachem

are you kidding? i have come in contact with many satmars. in fact i have had theological debates with them in groups of 8 or more more than once. i think shmaryas being kind in saying "many" as opposed to most, and by using "5th grade" . i would say MOST have no better than a 2nd grade education. few of the many i've spoken with can speak and write english beyond a typical 2nd grader and they had almost no scientific knowledge whatsoever.
get your head out of the sand, ostrich.


And now... Shmarya boldly asserts that many Satmars do not have more than a 5th grade Jewish education. 

How many Satmars have ypu come in contact with? (the ones that left the community usually did not shine among their peers). Have you visited their schools? Because they don't concur with your baseless and ignorant Halachic conclusions, they must be uneducated?

Shmarya, stop undermining your intelligence and credibility.


Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 11, 2012 at 10:46 AM

Well said.

Bas Melech

Secular law used to require witnesses to rape and other forms of sex crimes. Only in recent times does the law recognize that sex crimes occur when witnesses are absent and in places where screams cannot be heard.

Long ago the Rabbis permitted cases of abuse to be tried in civil courts, because Jewish courts have no means of enforcement. Sadly today the Jewish prison at Amsterdam's Portuguese shul no longer exists.

QUESTION: Doesn't the Torah tell us that we have to respect and abide by the laws of the country in which we live, because we are guests?

Satmar and all Jewish religious schools should be required to teach a course in basics\ civics.


Posted by: Atheist Jew | December 11, 2012 at 10:46 AM


Dorthy Rabinowitz is talking about cases of so-called ritual abuse and pedophile rings, not standard cases of child abuse – especially cases where the victim can testify.

Past that, the jury had 5 hours, more than enough to decide if he was guilty.

Lastly, halakha does NOT "demand proof and to prefer acquitting the guilty rather than convict the innocent."

What halakha does is allow dayanim to convict without witnesses if they believe the defendant to be guilty.

You don't know halakha.

Atheist Jew

A secular Jew, Wall Street Journal editor Dorothy Rabinnowicz, has documented in her book "No Crueler Tyrannies" how hysteria pushes the secular courts to mass hysteria over false allegations (usually against males).

The jury in the Weberman case would barely have had time to read the list of 59 counts, much less to deliberate on each one. With the false rape accusation rate running 50% in the general public, the Weberman false conviction is an outrage and a farce.

Halacha is completely right and just to demand proof and to prefer acquitting the guilty rather than convict the innocent.


to all the charedi apologists saying there was no evidence:

in a case of a non-violent statutory rape,sodomy or molestation there wouldnt be physical signs of an attack. there would almost never be witnesses since few rapists or pedophiles commit the acts in public. prior to 50 years ago there was no DNA testing or security cameras. by your logic there should never have been a single conviction for such crimes prior to 50 years ago since all cases were "he said/she said". BUT THERE WERE. juries weigh lots of evidence which doesnt include DNA or video. circumstancial evidence is often enough for a murder conviction even though the victim cant speak. there was tons of supporting evidence here pointing to guilt. when the jury found her credible and him not, they no longer had reasonable doubt. and justice was done.


Chasidis, the closest religion to Judaism.


It stand to reason that the delusional foundation Satmar is built on, where reason and common sense are not permitted by Torah law, would remain delusional and deny an apparent truth staring them in the face. Pathetic!


What was the evidence of sex crimes other than "he said/she said"? Lingerie shop receipts doesn't really constitute proof of those crimes.

I'm not doubting his guilt. Just wondering if there's evidence that I'm not aware of.


jerusalemdiamonds really doesn't understand the difference between a criminal or a civil trial. or how the criminal justice system works. it's okay. the earth is 6,000 years old, rabbonim never do anything now and we want moschiach now!


Not to mention there is a special place for "Holier than Thou" criminals and predators that betray the trust accorded them.


I am not saying he did not do it, none of us will ever know ! But to find him guilty on such serious charges with only one witness and no further evidence is just mind boggling !

What stops anyone's ex-wife-girlfriend to file made up charges against you for whatever reason ! Look at the Strauss Kahn case, the prosecution dropped the case but he still was forced to pay her millions in compensation or just run back and forth to court !! How is that justice !

Posted by: jerusalemdiamonds | December 11, 2012 at 02:51 AM

if you truly would feel that way, and i an confident you really do not. You and other like you should speak up when a goy gets convicted under the same circumstances but you guys don't and think he should be jailed

all your excuses we all know only apply when the criminal is a yid


What stops anyone's ex-wife-girlfriend to file made up charges against you for whatever reason ! Look at the Strauss Kahn case, the prosecution dropped the case but he still was forced to pay her millions in compensation or just run back and forth to court !! How is that justice !

Strauss Kahn is another pig. He is paying hush money because he was boffing a low end maid and the publicity was damaging his career. He was free to take it to civil court; its not like he couldn't afford the lawyers.
Keep you dick in your pants and don't cheat on your wife and you won't have these problems.


I consider the satmerers and many other hassidim as brain damaged retards or just plain evil, to not see what weberman did is to deliberatly close youre brain of from reality
he deserves to be skinned alive for what he did to this girl especially he started all this when she was still a child she was only 12 years old he deserves death in my oppinion.


elwerthy barak, the way you write it looks like GD never granted you with a pair of diamonds so no wonder you find it incriminating that a person spends thousands of $ on lingerie!

And I have not seen any person on this blog using Halacha as a means of defense but rather believe that rapist should be dealt with the american way! In this particular case I just find that the sentencing had nothing to do with reality but was rather was the cause of lots of little things around the case which have little or nothing to do with Weberman himself and THAT is unjust !!


I know you guys on this blog think its awesome, "YEY we got another one of them" which to me just proves that a "Chasidic" person in the American legal system is guilty until proven innocent.

Posted by: jerusalemdiamonds | December 11, 2012 at 02:27 AM

I certainly don't relish that someone may lose their liberty for a VERY long time, but neither do I think that a rapist should go unpunished. In Halacha, a rapist would be forced to marry his victim (if unmarried) as "punishment" plus fined but I hardly think this is a correct punishment in terms of modern thinking and reflects the Bronze Age thinking of much of Halacha. Unfortunately in many cases the Halacha does not reflect modern reality but because most Charedim are uneducated they don't even know how such crimes are reviled in modern secular or non-Charedi Jewish society.

elwerthy  barak

apologies for spelling in the above epistle to the hebrews-paul

elwerthy  barak

jerusalemdiamonds. YOUR DIMONDS are made out of glass. all that glitters is not gold and do not judge the book by the cover. Nevertheless your SATMAR are trash lead by an arsehole of a pretend rabbi.He shames the jewish people in pepituity. SATMAR do not know shame. their filthy sdecadence and stupidity BLIND them all. so know your diamonds are as fake as you are .


Steven: "Explain why he had three locks on his locked door."

Imbicile if you could of read the comments above yours of 'yossi gestetner' you wouldn't of ask for an explanation.

Gefilte Fish


While I haven't had the time to go through your Yiddish rant, please explain to me what a "self-heating Jew" is. Is that like a Shabbos hot-water urn? Warm-blooded versus cold-blooded? Wears a lot of heavy clothing?


Posted by: jerusalemdiamonds | December 11, 2012 at 02:51 AM

You trolls all post exactly the same words and arguments. She never charged him. Her therapist filed the complaint and had reason to believe she was telling the truth. He was a self admitted liar and thief. Spending thousands on sexy lingerie from a charity fund? Get real.


What about yichud? No sensible or G-D fearing man would seclude himself with a woman or girl, not his wife or daughter. It is not halocha. Whoops I think the "Rabbi" missed that shiur!


I am not saying he did not do it, none of us will ever know ! But to find him guilty on such serious charges with only one witness and no further evidence is just mind boggling !

What stops anyone's ex-wife-girlfriend to file made up charges against you for whatever reason ! Look at the Strauss Kahn case, the prosecution dropped the case but he still was forced to pay her millions in compensation or just run back and forth to court !! How is that justice !


Explain why he had three locks on his locked door.

Posted by: Steven | December 11, 2012 at 02:27 AM

We are talking about New York City.

yossi gestetner

Explain why he had three locks on his locked door.

Posted by: Steven | December 11, 2012 at 02:27 AM


די וועבערמאן עדות היינט און די אנדערע עדות. היינט האט ר׳ נחמי אויפגעטרעטן און זיין אייגענע דיפענס און ב״ה געמאכט א פאזעטיווען איינדרוק. פארדעם האט אויפגעטרעטן איין ווייבל און איין מיידל וואס זענען בקרב חסדים וואס ר׳ נחמי האט געטון פאר יעדעם איינעם אויך געטאן א חסד פאר זיי און זיי אריינגענומען וואוינען ביי זיך אינדערהיים פאר אומזיסט (בחנם אין כסף פאר די אלע וואס האבן געשריגן אז ער איז געלט גייציג) ביידע האבן בפה אחד ארויסגעברענגט ווי איידל און שיין ר׳ נחמי האט זיך צו זיי באנומען אבער און די זעלבע צייט פעסט אנגעהאלטן די הלכות צניעות מיט זיי, איין מיידל וואס איך מיז מקדים זיין אז זי איז ״נישט״ קיין היימיש מיידל ״האנט צוטאגס״ האט געזאגט אז זי האט געוואוינט ביי ר׳ נחמי צוויי גאנצע יאר און עס איז ״קיינמאל״ נישט פארגעקומען אפילו איין אינצידענט וואס קען א טראפעלע ווייסן אויף אימצניעות. דערנאך איז ארויסגעקומען א ״באמבע״ רעוועלעשאן... הערט און שטוינט און פאר די וואס זענען self heating jews. הערט און ״קראכט״ די מעין ראי וואס די פראסעקיוטער האט געהאט אונטערגעשטיצט ביי קרויסטע איז אז ר׳ נחמי׳ס אפיס (קינדס שלאף צימער בלע״ז) איז געווען פארמאכט מיט "דריי שלעסער" ממילה האט קיינער נישט געקענט אריינקומען און ער איז געווען פריי צו טאן מה שלובו חפץ. הערט וואס די עדות האט געזאגט היינט (געדענקט מען רעדט דא פון א נישט היימיש מיידל וואס האט געוואוינט ביי ר׳ נחמי צוויי גאנצע יאר) שלאס נומבער איינס וואס דאס איז די הענטל פון די טיר האט בכלל נישט געהאט קיין שלאס. שלאס נומבער צוויי איז נישט געווען אליינד מיטן ריגל און מען האט דאס קיינמאל נישט געקענט פארמאכן אפילו מען זאל ווען וועלן. שלאס נומבער דריי איז געווען די איינציגסטע שלאס וואס האט געארבייט און דאס איז געווען א נומבער שלאס, וואס די גאנצע וועבערמאן משפחה האט געקענט די נומבער. ווארט צו... און מען האט רעפרעזענטעט די קארט מיט בילדער פון די שלעסער און כשמה כן הוא. קודם כל האט מען געכאפט די קרויסטע מיט א אפענע און גראבן ליגענט וואס די פראסעקיוטער האט זיך געמיזט פארמאכן דאס פיסק און איינעמען א וויסטן שטיל שווייגעניש. דערנאך צו אלע דא וואס גלייבן אזוי די קרויסטע! אויב איז די מעשה אזוי אמת דאן פארוואס דארף דאס מיידל זאגן אזעלעכע גראבע ליגענטס? דערנאך איז געווען א ברעיק און ר׳ נחמי אליין איז אויפגעטרויטן. קודם איז מען אסאך איבערגעגאנגען סתם דעיטס פון די קעיס. דערנאך האט די לאיער געגעבן פאר ר׳ נחמי א געלעגענהייט דורך שאלה׳ת צו ערקלערן וואס זיין זשאב איז געווען און וואס זיין ציל איז געווען מיט די מיידלעך. און קורץ די ענפער! צו ראטעווען זייער לעבן. דערנאך איז די פראסעקיוטער ארויףגעקומען און געפרעגט ר׳ נחמי צו האט ער אמאל גענימען דאס מיידל מיט די קעגענערשאפט פון די מאמע אויף מאנסי. און קורצן די ענפער די מאמע האט טאקע נישט געוואלט אבער די טאטע האט אים דירעקט אינסטראקטעט איר יא צונעמען! דערנאך האט דער פראסעקיטער געפרעגט נחמי וואס ער האט געזאגט פאר די מאמע נאך איר קעגענרשאפט וואס אויף דעם האט אים די מאמע געשיקט א בריוו אים איבערצובעטן! הערט און שטוינט! ער האט געזאגט פאר די מאמע אז אויב וויל זי אים נישט לאזן דילען מיט דאס מיידל אויף די וועג וואס ער האלט איז נויטיג דאן איז דא נאך גוטע טעראפיסטן און די מאמע קען שיקן צו זיי! (אה און ער איז ממש געווען פארליבט און דאס מיידל אבער ער האט אליינס אנגעטראגן און נאך מער געשטיפט אז די מאמע זאל איר אוועקשיקן צו אן אנדערע טעראפיסט) די פראסעקיושן האט ווייטער זיך פארמאכט דאס מויל נאך מער איז מען געוואר געווארן אז דאס מיידלס טאטע האט געגעבן פאר ר׳ נחמי ״זיין״ אייגענע קאר איר צו טראגן. נאך די אלע דורכפעלער האט די פראסעקיוטער מער נישט געוואלט רעדן פון די קעיס נאר ער האט אנגעפאנגען צו רעדן פון געלט זאכן וואס איז געגאנגען אהער און אהין (נישט פון די געלט וואס ער האט באקומען פון קרויס) אבער מער נישט קיין ווארט פון דעם קעיס


Hundreds of frum paedophiles around the world and when one is caught, people can't believe it. Explain why he had three locks on his locked door.


He should never have been found guilty for such a severe crime with potential sentence in upper 20years area based on only he/she say. There is no way they could have found him guilty beyond reasonable doubt since its all based on he/she say plus the girl had a personal agenda in testifying against him !

I know you guys on this blog think its awesome, "YEY we got another one of them" which to me just proves that a "Chasidic" person in the American legal system is guilty until proven innocent.

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