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December 02, 2012

Video: Alan Dershowitz Attends Weberman Trial In Preparation For Lebovits Case

Alan Dershowitz at Weberman trial Brooklyn 11-30-2012 CBS 2Molester Baruch Lebovits' defense attorney Alan Dershowitz was in court observing the Weberman trial Friday in preparation for his client's case. Meanwhile, three men arrested for taking pictures of Weberman's alleged victim as she testified on the witness stand were arraigned Friday night, and Dershowitz claims it will be very difficult to prove they were attempting to intimidate the alleged victim.


Originally published 12-1-2012 at 9:50 pm

Three of the men were arraigned Friday night. The fourth was released due to lack of eividence. The Daily News reports:

…Lemon Juice, Joseph Fried and Yona Weisman were charged with contempt of court. Juice had legally changed his name from Joel Weingarten, according to his friends, though it was unclear why.

Juice’s lawyer, Leopold Gross, insisted his client was actually a supporter of the teen — though his motivations remained a mystery.

All three were held on $5,000 bond. A friend of theirs, Moses Klein, pledged to bail out the alleged scuzzy shutterbugs.

A fourth man initially thought to have taken pictures was not charged due to lack of evidence.…

The News also reports that Fried has a history of harassing the alleged victim and her now-husband:

…In another bizarre twist, Fried, who runs a news service for the Satmar community, had been secretly recorded arguing with the alleged victim’s now-husband a few months ago.

“Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t go to jail,” Fried is heard saying of Weberman, according to the recording obtained by the Daily News and translated from Yiddish. “A Jew doesn’t belong in jail.”…

This attitude – that Jews should not be imprisoned even for crimes like rape and sexual abuse – is not at all uncommon in haredi communities.

Some hasidim were upset with the time of the arraignments, as DNAInfo reported:

…The men appeared before a judge after sundown on Friday, during a time when Jews are not allowed to work, drive or use an elevator.

That made it more difficult for their families to be there for support, and the men will be unable to get a ride home when they are released.

"It's a huge problem," said Joseph Fried's brother, Yoel Fried. "They are going to have to walk home."

The men belong to the Satmar sect of Hasidic Jews who live in Williamsburg, approximately 2.5 to 3 miles from the court.…

The Brooklyn District Attorney's office would not comment on the arraignment taking place Friday night, but did say they have no control over when it happens.

A friend of the young men said he felt the proceedings were being stalled.

"It's very bad. They're doing it on purpose," the friend said. "The paperwork should be done by now. It's been 24 hours."

DNAInfo also reports that all three attorneys representing these men claim that if any photos were taken by their clients, they were taken in the hall, not in court – even though the photo posted on the Internet and emailed to me during the trial that day is a photo of the alleged victim testifying on the witness stand.

[Hat Tips: Ari Mandel ("community organizer" in the video); Seymour.]


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Pictures are taken by macher"s who wanna have a first scoop. I doubt they all intended to intimidate the witness. It doesn't pass smell test.

Posted by: JW

its ok, that's just because you're a fucking idiot

netflix -

hammer meets nail!!

in a community where cartoons of little girls are prohibited, and how much more so actual pictures of adult females, men are supposed to avert their eyes and stare at the ground when any woman is wiithin view.
so why on earth would ANY of them want to take a picture of a 17 year old , who by news accounts is dressed like most non-charedi girls i.e. non-tznius. and lest anyone claim the pictures were for their newspaper or website, they dont show females !!!
but not only did ONE of them do so, 3 or 4 did. and this was in full view of their fellow chassidim!! if one doesnt believe their purpose was intimidation and/or retribution , one is a fool or a lying charedi/satmar apologist.

Dershowitz continues his descent from constitutional scholar to hired gun for perverts.
In a few more years he'll be taking cases in traffic court for spare change.

I believe that Dershowitz represented the NAMBLA

wasn't lemon juice a supporter of the girl? who is intimidating whom? CBS!?

Views in the community as to whether it constituted intimidation. The first person questioned was clearly not chasidic and very unlikely to be chareidi. What do they define as community. Bottom line - any man who looks observant is viewed a member of of Weberman's community.

Nobody has answered my question? I asked, who, from the entire group of accusers, would ever dear themselves, to leave their daughter or young son, alone with Shemarya in a room?

Taking a picture in court during testimny is pure intimidation. A few months ago in KJ some guys were held for taking pictures of the idiotic signs the he-man woman haters club with beards, I have always admired Dershawitz and his reasoning for taking such reprehensible cases is that they pay for the pro bono. I know many many Satmar and have Satmar neighbors who are gold. But you have to kick the evil to the curb as this just adds ammo the the hatred toward them

Yankel; consider taking a freshman English writing class at a community college. ALL community colleges have decent classes, cheap, so just pick the one closest to your current location.

I'm serious: give it some thought. There was some language anomalies in your writing and you could really benefit from such a class. Imagine how much it would help you when writing up a vort.

"Typically, in gang trials, phones are taken away to prevent picture taking and intimidation of witnesses."

That statement on behalf of the Brooklyn DA's office is monumental. The government is now thinking in terms of what we all know. They are a criminal enterprise. Less educated than a street gang, more illusive than the Mob, more intimidating than the Catholic Church and able to leap over the laws of the land in a single bound!

Will they scream "anti-semitism" in future trials when they have to check their phones with the bailiff? Sure. Gang jive. Or is it Jew jive?

"Views in the community as to whether it constituted intimidation. The first person questioned was clearly not chasidic and very unlikely to be chareidi. What do they define as community. Bottom line - any man who looks observant is viewed a member of of Weberman's community.

Posted by: shofet | December 02, 2012 at 08:28 AM "

The first person questioned . was Ari Mandel who grew up charedi and certainly knows what he is talking about.

If this Weberman is from the Malochim family Weberman, then I believe that Al Dershowitz is related to them. See his book Hutzpa.

I retract that last statement. I just searced that for Weberman in "Chutzpa" on google books and nothing came up.

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