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December 02, 2012


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These Satmars have caused nothing but misery for the Jewish people ever since this sad cult arrived on the Jewish scene.

I also think its time to boycott these people.

Simple Jew

Just sun dum guy: If as you say you aren't part of the community, you would have no understanding of the inner workings. Looking beyond this one single case, there is a vast problem within the community that needs sorting out. The problem is that anyone who makes allegations against someone within the community is deemed a liar, off the "true-path", an outcast. There is no investigation in to the charges, there's no support for the victim. It is brushed under the carpet as quickly as possible, many times with the help of the the victims family. There is currently a case in London with more than 30 victim testimonies and video evidence. Even in that situation where it is absolutely clear the the person in question is guilty, there is still massive support for him within the chasidish system. Basically, this is a very insular, and difficult community to deal with. The adherents listen to their Rebbe as king, and therefore often don't acknowledge the laws of the land. The only way to change this is through education. That will be a long and slow process - I believe eventually we'll get there, but I'm not certain it will be in our lifetimes.

Just sum dum guy.

Man, God bless you all - I mean I aint even a Jew, but you guys are so transparent in your loath and hatred for chasids. It's so ugly. Well lemme re-express that more accurately, YOU'RE all so ugly. I know this case inside out. You're putting this guy, his family, his community, the grand rabbi, all to death. Why? B/c you have real proof? You have "two legit EYE witnesses"? You have DNA? You have a video? You have prints? You have...?? You got nothing. You've got an emotional plea from a girl that stands to feel vindicated b/c he called social services in on her case "screwing up her life." You got a young girl with a very sordid past of imbalanced manipulative behavior. You've got "proof" in that he a "bought lingerie"- oh my! Well that just seals it then for you don't it, huh? "Well, no, see, he ALSO took her with him when he went to Monsey for a day" Ohhhh... well why didn't you SAY that?? Ya'know what...now that I think about it... my brother took my daughter with him (15 yrs old.) skiing for TWO days!!! OMG where is that bastard??? And to think I've trusted him my whole life too??? "No, there's more!!! Oh, what else? "Well, get this! The room he used to talk to the girl(s) in the apartment, (I mean ONE of the rooms he used actually,) HAD A BED IN IT-- AND a mirror!!! A MIRROR??? !!SKIN!! THE BASTARD!! Why the !!!! would someone have a mirror??- I mean unless he's into raping little girls of course!!. "He wasn't licensed!! Oh God neither am I!! and I work with kids at risk! I must be raping them, and not even realizing it. Anyway... It's all more of the same. Nothing real. And yet you all are so rabidly foaming at the mouth to hang him, his family, the whole damn sect, the rabbi, and as collateral damage, the whole Jewish people, which you guy are part of. Why?? Because it's sexy to do so, isn't it???? To take a chasid, and the whole of them, and make them of the devil. Cause that makes you better, doesn't it?? Yeah, it really doesn't though.

spacedout BT

Upon hearing of the maase of the Williamsburg assault upon R. Korff in 1975 and the shaving of half his beard the Lubavitcher Rebbe declared that such a community cannot be held in neemanus for their kashrus. He did not blame "a few meshuganas" but the entire movement. The boycott extended to Meal Mart and Golden Flow products. Alle Processing was owned by the Pekier family- a yeshivishe family from Kletzk but employs mostly Satmar. The son told me " an outsider couldn't fit in there"

A. Nuran

Jonah, remember what Weberman did? He tried to get the girl's OWN FATHER to secretly tape her having sex so he could blackmail her into not pursuing charges.

Like you, this is lower than whale shit.

Dan K

Satmar rebbe is a piece of shit.

prune juice

please all lets join in protest http://www.facebook.com/events/392451657496671/


This is nauseating to read. It's also embarrassing and sad as a fellow Jew. ' when they go down they go down all the way' I want to vomit.


Jonah Davidson - may you end up in the belly of a whale, you chazzerfressing Satmar puppet.

Teitelbaum, yemach shemo, is darkness and perversion incarnate. A warped megalomaniac who only exists thanks to his father's evil cowardice.

Rikers would be too good for him, and his very presence would defile everyone contained there. He is lower than a snake's undercarriage, and twice as dirty.

Where's Deremes to tell us how wrong and evil we all are?

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

Menuvolus,Tinofes,Schmaltzy, rude, sad and rowdy scene i heard is in court today, the father is on the stand, oi vey iz mir moshicah zoil shoin kimen

Jonah Davidson

THE SCOOP: Girl was having a relationship with boyfriend (Motti). Rabbi found out, said, you go down on me and I won't tell. Then, rabbi got jealous of Motti, so he put him in jail for statutory rape. Motty knew about the oral sex arrangement. She ends up with her current husband Boory - he wanted revenge against the rabbi, so now he is indicted.


Moshe aron kestenbaum,--You're a gigantic shoite,a girl of her age so isolated does not know anything about dna ,she could not confide in her parents since they alianated her by sending her for therapy when in her eyes she had valid normal question her own parents made her out as crazy if you cant trust youre own parents whom do you have left to confide in in this world

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

I wonder if DNA evidence was collected at the crime scene? And if not why not? DNA would shed light in the weberman case it would show that the defendant is the source of biological material left on the victim’s body.I dont know if DNA is a part of the evidence here I dint hear anything about DNA, or did I miss it? Many who have been sexually abused as children start suffering after the abuse with border line personality disorder. Or as many would prefer it to be called, emotionally unstable personality disorders, the school and in this case UTA will be a lawsuit target for millions of dollars for entrusting a student into the hands of a unlicensed practitioner to treat her. In a lawsuit because of her young age she has a chance to collect $100 millions in damages against the school she might even end up owning the rebbis house, this whole episode is very interesting to watch for the final outcomes.

Yochanan Lavie

I think Mealy Mart and Tuv Taam are Satmar.

Beli Yadayim

You left out the best part. As quoted, he said Vayiga Veyotsi yereicohi.

To understand better the meanings of all this, we will find in Shir Hashirim, Domeh dodi LiNechemye TZViak oy vey, leofer hayalim...shnei sha,,,,,, kishnei afarim teomei haTZVIyak. It is stated that these twins are keneged Moshe VeAharon. When he locked the doors with 3 locks, he jumped straight to the Oforim, the twins, as if trying to discover something. Yanosi Samosi in protest, stop stop, what are you doing? Nechemyo hatzviyo replies, just trying to figure out who is greater, Moshe or Aharon. Then Nechemye tzviyo's hands start to wander and descend low low so low, vayiga ad yerecho ad pircha, and Yonati Tamati has protested again and again Stop Stop loud and clear, what are you doing so low so low, how could you, have you sunk so low, he replied dodi yarad legano so low so low lirot baganim, velilkot shoshanim. She again protested Stop Stop Gan naul maayan chatum, but to no avail, ki navala assa beYisrael, uvchen lo yeasse livnot Yaakov. The TZViyo then replied, metsachek anochi, ki tschok asa li.....hakol kol tseaka from bas Yaakov, aval hayadayim yedei Eisav Harasha so low so low have you sunk ad leafar lishnei Afarei haTZViyo, hagam lichbosh et hamalka imi babayit you pig you naval shelo birshut. Yad hanogea tikatzetz. Veda, ki al kol ele, veal ki nevala asita BeYisrael, heviacha Elokim bamishpat. How LOW can you get? Hear ye' Hear ye' Bas Yaakov, ze dodi veze re'i benos Yerusholoyim, ma yofi peAmayich bana'alim BAS NADIV. Thank you thank you thank you so much in bringing bnei avla ubnei navala to Justice, Ve Lashem hanekomo, Kel nekamot hashem. Venivrechu bach...yseimcha E' Ki Efraim uMenashe, .... keRachel veLeah. It sounds much rather Vayiga veyotso srochoi behefsedoi, than yotzo yereichoi.

thinking outloud

I read your translation: I don't see how this can't be interpreted as an attack on Weberman. Perhaps something was lost in translation?

"We must keep watch on the chinuch of our children with seven eyes, may God protect every Jew and every Jewish home...."" doesn't this mean we should be vigilant for people like Weberman?


This guy makes me want to vomit, he's such a sick human being. Using the Torah itself in order to place the guilt on the victim and justify the harrassment she recieves from these lunatics. These rabbis use the Torah to rationalize their own perverted views about the world and it blows my mind how they can live with themselves.


If what Danny is quoting is correct, it's funny: It's almost like it can be read either way.

R. Wisler

You cannot boycott businesses like that. It's juvenile and unfair. If WEBERMAN himself owned a business, it'd certainly be an admirable thing to boycott that business, but to boycott honest businessmen because of their distasteful "sect" affiliation is the wrong approach.

Now the question is.... Are any of these Satmar businessmen honest?

B&H Camera is an incredible and admirable anomoly in the gaggle of hucksters that seem to dominate the small electronics/camera business on the Internet. Although they come from the same religious sect (which is steeped in dishonesty and contempt for gentiles), the owners of B&H seem to be on- the-level, honest in their dealings, and respectful of their customers, whether Jew or gentile. They seem to have chosen the correct, godly path of doing business and are matzliach as a result.

B&H is probably the only good and righteous thing that has EVER come out of this despicable gaggle of chassidim.

B&H obviously didn't learn the "toi-rah" of Yoel Teitlebaum very well.


One can boycott Satmar organizations but not individuals

Yosef ben Matitya

the problem of banning CRC food, is that OU (and others) often have their logos on the same products. so u ban CRC u end up banning OU, OK, kaf qof etc...
1- u have to convince first the OU, OK, kaf qof etc... to stop waltzing with satmer, ch and other trolls.
2- u have to convince the grocers, the hospitals, the penitentiary.
just like chasidim insist on chasidish shcitoh, u have to explain u can't consume it, just as explained by GF

put a square into a hole

under whose hechsher are you?

cRc is from chigago
CRC is satmar

Gefilte Fish

The few times that I visited relatives in NYC hospitals, I refused the Satmar bikur cholim food. I didn't make up some lame excuse, like saying I wasn't hungry or had just eaten---I told them that I don't hold by Satmar hashgacha. I may be imagining things, but once it looked like the Satmar woman's sheitel stood up on end!!!

In addition, I don't buy Meal Mart nor do I buy anything with a CRC (Satmar) hashgacha. (Apparently, there is another CRC hashgacha that, I believe, comes out of Chicago---I have nothing against them.)

Yoel Mechanic

These are the same people who shaved off Half of R. Moshe Korff's beard- a maase Germanim, ym"shm

B&H employees did this? B& H made a press release stating their approval?

At least have the decency to write them a letter telling them you are trying to damage their business because of this.

Perhaps when someone says a business is "Satmar run" they make clear if they mean it is run by Satmarim or if it is run by an official Satmar organization that also runs the schools and pays the Rebbe's bills. The way some people just lump all this together you would think they are just carrying out a grudge and collective punishment.

bas melech

Pilegesh Begiva Sdom vaCHAMYARU | December 02, 2012 at 02:55 PM

Well said.

spacedout BT

Chazal bring down the following- "One can be a menuval b'rushis ha Torah. This is not about the decline of Torah has v' shalom. This is only about Satmar.

spacedout BT

B&H employs Litvishe yeshiva guys and other different kinds of Yidden. Bad idea. The Baal Shem Tov is screaming and tearing his heavenly levushim, crying bitter tears. The accuser is laughing hysterically.R. Menachem Mendel Kotzker is screaming "where have they dragged the Sefer Torah?" These are the same people who shaved off Half of R. Moshe Korff's beard- a maase Germanim, ym"shm

put a square into a hole

to S M L

Adarama is a satmar company however B & H is uniqe even though they are satmar.
Unlike other satmar owned they employ many other chasids besides their own.

Whenever you go to a NYC hospital please don't use the bikur cholim food their it is all satmar food and workers


Can you please publish a list of Satmar-owned businesses? A boycott by right-thinking people is vital.

The most prominent one is B & H Photo. I used to do a fair bit of business with them but have cut them off cold, unsubscribed from their mailings and from their print catalog. I think but am not certain that Adorama Camera is also Satmar-run. Others no doubt can add to the list.

R. Wisler

What's hilarious is the way he identifies a person as a Jew is whether they come from a household where the males wear a "streimel and bekeshe". That's their made-up Eastern European religion.


This Rebbe is DISPICABLE. It is unbelievable that he is publically defending the abuser and accusing the victim. It is just mind numbing that this man can do something as stupid as that.

Of course the words are veiled, surely to legally protect him. But his followers and the rest of us know what he means by them.

There is not a shred of hope left for Satmar with a leader like this. They need to "overthrow" this man, and stop this crazy monarchy and overlord.

This is no better than the mafia. They just wear costumes and claim to be holy and religious like the Amish.


A question for lawyers out there:

If Weberman is found guilty, can the victim sue the school for sending her to see him and for saying that she must see ONLY him in order to be allowed back into school? My understanding is that her family paid the school for the therapy he was supposedly providing.

Pilegesh Begiva Sdom vaCHAMYARU

They sound confused with the eishes Potifar switcheroo. In our case what happened is, that our Dinah Bas Yaakov, a bas Yisrael if you will, pun intended that had been beNablused by this Mega Menuvel Chamor Ass bin Schem, and Bishat nefesh inflicted on us all ACHEI DINAH such a tragedy. Not enough that he had been paid good money to supposedly offer Torah therapy, but got paid for it twice, once by the parents, and again by fleecing the whole community, but he VIOLATED the TORAH instead, VIOLATED our DEAR SISTER DINAH, kidnapping her, Hijacking her Veod yoday netiyah, MOISHE GROIS crying Wolf, Crying Kozak Hanigzal, crying maaseh Eishes Potifar, umvakesh schar kePinchas, By TORAH THE-RAPIST. Hoyay Lo Siyeh! You PIG, have you no shame, you scoundrel. You do the crime, you do the time.
When he closed the doors with three locks, violated Yichud, and you never checked up on any progress if any, it is you the Staff yoitzer mesharsav vaasher meshorsov that is guilty, guilty of treason as charged. UMA YAASEH TINOK HANISHBE BEIN HA"AKIM? It was with your full knowledge and consent that you let her back to school only under such conditions, giving so called TORAH THERAPY, by what, by making her watch TFU TFU TFU *** U-N-F-I-L-T-E-R-E-D *** INTERNET RACHMUNE LESHEIZVEI, teaching her only to force her in satisfying his TAAVAS OISEH MAASE ZIMRI and then turning tables. How LOW can YOU get, yes YOU YOU and YOU! How many times have you been informed that all this is happening under your own nose, but never blinked an eye? Not one, not a few, but a whole generation of Yoily's and a whole generation of Dinah's, Shomu Shamayim! Now you blame the victim? How convenient. HARATZACHTA VEGAM YARASHTA??? You ain't foolin no one, not us, Not the Riboynoy Shel Oylom, not even yourselves. You are in denial, you are in the bas HaYaana Syndrome. Umah tomru leyoim haDin? Uma Yoimru hagoyim? Uma Yomri HaYidden? The only melits yoisher one can find, that only with such GEVALDIGE CHUTZPA can Moshiach come, as the Mishna quotes, CHUTZPEI YASGEI, Pnei hador KiPnei haKelev etc. Chizru bachem maher. Lo zu heDerech, velo Zu ha'IR


You have to read between the lines to understand what he is really insinuating. The only one who made her 'go down' was Weberman.

Yoel Mechanic

Can you please publish a list of Satmar-owned businesses? A boycott by right-thinking people is vital.

Posted by: Gefilte Fish | December 02, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Might I suggest a letter writing campaign. You want the right-thinking businessmen behind you.

There is no point punishing those who have absolutely nothing to do with the problem.

put a square into a hole


Please don't missunderstand the GREAT RUV of willy. He was just giving his shabbos speach. He was talking about Dina the daughter of Yaackov Avinu.
How dare you susspect him of talking about the weberman case...Shame on you for accusing the ruv of witness tampering..

I couldn't have said it better


Posted by: Yerachmiel Lopin | December 02, 2012 at 12:53 PM

Are you suggesting that all the grown men in Willie should be re-circumcised and perhaps given MBP?

Yerachmiel Lopin

The rebbe quoted "Is our sister to be like a whore?" but neglects the context and consequence.

Dinah was raped. Is Aaron Teitelbaum saying the children of Yaacov should have organized a fund raiser of the rapist.

Instead they slaughtered the entire city of Shechem and justified themselves to Yaakov by saying, "Shall our sister be made into a whore."


Teitelbaum is scum of the earth. Sheigetz arois!


Shmarya: You left out some of the most damning parts. I think it's worth reading the whole thing. Here's a fuller translation:

"I was in the city (Williamsburg) for Shabbos, and spirits are very broken. If you keep up with the news of what's happening in the city--it is terrifying! A Jewish daughter has descended so low, terrible! ... (Quoting the parsha:) 'Is our sister to be like a whore?' Terrible! Terrible! (Quoting the Talmud:) When they go down, they go down do the ground.

"I think there hasn't been such a disgusting saga in [the history of] Charedi Jewry.... Yes! Nebech! The Samech-Mem (Satan/the Devil) has succeeded... She too is a daughter of our forefather Jacob, it's a great shame, oy! And nebech, she isn't the only one. A whole group, nebech! It is terrible! It is terrible!

"I tell you. I was in the city for Shabbos, it is very broken. They [who are causing this trouble] come from Chasidish parents, with shtreimels and bekitches... We must keep watch on the chinuch of our children with seven eyes, may God protect every Jew and every Jewish home...."


Does this story have a source or a link to a source? I tried to find a link but could not find one.


I wonder if these rebbeis ever blamed the molester if they have in the past (did not happen) then we can decide maybe he really believes weberman . However since in every single case they always blame the accused his speech ring hollow and complete nonsense

Korben Dallas

Pigs and dogs. This is Satmar.

Yochanan Lavie

Gefilte: I was thinking the same thing.

grape juice

We have to contact Joe Hynes and his opponents. Their sickening silence for fear of losing votes of a community who intimates witness is disgusting and they should pay the price for this injustice. Pls send emails to them with this report



Gefilte Fish


Can you please publish a list of Satmar-owned businesses? A boycott by right-thinking people is vital.

A. Nuran

Shmarya, you're a damned liar!

He blamed the real criminal, that 12 year old hussy who brutally raped a Holy Rabbi and made him spill seed for FIVE WHOLE YEARS!!! Don't you understand Weberman is the real victim? The real crime was her lack of tznius.

I'm going to go vomit up my small intestine now.


This self agrandizing monkey is not human like most of his followers,yes no one can go down into impurity as much as they do they pervert everything they come into contact with,for theese anthropouds good is evil and evil is good its as simple as that.

grape juice

why isn't he yet arrested for witness intimidation?!


yes rab aaharon when webberman the rasha descends to the depths he finds new lows

and you assisted him by sending people to him

satmar and aguda the two lowest groups

grape juice

here is a link to the full text in yiddish sent to his followers


i was so happy to see how he cries: that if weberman is found guilty he knows of many more vaad hatsnies guys who will meet justice once and for all.... he says we are organised like them with the help of rabbi nuchum rosenberg and more like never before and oh is he pissing in his pants!


scum of the earth

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