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December 11, 2012


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A. Nuran

We don't have any proof it was a Satmarer. On the other hand, since this was in KJ odds favor it.


If they catch the mofo who did this he should be denied the priviledge of wearing his funny costume, forced to join the Reform temple in monroe and banned from going within a 1000 feet of any haredi community for the rest of his life

Eli, what me messiah?


good point. when is the Satmar fundraiser to aid the legal defense of dented white vans?

Darth Zeidah

"Ari put your mother in a detention camp you ignorant piece of shit. You and Shmyra that fat ass who still lives in his mothers basement what a loser!

Posted by: RabbiDickhead@aol.com | December 11, 2012 at 02:57 PM"

Can someone kindly explain to me, please, why someone who clearly and obviously has a pathological hatred of the owner of this blog feels it necessary to visit it regularly - and to post comments?


Aron Teitelbaum said the victim jumped in front of the van.


Did they grab his balls first? If not, it wasn't a sat other fucker

old time brooklyn

dovid - exactly what happened - tg oy

old time brooklyn

i have seen kj school busses run stop signs - ask the locals - it is a video game driving there


Supporters of the driver will say that the deceased jumped in front of her car and then, after being hit and killed, got up behind her car and pushed it at high speed out if the neighborhood, miles away, and then ran back and threw himself down in the original spot again. So you see? It's not her fault.


There's no reason to believe a Satmar committed this crime. My condolences to the bereaved family.


To all neo Nazis here.
Hit and run accidents happens everywhere

Christopher Hobe Morrison

I used to work security back in the days when security was contracted out to Hudson Valley Patrol. People from inside and from outside the village used to drive like maniacs especially when they knew they weren't supposed to drive after sunset. They would have preferred to kill somebody rather than get caught violating some religious law, which shows they have their prioroties backwards.

But if you have been following this community you will not be surprised at this.


Murderers! The Satmars are out for blood! Round them all up and put them all in detention camps.

Posted by: ari | December 11, 2012 at 02:53 PM

Idiot, where is your proof?


I just heard the tv reporter saying that it was a female not a man who was behind the wheel of the car who killed the sanitation man.


"Police said a white minivan was seen leaving the scene after the crash.

State police out of Monroe are investigating the death and are asking anyone with information relating to the incident to call the Monroe state police barracks at 782-8311".

I bet the phone is just ringing off the hook.


we do not know it it was a chusid or not but we do know if it was they will get no help from KJ

Expatriate Owl

If they find the guy, then they should suspend his driver's license.

Oh, wait a minute!!! They never bother to get driver's licenses in KJ.

Expatriate Owl

"Anyone with information about the accident or the vehicle is urged to call State Police at 845-782-8311."

And who in the Satmar community could do that without fear of retaliation?


ari --Dont be so hasty how do you know if it was a satmerer person who was the driver that killed him?


OMG-d! How can you hit a pedestrian and flea the scene. B"H Luke


Ari put your mother in a detention camp you ignorant piece of shit. You and Shmyra that fat ass who still lives in his mothers basement what a loser!

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