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December 08, 2012


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shulem uber alles

Blacks use the N word to refer to themselves. I stop them on the street all the time and ask why, when I hear it, and they just shrug their shoulders.

Now its supposedly cool to use the N word. I hear Chinese teenagers refer to themselves -- "hey N."

Jay Zee uses the word all the time -- "all the N's in the house".... and everyone is cool with that.

Let the black community get themselves straight on their usage. They are a bit confused themselves, on the matter.

Rueven Aharon

Perhaps some Spanish words slipped into the Hasidic world? There are numerous Hispanics in NYC, after all, and "negro" and "negra" (pronounced with the short e) are Spanish masculine and feminine for "black". Or, perhaps, he was thinking of "schvartz" or "schwartz" (black) but remembered that the word "Schvartzer" was a bit derogatory, so he translated to the other derogatory word in a Freudian slip.


I can assure you that this is his biggest aveirah. He talks about Torah and normal topics all day and his mouth is as clean as can be. Can't you forgive him this one slip-up?


"but he didn't actually mean the word in a derogatory way"
Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg @05:05 PM

This is the problem. The word in and of itself is derogatory. Whether you say it with a snarl, laugh or pat on the back. You don't have to adopt a particular tone of voice. This doesn't make you and Nuchem evil. It just makes you unbelievably shallow and probably a bigot. The fact that you cannot see that sort of proves the point.

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

I've listened several times and I didn't hear the actual "N" word. Perhaps a very shortened version, but he didn't actually mean the word in a derogatory way or say the word that way ,definitely not. Nuchem was just paraphrasing. Perhaps he should learn to better enunciate. After all, he is a prominent Rabbi and reporter and a clear articulation should be a requirement


Hey, frum but normal. Sorry to break it you but your the one who needs help you slime bag lump of faeces. Your mother was a zoiner and you are the illegitimate son of a thousand fathers. Nochum rosenberg is our moral flag bearer, thanks to him scum like you do not go round molesting kids or their wives and get away with it. Now go choke on a donut you walking sewer of a yid.


Then why did you just start that sentence with "I am sorry...?" Because you are sorry and I thank you for that. He knows it's wrong, he realizes some people may be offended and he begs forgiveness. That's nice but it's not sorrow.

I forgive him. But I don't for a moment think he is truly sorry for anything other than what he has brought upon himself. All I can do is read his words.

BTW, he always gave me the willies.


Could someone please post exactly what he would have to say to be considered an apology acceptable the the FM crowd.

Posted by: S | December 09, 2012 at 07:15 AM

"I'm sorry."

Posted by: dh | December 09, 2012 at 11:27 AM

I am sorry but to me "I beg their forgiveness" is the same and maybe stronger that "I'm sorry".

Yoel Mechanic


Is this true? If so perhaps one should reach out to him to help. Then, if there is still time remaining from your busy schedule condemning people you can help him to realize that he should clean up the rough edges in his language.


He did say it at the end. He says " he also slept with shavartza girls with shvartza hair. not "niggers" but girls with black hair" than the tape cuts off. What he ment is that Weberman liked red heads but also slept with brunettes. But he did use the N word.


Are you missing your frontal lobe?

frum but normal

isn't it amazing,Shmaryah''this filthy jew hating Nazi bastard,who spews raw and vicious jew hating Nazi propaganda 24 hours a day against his own people,has the nerve to complain against racism,is this a sick joke?
Shmaryah,Hitler,Goebbles and Streicher,could have taken lessons from you in racism


Could someone please post exactly what he would have to say to be considered an apology acceptable the the FM crowd.

Posted by: S | December 09, 2012 at 07:15 AM

"I'm sorry."


Some words might be missing from my translation but for sure this is what he said:

"I must say that i taught NW loves only red girls becuase the girl from KJ with whom he had intercourse is red and the Kraus girl is also red not red red but strawberry blond.its not so he also had intercourse with black girls i don't mean NIGGERS i mean girls with black hair."

Call back the plumber rabbi and ask him if he said it as i just wrote.


There is no way in Hell that the N-word could "accidentally" slip out. It is a word of such opprobrium that nobody of any age uses that word today -- or in the past for that matter -- by mistake. If it "slipped out," it was because it is part of his normal vocabulary, which shows his true colors.

frum but normal

this piece of human garbage is criminally insane, and needs to be put away in a insane asylum,using the N word is the least of his problems,
this filth,claims that 90% of the rabbonim are child molestors,100% of teachers in yeshiva's are molesting kids,every third kid in yeshiva has been molested,and get this,this vicious animal claims,that 1 out five fathers molest their own daughters,
it is pretty obvious this swine,is nothing but a sex obssesed degenarate who's mind is wallowing in filth 24 hours a day,and needs to be put away in an insane asylum for the criminally insane

Lubavitchers are Christians

Just remember this story. One day, a right wing conservative will mistakenly use the N word, he will then apologize, but nobody on this site will accept his apology.

So why should we accept Nuchem's apology?

By the way, I'm told that in Satmar, the N word refers to Nuchem.

elwerthy  barak

what satmar, i read on this site say and speak about christians (goyim} this rabbi's remark is of little import, This is a storm in a teacup,. unless there is a lack of "real" news. And yes an occasional uplifting article would be up lifting as all these perverted rabonim begin to make one ashamed of his heritage.


One should not judge a person by the clothes they wear, but what's up with donning a hat that's three sizes too small? For that alone... Guilty!


If anybody was offended I beg their forgivness

Could someone please post exactly what he would have to say to be considered an apology acceptable the the FM crowd.

FM Fan

"He isn't talking about black people at all. He is clearly referring to someone whose hair color is black. just like you would say blondes, brunetts etc. that word is being used in the context of describing hair color which is black. IF you say somone has a black car, are you racist? CRAZY!!!!!!!"

Nigger refers to a car or someone's hair?

How stupid can you be?

fed up

He isn't talking about black people at all. He is clearly referring to someone whose hair color is black. just like you would say blondes, brunetts etc. that word is being used in the context of describing hair color which is black. IF you say somone has a black car, are you racist? CRAZY!!!!!!!


How many of us would go as far as truly risk our lives for a cause we believe in?

So sad. Perhaps hes not perfect, but who is?

Somehow hes the outcast in Willy and the perps and friends are the honorable ones.

Hes one amazing person, even if he has some faults! Dont we all?


A slip of the tongue is when you swear in front of the kids or are trying to be someone that you really are not.

What difference does it make? If I was drowning, I wouldn't care if the hand that was pulling me out was an anti-semite.

I seriously suspect him of racism. Maybe I'm wrong. Let him tell us where and how he became so familiar with that word that it would slip out. Was he reared by racists?

He still gives me the willies and he still hasn't apologized.

Yoel Mechanic

Use of such racist language naturally brings one to have good reason to suspect someone has racist attitudes, and reason to ask if they are involved in oppression or persecution. HOWEVER, this is not proof of attitudes or actions. So why not tell us more about who this person is? What has he actually done? I also think distinctions should be made between mild bigotry and political racism along with many gradations in between. Use of such words can mean a wide range of things.

(ps: as usual, Seymour has a reasonable attitude)


Who is comfortable enough with that word to have it slip out? And not notice it?

Tell us what you think after you listen to it.


I really need to hear it and see the context how it was used.

and anyway he could have made an error in judgement one should not be condemned for one slip up if there was one


Why do you need to hear it? He admitted it.

Then he said that he's not racist because he sticks up for any and everybody and begs forgiveness in the event that anyone was offended. But he never says he's sorry.

It sounds as though he is a racist who helps people of all races - sort of equal opportunity racism - he's not offended and he's not sorry.

He gives me the willies.


Leave R' Nochem alone!! If not for this gr8 man many victims would still be suffering in silence!!
Shmayra I'm suprised!

different dave

the one guy who is trying to make a difference and he gets condemned go f yourselves you colossal bastards


But the excerpt makes it clear.

Posted by: Shmarya | December 08, 2012 at 10:01 PM

so did he or did h not say it


does anybody have the original sound bite so we can hear it and listen and see for ourselves what he said

FM Fan

He's a disgusting racist.

If someone called us kikes and said "Oh, I'm not anti-semitic" would we accept it?


This man is a racist.


flattery frank you chasidshe trash


He is right in using the "N" word. He is trying to get into Weberman's mind: Saying not a N prostitute; but a black haired Jewish Hasidic girl... In any event he apologized and it should be forgotten.


Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 08, 2012 at 09:56 PM

He says the N word. I listened to entire recording – many minutes long – probably five times and couldn't hear it.

But the excerpt makes it clear.


he used the word "schvartze" not the actual "n word", or did i miss it?

(i'm not trying to minimize the significance, rather clarifying)


I don't see an apology.


SORRY NUCHEM! we dont accept your fony appoligy we know ur a racist, now nuchem shoud be put in jail for his public racist comment!!

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