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December 11, 2012


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Rueven Aharon

I think I can date the card to ca. 1885-1900 from the fanciful depictions of air transportation technology. The artist had evidently never seen actual airplanes, but had heard of the idea, and airships were also a novelty. Von Zeppelin invented his airships around 1900 in Germany, and experiments were being made with prototype airplanes on both sides of the Atlantic, but the wings shown are far too short to be practical. The streetcar on right appears to be a somewhat faithful drawing of an 1880s or 1890s American trolley (or horsecar). Skyscrapers were foreign to the town then and might still be, but were an American novelty. So.. shall we say 1890 something?

Rueven Aharon

and given it the German name under which it became infamous

Ahem. The name was known among Germans before Hitler. *minor nitpick*

Wildly inaccurate prediction on late-19th or turn-of-the-20th-century postcard

Rueven Aharon

Mind you, that was in 1918, long before Hitler burned down the Reichstag and took over Germany... and the Nazis took over what had become Czechoslovakia... and turned the WHOLE TOWN into a concentration camp... and given it the German name under which it became infamous. Princip would've probably known it as "Terezin". Austria-Hungary used the local fortress as a prison or gulag during WWI.

Rueven Aharon

He wasn't Jewish.

But he died at Theresienstadt.


Deremes - where's proof of the heter you have to use the internet?

Filth-covered hypocrite.

Kats - If you're such a pious Hassid, do you have a heter? Or, like Deremes, do you pick and choose which chumrot to follow?

The pair of you would put someone in cherem for drinking cholov stam milk, or for saving a life on shabbes, yet here you both are - using the forbidden internet to support and encourage those who rape children.

Tell me Mike, were you at the. asifa, like Deremes and the rest of the BBHBB?

B. N. Bliss

Rabbi Rosenberg, keep up the good work.

You are proof that not everyone in that community is a coward.

old time brooklyn

it is only a matter of days before one of the pig suckicking fags hurt a poor girl = they have no idea what they have unleashed on themselves - they are bin laden - guess who is next - gettig a bj from a 12 yo kinda takes gloves off and drops skirts hiding behind dicks - thy are going down - uss gvt has more bucks an sesources - will take a few years but with any luck it will be massada on bedford ave

just sum dum goy

Mark- "testimony is proof, good proof" OK, I hereby testify then, that Obama is my mother. and now I've proven it too. That works for you huh? Jesus-

Btw, do you perhaps have an 'Obama-phone'?

Soooo... the whole idea of evidence etc. is silly to you. All you need is someone to testify convincingly. Jes.. or as you would say oyvey is that primitive.


Posted by: Snag | December 11, 2012 at 06:37 PM

He wasn't Jewish.


Why are you lying, Mike Kats? Here is the story:


"I can't think of a single progressive or secular Jew who's killed a Prime Minister."

Gavrilo Princip?


Dum guy, testimony is proof. Good proof. If you are too stupid to understand that, then "dumber than dirt" is several orders of magnitude more intelligent than you will ever be.

And while I recognize that you are not the very sharpest knife in the kitchen, you really ought to learn the English language.

Just sum dum guy.

lol- Mark you are dumber than dirt. "Sexual assault is almost always committed in private, and it is very often the victim's word against the accused's. But words are evidence, and this young lady's testimony was obviously convincing. Neither eyewitnesses, nor DNA, nor video, nor prints are necessary." THANK YOU You just SUPPORTED my point. How the !!!k do you put a man behind bars for life based on the "evidence" of...well someones story. "Umm.. your honor, I want you to lock up Mark for life. He's a terrible person" "Oh really? Do you have proof of that?" "Well of course I do. I just said so, didn't I ??!!" It's retarded Mark. I know in the past 28yrs., since that big case, it has been adopted as acceptable (ONLY, btw, in regard to sexual stuff- in any other area the claimant is still laughed out of the courtroom). The fact that "Sexual assault is almost always committed in private," makes it near impossible to have real proof. True and tragic, but how does that therefore make it OK to assault the OTHER person in the same way, if not worse, w/o proof either? Wait, lemme see if I can process this logic 'There's no proof available for the accused, THEREFORE, it's OK to convict w/o proof' Oh OK now I got it. (Can you say "koo-koo"?)


that is one way of cleaning up satmar

put them in jail

i dont know why all the fuss
the attacker wants to make sure webberman has a minyan

4 bribary boys
3 picture takers
1 nochum attacker


interesting to read about Rabbi Rosenberg after reading this article.
i ended up on the website of the Awareness Center (http://theawarenesscenter.blogspot.com/2009/01/rabbi-nochem-rosenbergs-update-january.html) where they offer a selection of video clips of the rabbi speaking.
In the one titled: Part 5 - Sex Offenders and Prison, Rosenberg imitates what i asume is meant to be an african-american man in prison.
he gives one of the most stereotypic and offensively racist parodies i've ever had the misfortune of hearing.
really lovely guy for you to be supporting.
i guess vitriolic racism doesn't trouble you at all as long as he supports your views in other areas.
as it happens, i spent a number of years in a federal prison (on drug charges fyi) and can tell you that if Rosenberg ever has the misfortune of landing his racist mouth in prison, he ought check-in to protective custody immediately.
the african american inmates will not find his 'amos and andy' racist parody as amusing as you seem to.


Just sum dum guy, pick a personality and stick with it. Tell the others to pipe down.


Just sum dum guy, you surpass everyone who has yet posted on this blog for sheer bloviating idiocy.

Sexual assault is almost always committed in private, and it is very often the victim's word against the accused's. But words are evidence, and this young lady's testimony was obviously convincing. Neither eyewitnesses, nor DNA, nor video, nor prints are necessary.

And you are an illiterate fool.


Just sum dum guy... you really live up to your name, dipshit.

"Why? B/c you have real proof? You have "two legit EYE witnesses"? You have DNA? You have a video? You have prints? You have...?? You got nothing. "

I tell you what we have. We have a guilty verdict on 59 counts, from a Jury of his peers in the criminal court system of the greatest democracy on earth.

No go fuck off and die!

Just sum dum guy.

Just sum dum guy.

Man, God bless you all - I mean I aint even a Jew, but you guys are so transparent in your loath and hatred for chasids. It's so ugly. Well lemme re-express that more accurately, YOU'RE all so ugly. I know this case inside out. You're putting this guy, his family, his community, the grand rabbi, all to death. Why? B/c you have real proof? You have "two legit EYE witnesses"? You have DNA? You have a video? You have prints? You have...?? You got nothing. You've got an emotional plea from a girl that stands to feel vindicated b/c he called social services in on her case "screwing up her life." You got a young girl with a very sordid past of imbalanced manipulative behavior. You've got "proof" in that he a "bought lingerie"- oh my! Well that just seals it then for you don't it, huh? "Well, no, see, he ALSO took her with him when he went to Monsey for a day" Ohhhh... well why didn't you SAY that?? Ya'know what...now that I think about it... my brother took my daughter with him (15 yrs old.) skiing for TWO days!!! OMG where is that bastard??? And to think I've trusted him my whole life too??? "No, there's more!!! Oh, what else? "Well, get this! The room he used to talk to the girl(s) in the apartment, (I mean ONE of the rooms he used actually,) HAD A BED IN IT-- AND a mirror!!! A MIRROR??? !!SKIN!! THE BASTARD!! Why the !!!! would someone have a mirror??- I mean unless he's into raping little girls of course!!. "He wasn't licensed!! Oh God neither am I!! and I work with kids at risk! I must be raping them, and not even realizing it. Anyway... It's all more of the same. Nothing real. And yet you all are so rabidly foaming at the mouth to hang him, his family, the whole damn sect, the rabbi, and as collateral damage, the whole Jewish people, which you guy are part of. Why?? Because it's sexy to do so, isn't it???? To take a chasid, and the whole of them, and make them of the devil. Cause that makes you better, doesn't it?? Yeah, it really doesn't though. by


Oops, meant to respond to:

Posted by: Mike Kats | December 11, 2012 at 04:21 PM


Posted by: SkepticalYid | December 11, 2012 at 04:11 PM

You said Levy Aron was the only "real murderer" of the last 60 years. I proved you wrong. You and Deremes just can't admit that you are wrong.

Yerachmiel Lopin

Re attack on Nuchem, see additional info here:


Mike kats and dogs---YOU ARE A DUPLICITIES SHOITE,one minute youre with nuchem the other youre against him make up youre mind.


Like your dirty mouth "mommy"? I feel sorry for your kids.

Mike Kats

Disgusting way.

Mike Kats

Nuchim is fighting a good cause in a terrible discussing way.


wendy, were you there that you state so emphatically, that nuchem wasnt inside the store??

and i heard he WAS inside taunting and ranting and insulting and this kid just snapped.

nuchem is a disgrace!to defend victims of abuse you need a urinal for a mouthpiece???


Is the attacker related to Leibovits?


BTW Nuchim is fine תחית המתים

Posted by: Mike Kats | December 11, 2012 at 04:28 PM

Nuchem isn't "fine." He has a chemical burn and some temporary blurring of vision.


Deremes--The life in williamsburg is like youre in a fantasy land fantasies can be true also they are soo deep into fantasy that they cannot fathom reality that is why they cannot bring themselfs to beleive that weberman is guilty as hell.


Knowing the "attacker" by sight he seems like a very quiet guy perhpas he snapped now.
Because i know Nuchem has a habit to taunt and to get in peoples face whom he dislikes for whatever reason.If he sees a rav who has shull and a mikvah who refused Nuchem to check the mikvah for kashrus(as if he knows anything)he will chase him down the street talking loud saying you have a pusala mikvah.
If he sees a person in a restaurant whos nephew might be a molester he will talk loud to taunt that person.
You guys think you know anything about him,you know nothing.

Mike Kats


There are extremist in every culture and group, this blog is basically the extremist and fanatics of a group called x frum – don’t get insulted.


Bas malach, i wonder what you will do if someone comes to your store claiming your mother is a whore. (this how Nuchim was attacked).
Mike kats and dogs--where you there how would you know how he was attacked? you fool

Mike Kats

Bas: I agree totally with your last comment.

Attacking is not murder – if someone told you otherwise he is mistaken

BTW Nuchim is fine תחית המתים


Posted by: SkepticalYid | December 11, 2012 at 04:11 PM

Ever heard of REFORM Rabbi Fred Neulander?

wendy wendelll

From all credible reports that I received is that Rabbi Rosenberg did NOT enter the store. He simply passed on Roebling Strett and was spotted by the attacker. Where is this story of him entering the fish store coming from. I repeat, he did NOT enter the store!!!


Posted by: David | December 11, 2012 at 03:58 PM

You remind me of the days when there was the communist USSR propaganda in full force they used to write and show images how bad the USA is.How most are homeless,crime ridden as if the US is the worse place to be in.But of course they didn't show the real USA how good it is.
Same here how you describe the frumma as if they are the lowest of the low and that is ONLY because you read blogs all day where they sell you all the non sense.Be my guest for one week in this filthy williamsburg and you will see the real life of the frumma which is far far from the lies you being told.Sure there are problems but far far what you read.

Bas Melech

Mike Katz-
I was taught that to strike another Jew, even if he didn't bleed, was the same as killing him. Rabbis taught me this 40 years ago.

The son's emotional reaction is understandable.

Nuchem R. put himself in a dangerous position, when he entered the store to tell the son. He should have a refuah shlaimah. Also, he should understand the emotions of the families who learn that a relative may be a molester.

Mike Kats

So you are you ready to bring in Israeli politics here? I didn’t (because it’s a war), but if you are ready I can give you a whole list of non frum Israeli soldiers who committed horrible crimes according to the UN, international community and Israel courts. I would rather not bring in a Middle East debate over here

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

"The attacker has apparently been arrested..."
Press reports are starting to identify the attacker, although not yet by name.

"attacking someone is not murder"

No, but it's a Class B violent felony in New York. 5 to 25 years in prison.


Posted by: Mike Kats | December 11, 2012 at 04:08 PM

Ever hear of Yigal Amir? He wasn't Haredi but he was certainly Orthodox. I can't think of a single progressive or secular Jew who's killed a Prime Minister.

Mike Kats

David: Levy Aron (the only real murderer in the last 60 years) was not a charidi, he was someone who looks and thinks like you.

moishe weiner

Its time to builed a Schul for Rabbi Nuchem Rosenber in the center of Wiliamsburg....

Mike Kats

Bas malach, i wonder what you will do if someone comes to your store claiming your mother is a whore. (this how Nuchim was attacked).

Besides, attacking someone is not murder, If you say it is then your not emotionally balanced.


A refuah shlema to the rabbi.

Among the charedim the trend is toward more and more extreme violence, It used to be that the notion of a Jew of any persuasion being violent was unheard of and unthinkable. Now we see arson attacks against both people and property, beatings and child molestation on a regular basis.

This is what happens when you don't work or get educated and think sitting on your backside all day stealing welfare from the Government and staring at books is "learning Torah".

Time the Charedim started actually learning real Torah. "That which is hateful to you do not do to your fellow."

Bas Melech

Hope that my question is not off topic. It's definitely related.

Why are Satmar and some other charedim physically violent against other Jews who disagree with them?

Don't the sages of old tell us that to strike another Jew is the same as murder? Why must they express their feelings with violence? Other religious Jews don't.

All the questions I've asked the past couple days question the authenticity of Satmar's Jewishness. Are they from Avraham Avenu?


Posted by: Sam N | December 11, 2012 at 03:29 PM

And therefore what?

wendy wendelll

I hope that he is all better and 100% OK.

Bas Melech

If true, at least he warned him that he's next. Maybe the house of cards will fall.


Rabbi Rosenberg's release is great news! So glad to hear he is OK.

Interesting to learn whether the father of the assailant will be arrested. I suspect Rabbi Rosenberg had reasons for what he said (if indeed he said that).

Sam N

Nuchem (being Nuchem) came in to the attacker's store and said your father is next to be arrested for child abuse


Did they take his hat. High time he gets one that fits.


B"H Luke

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