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December 11, 2012


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Has the lying swine Deremes produced his heter (to use the internet) yet?


"natalies command of english excludes gestetner."

LOL, agreed plus the statement did not contain the obligatory "Shvartze" whether it would be germane or not. Luke.


Make sure the NYPD and Charles Hynes do their jobs.

True. Hopefully the barbarians out there will come to their senses. These idiots dont realize that Rosenberg risks his life, more than anyone else, to protect even the devil barbarians' kids from molestation! Or do the devil barbarians think molestation is a good thing?


…Again, please lets be serious, what can be done to safeguard Rosenberg?

Posted by: F M | December 11, 2012 at 10:16 PM

Make sure the NYPD and Charles Hynes do their jobs.


What can be done to make sure that R' Rosenberg, one of the most courageous people that I know, is safe from the barbaric animals out there who are crazy enough to think they wont get caught and punished?

Very few have done as much as R' Rosenberg, while risking their life, for noble causes.

Again, please lets be serious, what can be done to safeguard Rosenberg?


natalies command of english excludes gestetner.

sleaze factor

"Natalie" is another sleaze from the Weberman camp who knows no shame. My guess is that it is Yosele Fried or Yossi Gestetner who is posing as Natalie. Who else would stoop so low as to name the victim while claiming to be a "supporter and friend".



do you ever tell the truth?

sleaze factor

From the NY Daily News:

(Rosenberg) said he was walking down Roebling St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn around noon when he was approached by another man.
"He taps on my shoulder, he says 'whoops' and throws it in my face," Rosenberg recounted after spending three hours at Woodhull Medical Center.
Rosenberg identified the alleged assailant as the son of a man he has accused of abusing boys. Cops were looking for the man Tuesday afternoon, sources said.
The victim's account was confirmed by Primo Santiago, 65, a liquor store owner who witnessed the attack from outside his store.
Santiago told the Daily News he saw someone run across the street with a cup, splash its contents and run away.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/satmar-anti-molestation-crusader-bleach-face-article-1.1218045#ixzz2EnL2iHCS


There have been no arrests so far.


I was taught to be honest no matter what. I have never attacked anyone and yet they attack me without knowing me, and for a cause that I have done way more than any of you have.

The truth hurts, I know. But I will stand by the truth no matter what.

Weberman is guilty. This man is not. Nuchem is doing a service to our children. This is the truth and I am standing by it.

sleaze factor

Please redact the name of the victim from the troll "Natalie" post.


Here's a question, Natalie. Do you think you are making sense?


Such lies, Natalie. Who taught you to lie like that, your mother or your father?



thank u so much for enlightening us.
was the young man arrested?


I am a friend of the "attacker". I am also a good friend of Nuchem and a big advocate for abused children of sexual abuse.
I am a well rounded person who has friends in all segments of society through my work and other avenues.

The story happened that this person was cleaning up in his fish store with a detergent he uses (the smell and dirt of a fish store....you can just imagine) when Nuchem came in to threaten him and started ranting and making noise.
This person got scared and threw whatever he had in his hand to stop Nuchem from attacking him.

Nuchem has a personal agenda with this man's father (something regarding business and tzedakkah) and threatened to kill him and make up stories about him being a molester. This has been proven to be false.

I am Vicki Kraus (now Deutsch) supporter and friend. I am also her mother's friend and her mother can vouch for me.

I am on the girl's side of Weberman's story, but with this, although the person did not use great judgement by throwing bleach (although I don't know what I would do if I was attacked) I know beyond a reasonable doubt that whatever is said about his father is false, being that I know and am good with both sides here.

I don't want to post about the business deals and personal issues involved because it might put someone in Nuchem's family in danger because of legal issues.

I am glad Nuchem is out of hospital. I just can't wait to ask him to start dealing with real issues, not with people he has an agenda with which does not help the communities kids at risk.

Nuchem has brought child sexual abuse to the forefront he now has to keep it going in the right direction without involving personal matters.

Shmarya, you can contact me if you have any questions.

I wish people were more respectful to one another here. If you have any doubts or questions about what I posted I will be glad to answer or try to get an answer for you from reliable sources.


I think someone should make a star treck movie about the hassidim especially the satmerers the movie should be called mind warp,because they are so removed from reality that their minds are in a perpetual warped state of delusion


Mendy would have excused Hitler, too, saying that he was a sweet gentle person who was provoked by the Jews and he just happened to have some gas in hand. Idiot!


Posted by: Deremes | December 11, 2012 at 03:54 PM

Please, with all the loshon horah you've posted about Nuchem in the past, you're the biggest hypocrite of all.


Posters on fm wish and curse each day on heradi Jews the worse of the worse and all of a sudden you so sensitive when someone wishes bad on Nuchem.

wendy wendelll

You're an ASSHOLE!!!!!


mendy--I see you wish him dead and you consider youreself a yid,are you that low you need help youre so deep in time filth that you need to cleans youreself by setting youresef on fire you lowlife drek.


"hes the sweetest gentlest person u can meet! and a nice sense of humor!
nuchem mustve goaded him into losing control. i am not justifying his behavior, just trying to make sense!!"

Oy veh, thank goodness I'm a Conservative Jew with no sense of humor. My Clorox stays in my laundry room and the only time I take it outside is to add to my pond to kill the mosquitoes.


and whats that???

ha ha ha

Joe Field

Posted by: mendy | December 11, 2012 at 03:04 PM

And it happened that he was just walking around with a bottle of bleach. Moron, this was permeated.


Mendy, you are worse than a liar. You are a pig. Actually, I take that back; I do not wish to gratuitously insult pigs.

Say whatever you want, Mendy. Every word you utter exposes you for what you are.


you people are so slow that your posts make me rotfl.

when u lose control u look whats right there available for u!!

i wish nuchem dead but not thru the hands of this person....


What's the history of bleach throwing? How did it become the weapon of choice? What is the significance of chlorine bleach as opposed to say, vinegar?


mendy=Oh yes so he just happened to have bleach in his hands when nuchem approached him is that what youre sayig?hahahahah


mark, he "just happened to have bleach" because he has to use it for his workplace. it mustve been easily accessible>>>

people who crack have done worse things like taking a knife or a gun>>>>>>

the truth hurts, mark!


Yidlle @ 1:40, can you explain something to me. As everyone knows, I'm no scholar about this stuff, but I thought teshuva was something a person did, not something that was done to him. I'm confused.


good for him


this young man is the antithesus of violent. hes the sweetest gentlest person u can meet! and a nice sense of humor!
nuchem mustve goaded him into losing control. i am not justifying his behavior, just trying to make sense!!


"this was a personal matter. nuchem was wrong for approaching this young man who happens to be an outstanding person. he simply cracked under Nuchems foul and disgusting diatribe"

I cannot think of anything more foul and disgusting than this vile post. Nor can I believe that someone who "simply cracked" just happened to have bleach to throw at the exact time that he was addressed with a "foul and disgusting diatribe".



this was a personal matter. nuchem was wrong for approaching this young man who happens to be an outstanding person. he simply cracked under Nuchems foul and disgusting diatribe



"These people happen to be normal openminded people".....who just happen to enjoy throwing Clorox in other people faces? Such logic. Sad. Luke

Alter Kocker

Is this the beginning of reprisals arising from the Weberman's guilty verdict? It would not surprise me when it comes to Satmar. These are scary people, and used to getting their own way.

Bet your bottom dollar, that if it is a reprisal, it will go all the way to the top.

Atheodox Jew

This was a PERSONAL thing and it was R' Nuchem who started it. These people happen to be normal openminded people

Kaylee, are you suggesting that people who throw bleach into someone's face are normal and open-minded? And that R. Nuchem threw bleach at the other side first?


he's on twitter, saying he's at Woodhull hospital...asking media to come

Posted by: meh | December 11, 2012 at 02:20 PM

That's his assistant tweeting.


If the weberman case thought me an important lesson in life, it thought me the importance of education. To watch morons with no brains take to the twitters and Facebook and spew non sense is worse than you can imagine, I was actually blushing while reading it.
Then you have people tell the media ON CAMERA, that Weberman cannot be a molester and a rapist because “ I Vent to Yeshiva Vith Him” or “I know him from the Country for 10 years”

Really? What did you want a name tag Hi I am Nechemya and I am a Rapist?

I was one of these satmar educated boys, which in other words means I got no education and i know the way the thinking” works, and it is pathetic!

wendy wendelll

Why are tghe updates so slow in coming? I now hear that G-D forbid, Reb Nuchem was blinded in BOTH eyes!!
I really hope not.
Where can we find more information?


they are no different then Hamas


he's on twitter, saying he's at Woodhull hospital...asking media to come

Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg

This Man Is a Tsadik Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg's Hotline .... The דרשות וועגן אפהיטן קינדער פון חזירים - IS GEVALDIG.

Harav haguoin hatzadik Nuchem Rosenberg shalito will be considered a tzadik and a hero when mushiach comes and maybe he himself is THE MESHIACH HIMSELF. He for sure is the meshiach of the victims. REFUAH SHLEMA . please post which hospital for a BIKUR CHOLIM visit


well for straters he never lied, he WAS shot last time and it WAS verified.

2nd it did happen today, by the son of Shulem Schnitzler a well known pedophile in the communty being protected by Satmar.

The DA Will get involved and we will arrest one by one every one that stands in the way. No matter how long the payos are and no matter how popular you are

this is an outrage and this must stop!


wendy -
twitter #nuchemrosenberg

pictures of the scene of the attack and rosenberg in hospital are available.

wendy wendelll

Who cares, at this point who started or who finished it? The important thing is for Reb Nuchem to have a sppedy recovery...in full!
How can we get more updated information about how he is doing?



I know both parties involved. This was a PERSONAL thing and it was R' Nuchem who started it. These people happen to be normal openminded people so it would be only fair if you check details before posting. These are not the fanatic crazies.

So far none have been arrested and it is unlikely that either of them will be.


All in the name of religion!! Got to love Satmar. Sad. Luke

wendy wendelll

Where can we get more up-to-the-minute information about Reb Nuchem's condition?


No you all first

wendy wendelll

Can we all agree to ignore leo.
All he is looking for is attention!



can you drop dead for us please?


Thats a lie about nucham he writes about people before he even knows if its true


I wonder if its true becuase he also claims that he was once shot in the head.

This is a fair question. I suspect it will be answered in the hours and days ahead. I have every confidence (based on the fact that Shmarya called the good rabbi out pretty directly over the faked shooting incident) that if this turns out to be bogus, it will be so reported on this blog. It's sad that we even have to ask - but when someone falsly cries wolf once.......


Leo, you are one hell ofa mother fucker. The only one who beats you is Shmarya the nasty whore.


Well she says she is 18 but she still wears blue tights well i have to beliver


"Does anyone know his complete name and the name of his mother so that we can recite Tehillim?"

I pray for people all the time and have no idea of their mother's Hebrew name! Just pray and get the name later. Do you think G-d cares if we don't know the mother's name?


Sorry this girl just came in i told her to get undressed while im texting ok i have to start now oh sshe is giving good head
She is still a virgin should i just out it in letova nucham ok will try first from behind


Although on his hotline Nuchem calls for vigilantism against child molesters he calls for the killing i wouldn't hurt him and i am against him being hurt.

He should live till the 120 as to be an example to all how a person should lead his life.
He is a true mentch who loves his wife and children.He is always there for them.
Very rarely will he fabricate on someone that he is child molester.He is such a fine individual it is to envy his kindness.
And no,i am not saying this about him becuase of his campaign against CM. He is a fine man from many years before.Everyone knew what an honest person he is his word is gold.
A speedy recovery.


nuchem is a bloody self hating jew, i pray for his death, before other inosent poeple get locked up!


Is this nuchems way of doing tshuva ? I think shmarya nows what I mean!


According to someone on twitter, someone Schnitzler was arrested for this.


Come on f.... up guys write yor real names not rabbi m stauber antwerp who does not even have a mobile phone stupid ign.... people

wendy wendelll

Let's do something constructive!
Does anyone know his complete name and the name of his mother so that we can recite Tehillim?


Satmars who attack people for revealing child abuse ARE NOT JEWS. Jews don't don't act is this evil way.

Atheodox Jew

Refua shleima.

So let's see, we have one side who fights its battles using the justice system. And we have the other who fights theirs using bribery, bullying, brutality and terror.

To me that already tells a lot of the story.


i heard a chasisdishe Rov once say , " you are allowed to do what is neccessary 'shas milchoma' .... break windows, intimidate, bust tires .... its the way it has always been done!"
Its insane that they grow up with this mentality. We should never learn this behavior!!


כן יאבדו כל־אויביך ד' ואהביו כצאת השמש בגברתו ותשקט הארץ ארבעים שנה. -שופטים ה


This is all they can do. What, are they going to write letters to the editor when they compose as does leo @ 1:03?


protect children, get attacked.

attack children, get paid.

when will it end?

Posted by: Egg

when the horror which is charedism disappears as an ideology, beemhayrah b'yameinu!


Brooklyn DA Warns Satmar – Don't Hurt Victim Or Her Family

Apparently, this warning needs to be applied more widely.

Posted by: StreetCameras | December 11, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Yes, to all Americans:

Do not commit any crime or you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


protect children, get attacked.

attack children, get paid.

when will it end?


Rabbi Rosenberg, you are important because you are a force for justice and are heroically committed to protecting children.

We all wish you a complete and speedy recovery and we send you our most respectful regards.

 A Well Wisher

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg
we wish you well, we need people like you not only do you thank g'd not abuse our kids but you acyioaly protect them,
I think we should have a fundraiser for RNR to help him continue protecting our kids from the filth that around

Expatriate Owl

Now that the Weberman conviction has been secured and publicized, it will no longer be simply a matter of the Satmars or the Skvirers or the Agudath Israel just making a phone call and/or a payment to make it go away. Hynes now has to be transparent.


Debora feldman and the whore deutch wife who just turend 18 did it so she can write a new story unortedox 2

Martin Staub

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, we all support you from across the globe Wishing you and your wonderfull family al the best and a speedy recovery.

Rabbi M Stauber
Antwerp Belgium


The satmerers are wolfs in sheeps clothing i know it first hand violence and intimidation is thier secret weapon they act like saints but underneath that they are wild beasts as theysay in yiddish tzivildevete hayes is who they are thats why we see lots of abuse by them and molestations.


I again beg forgiveness that my knowledge of Talmud is limited. Someone (preferably from Satmar) please print the portion that discusses where God orders us to throw Clorox (I presume God doesn't sanction store brands) in the face of someone who demands justice for a molested child.


The story is true (I know people who saw it), and the the guy who did this was arrested right away.


This makes me so angry. But, it probably will get worse before it gets better and there will be those who feel they have to vindicate, as in what just happened. I wish a speedy and full healing for Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, a brave and courageous man.


Brooklyn DA Warns Satmar – Don't Hurt Victim Or Her Family

Apparently, this warning needs to be applied more widely.


Wishing for healing for Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg. He is a BRAVE man who stands up for justice.

Whoever did this is a disgusting coward.

The shit is hitting the fan now. Chassidim can't stand that their imperfections were exposed. They would rather children's lives get ruined than their reputation get tainted. They can't accept that their way of life is not "perfect" and above everyone else's. They can't accept that they have garbage in their cans just like the rest of the world. They need to believe they are "holier" and above all that. Someone comes forward, and they flip out. Here's the backlash - the crazies attack. The attacks are just a manifestation of what the majority of chassidim are saying and thinking. The crazies are the ones willing to act out violently on those beliefs that the community holds dear.

Wishes for healing for Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg - a brave and courageous man.

Bas Melech

Hope that he has a refuah shlaimah. The perp should be found and given the maximum punishment for the assault.


Devorah -

I couldn't agree more!

I hope he's finally woken up and ready to follow through and attempt to start SERIOUSLY atoning for his vile coverups of abuse in the past.


Ok, Hynes, do what you promised in front of the whole world!


I wish for him a speedy recovery and that he doesn't have any dark skinned nurses.

Soon there will be a law that fundamentalist Jews can't buy bleach just like the law that prohibits minors from buying spray paint.


Devastating. Where is our fence-rider DA Hynes now? Hoping for a safe and speedy recovery. This man is a force to be reckoned with. Please keep us updated, Shmarya.


One of the true Jewish American heroes.

Hope this vile perpetrator gets locked up.


I wonder if its true becuase he also claims that he was once shot in the head.


perps will be found . no question about it


refuah shlemah.

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