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December 06, 2012


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weberman & mr aharon teitelbaum & mr zalman teitelbaum Yemach Shemom vZichronom are dirty Nazis & pedophiles who hate all decent human beings.

Boruch haShem we have been blessed with this most wonderful Medinat Yisroel, and I am very proud to be a Loyal Zionist pro-Israel Jew, and to publicly observe Yom haAtzaut & Yom Yerusholayim every year, and to fly to Israel with El Al.

koo-koo breath

You guys are such pigs- you see a chasid and you loath with rabid transparent hate. Not even a one of you considered the option that perhaps...just perhaps... she IS lower than dirt, b/c SHE"S the scum who's trying to ruin another person?? No that's not even an OPTION, right? MUST be that only SHE tells pure truth, right? Well of course, b/c he's a chasid, and they are from the devil. I know, I've heard it before. Just last week I TOO took my niece from Brooklyn to Monsey!!! omg..did I..did I.... no...omg I must have!!.. oh wait! I'm not a chasid. whew!! that was close.


the more I read about this trial the more I get disgusted. I knew that these hassidic group were a sick twisted bunch of social deviants but I did not realize to what level. What's sad is that there are many in the orthodox community who regards these losers as more religious, looked up to as people that they perhaps do not have the courage to be but represent a more ideal way to live as Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth and hopefully that sentiment is starting to change as their actions become more known.


Can anyone point to the exact date that he took this girl to Monsey? If so, the Federal government can legally request his EZPass records to see if he went over the Tappan-Zee Bridge or the George Washington Bridge. If his EZPASS records show that he went over the GW, AND the girl or her mother can testify as to the exact date he took her to Monsey, then the Feds have themselves a rape case.

Add that sentence to the one he's getting here.

As guilty as he may be found in New York, I don't think they will be putting him away for a long time. I don't think the maximum sentence will even land him in jail for 10 years, of which he will only have to serve less than half of it.

But I agree with Jancs - he should be skinned alive.

If it were up to me, I'd have him locked up for life with no parole, in Maximum with the General Population. Then let his fellow inmates provide justice to this child-rapist by having men twice his size rape him on a daily basis. Let him cry out in pain, and feel as helpless as his victim did, with no end in sight and no one to turn to for help.

But that is not going to happen. Do you know why? Because even if Weberman IS found guilty, the Satmar goons have paid off every politician and person in power in all of New York State - including in the penal system. He will get put into the cushiest prison conditions available in NY State, and they will bribe everyone in sight to give him extra special treatment, priviledges and protections. This guy will be in the equivalent of "Club Fed." Heck, he and his friends will even lie to get him his own shower because he will claim it is part of his religious rituals.

Remember the Chassidish criminal who made a lavish Bar Mitzvah in jail in New York City? How do you think they did it? With bribing all the right people. The Satmar have everyone important in their pockets - with money or block votes.

They have no shame, and take no responsibility for their crimes. They are worse than the Mafia because they claim to be "Holy" and "Religious" and doing it all for "Holy" reasons. The Mafia never made those claims. And the Mafia never screamed "anti-Semitism" or asked for non-existent "religious rights" when they were caught.

In a country where radical Islamic terrorists get their Korans in jail - the Koran which represents their religious purpose for their terror actions - there is no hope. "Hard time" should mean "hard" - without the religious amenities one is used to. Including but not limited to Bibles, Korans, Torahs, or Hari Krishna texts. A toothbrush only. THAT is hard time.

A. Nuran

What kind of idiot attorney would let his client say this?


That typo should have been "moral"


Weberman, who is not licensed as a therapist, for years took in counseling clients.
When Jews go to a counselor it need not be for the state's "licensed therapy" de jour of the gentiles; rather it should be for the "wise counsel" of the Torah. The former may be competent and yet immoral. whereas, at worst, the latter may be according to the state licensure authorities incompetent--. and yet be immoral.
The first question should be "Why should a Jew go to a gentile for advice on how to live as a Jew? It's cross cultural, which by definition may be counter-productive and harmful.

Bas Melech

Why does NW's lawyer permit him to testify? Is he also such a fool? Doesn't the defense realize that each time NW open his mouth he exposes his own guilt, even thru naivete?

Hopefully, that is his lawyer's scheme. It isn't easy to defend a blatantly guilty person.

A. Nuran

dh, At least kids raised by wolves get exercise

Bas Melech

As usual, I appreciate your insights about the chasidish world.

Flat earth--
Good question. Why Monsey?


if hes convicted would he still be eligible for allenwood even tho' these are rape charges vs. the usual fraud?

if he has ez-pass his route will be known.


@ Eli, what me messiah? | December 06, 2012 at 11:58 AM

so true.


Why do the molesters and kid murderers (Levi) bring their victims Monsey?


Let's hope he took the GWB.


"I am not from NY, so please tell me and others. Is the route to Monsey thru NJ, just like the other rosha took? If so he took her across state lines and violates federal law."

If he took the GWBridge then yes, if he took the TZBridge then no.


dh -- There is no foundation physically or emotionally for a reality other than theirs, and they are not even evil.
You hit thenail on its head they dont recognize other reality besides their own in other words they are 100 per cent delusional only they are the real humans and their way is the only way to live ,in fact it is the exact opposite

A. Nuran

jancsi, the real horror is that he IS a human being. He used his human authority, his human status in a human community and his human cunning to rape at least one little girl. This isn't something an animal would do. It's a human crime.

We don't get to look away and reassure ourselves by saying "He's an animal. No person would ever do this."


It's like those children that grow up with wolves or in a locked closet. They do not recover. There is no foundation physically or emotionally for a reality other than theirs, and they are not even evil.

Eli, what me messiah?

Weberman's lawyer had to have told him, "look, no matter what you say, just don't say anything negative about the girl!"

unbelievable that he's let a schmuck client like Weberman take the stand an alienate any decent judge or juror.


Bas Melech-You know me well here you know what happened to me as a child you have read it i am sure,but what even to me is surprising is how widespread theese beyond the pale behaviour is in the hassidishe world, especially within the satmerers and i shouldnt be surpeised it looks like their whole existance is criminal by that i mean from birth to death they connive cheat in everyway conceivable its like in the animal kingdom predators they are even with a helplees child they violate the basics and i was bought up among them,also an aunt of my mother was a weberman came here in 1925 unbeleivable how evil people can become unimaginably sick this nechemya.

Eli, what me messiah?

if he really said this, then he's an idiot even if he's not guilty.

it's as if his entire community suffered from autism; they are either incapable of understanding how they are perceived by the rest of the world or don't care.

you could say, yeah, they don't care. but this guy's on trial and will get a sentence based on his idiotic statements. he should care.

Bas Melech

We know that this and similar trials affect you deeply. For you to express unbelievable disgust, this maneuval's behavior surpasses your worst imagination. Guess these ultras can get worse.


Yeah, but with a Federal crime he would end up in a nicer penitentiary with Rubashkin. How would they get along?

Bas Melech

I am not from NY, so please tell me and others. Is the route to Monsey thru NJ, just like the other rosha took? If so he took her across state lines and violates federal law.

Wow! He might have just incriminated himself!


From the beginning of the weberman affair i could not bring myself to see him as human,not even an animal behaves in such degenerate depraved way,i still cant get it through my mind how a so called religious person can do such beastial acts on an innocent 12 or 14 year old girl this is too much he deserves to be skinned alive if its all true.


Let's hope so.


If the fix were in, Bill O'Reilly would go nuts and get all his followers to protest. My gut is (and it's usually 95% on target)that Weberman goes away for many, many years.


Anybody know anything about the composition of the jury? I assume the prosecutor made sure there were no stealth ultras on there to cause a hung jury. Either this Weberman and his attorney are fools for allowing him to make such a remark or the fix is in.

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