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December 03, 2012


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Leslie Davis

The Agri Star web site says,
"Agri Star’s birds are raised on Midwestern, free-roam farms and are kept on a natural diet of corn and grains – completely free of preservatives, artificial ingredients and harmful growth stimulants."
My questions are:
1. Does free-roam mean outdoor or indoor?
2. Does Agri Star give its birds antibiotics?
My e-mail is Leslie@EarthProtector.org

FM Fan

This video explains it all:



Bottom line - Hechsher is crappy. Quality is crappy. Igud Horabonim still forbids it.

Posted by: Longwave | December 03, 2012 at 12:33 PM

I am obviously not as frum as you, but as long as the OU oks it, it is fine by me. To me an animal carcass is an animal carcass, if it is trimmed nicely by the butcher and the price is right I will buy it.


You missed the last line of the statement - "on the public to be careful or to be warned. ".

The English Translation does not do it justice. This means that there were Kashrus problems. The OU is a rubber stamp. Tartikoff is a joke. Chabad of Crown Heights is another mafia organization.

Bottom line - Hechsher is crappy. Quality is crappy. Igud Horabonim still forbids it.


There are lots of reasons why a kashrus agency and a food company part ways. It's a business relationship like any other.

Unless R' Meiseles issues a statement claiming that there are kashrus problem at the plant, I have no concerns - especially as long as the OU continues to give hashgacha there.


Does this mean that is not kosher or that they simply are getting another hechsher?

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