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December 09, 2012


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Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

Sorry, Shmarya, you completely misunderstand the situation. Under the Tal Law up to 2000 charedim did national service. When the high court banned Tal this went out also. So all it is is a restoration of part of Tal before the government (after elections apparently) has to really deal with what they will do about the situation - otherwise even more charedim get out scott free. Even Livni herself voted for this part of the Tal law when she was in the government. Because of the elections all oposing factions are hypocritally jumping on this to gain points. (I say this as someone who believes that all should serve in the IDF, as did my 3 sons, all for 3 years or more. But I try not to be a hypocrite.)


I continue to be offended by the picture of that Cossack walking past the brave IDF soldiers. At least he should stop and ask if any of them want their boots polished.


From today's vosizneias.com posted by ALTERG:

"...jews don't belong in the IDF & will never happen as people treid already for 60 years & didn't work out, a buchir belongs in yeshiva, waste of time"

Posted by: Rocky | December 09, 2012 at 03:04 PM

Exactly who do they think DOES belong in the IDF? These parasites are just a complete waste of space. And if they were honest with themselves they would admit that a vast majority of them do not really learn much Torah anyway.


From today's vosizneias.com posted by ALTERG:

"Mrs livni: I know you not a jew & not keeping the torah laws but we are, remember one thing jews don't belong in the IDF & will never happen as people treid already for 60 years & didn't work out, a buchir belongs in yeshiva, waste of time"

I suppose this quote reflects the average Haredi's opinion on the matter. Israel's days are numbered.


Come on, did anyone really expect to se tens of thousand of yeshiva students to meekly sign up for service when they were exempt for so many years? On top if that what about the Israeli Arabs, do they have to register to serve? The process has to be gradual for it to succeed.

Alter Kocker

Newsflash! Netanyahu buys the orthodox vote. In other news, the sun will rise again tomorrow.

So when the shooting war actually does erupt again, these cowardly dogs will hide in their yeshivas? My plan would be to use them as human shields, draft or no draft.

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