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December 06, 2012


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Ad looks harmless to me.


I say everyone call this number to donate zero dollars.

What is the area code?


considering all the donations, tehillim and learning have accomplished nothing to date for SMR, i'm beginning to question whether theres any correlation whatsoever. GASP!!


Who sent out this ad


"refrain from indulging in frivolous laughter" Ha!

Oh and the area code and number is
845 263-6771

Garnel Ironheart

Let us remember that the halachos pertaining to gezeilah and sheker apply equally to all people including Lubavitch beef magnates.

Pokey Man

You can poke fun all you like but this idea is extremely important in this day and age. I remember one time on Chanukeh I was playing an innocent game of gin with my mother-in-law when for some unexplicable reason I lost control, threw down my cards and took her right there in the kitchen. To this day every Chanukeh in front of all of the other unknowing family members she affectionately offers me to taste her "delicious jelly donut"!

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Sholom Mordecai is, I'm sure, pleased to have the z'chus not to be in the position to have improper social contact with H"V women.

Ya think?

Alter Kocker

And this is why the lot of them are both socially and sexually immature. In the interest of this twisted world view, generation after generation of individuals completely incapable of the simplest social interaction. These people are breeding social retardation; humans incapable of interaction with anyone.

R. Wisler

Pokey Man,
Were you laughing frivolously while you were playing gin? If not, then you are only chai'iv on the one a'vei'rah of playing games with your mother-in-law.

Also, was there full penetration? If not, then according to that jackass who wore all those tzitzis, there was no a'vei'rah committed at all!


Alter Kocker-You are not all right they do have some social interaction,you forgot they do go around meeting people when collecting or shnorering so called by them tzedache i call it riping of the unsuspecting good jews who think they are the real jews what a racket.

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