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December 07, 2012


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@dd This picture has a bad vibe on it for sure.

Seen him before...

This guy is from Monsey to begin with....I do not know where he went in the interim, but he must be moving back to his old haunts...


he looks so holy . the perfect picture of a saint . no negative vibe at all when you see this face .

thanks for the court record .

rob sternberg/yerichiel sherberg/rob stein........whatever ...and much more , i'sure ....disguised as orthodox should report to the police as mandated by law , so that they have him on record ......

we don't have that in our secular jewish communities - very rare - one case in a million

he is a sick man - not his fault - he must have been molested or sexually abused in the mikvah or by his teacher or by his rabbi when he was very young .


I DISAGREE DH.,.. ive lived in many of these so cally religious ghettos... theirs a few bad apples everywhere not only in the religious community. rape/robbing/murder/adultery is in every culture and everyones way of life. im not religious but i consider myself jewish enough to my standards. this guy is obviously a sick fuck. but not everyone was aware of em until now..most people in the community are just unaware of this or just put it out of their minds.. you should blame thet justice system for letting him be able to move so close to any community... instead he should be in a halfway house with other so called offenders far away in a ranch somewhere doing therapy daily and being monitored with a GPS anklet. anyways thats my 2 cents...theirs so much SELF HATING JEWS HERE and jew hate It sickens me! but i do like to keep up to date on whats going on in the community. ;) ...take care



Testosterone does play a part in aggression. That is why so many powerful leaders have higher testosterone levels than Mr. Potato Head. Competing also raises testosterone levels. Social status plays a part as well.

Rape is a choice. Medically castrated males still sexually abuse. Clearly it is socially acceptable protected behavior held dear by male community leaders in these radically "religious" ghettos.


This guy is 64 but looks much older
He can't do anything and also everyone would run away from him
0 testosterone

Yosef ben Matitya

sam | December 07, 2012 at 08:34 AM

a- your explanation is perfect, but why does he need 2 last names? (both germanic, not jewish really).
b- he doesn't look like robert of any sort.


will he be davening by mordy tendler


Why do they all use aliases?

Posted by: devorah | December 07, 2012 at 06:40 AM

Common among many of the Orthodox Jews is to have a Hebrew or Jewish name and an English name. The less frum people would use their Jewish name only when they are called up to the Torah or when prayers are to be recited for them as in times of sickness. The more frum would use their Jewish name socially and use their English name in business.

זבה גדולה

He's a real Stud!!!


I wonder the frum community be informed or will the leaders block it from their flock


he's coming to monsey because monsey is filled with a population where the majority are idiots.


I assume he is coming to Monsey because the davening is better, or the prey....

Abu Jihad Schneerson

@devorah:in order to be able to move to a new community where nobody knows them once their name gets public on tv as the name of an offender.


Why do they all use aliases?


Don't know what to make of it. Nice house but old car.

Posted by: max | December 07, 2012 at 03:31 AM

Don't assume he bought the house, could be he got a room or an apartment at that address.

Does he have a wife or is he alone? He looks way to old to be coming with any children.

Bench Kvetcher

Why don't all the old decrepit offenders like this guy, Erps, Abrahamson and all the rest of the creeps get together and just suck and whack each other off. This way they can be busy all dsy and stay away from the kids.


Don't know what to make of it. Nice house but old car.

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