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December 04, 2012


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Yerachmiel Lopin

Joe, you say "Va'ad hatznius is not mishmeres hatznius" I don't know about your community. But in most communities the full name is vaad (committee) mishmeres (watching/protecting/guarding) hatznius (of modesty. For short it is interchangebly call vaad hatznius or mishmeres hatznius, or when the context is clear, the vaad. When they publish public pronouncements or send out notices to individuals in Satmar circles they usually use the phrase vaad hatznius. I am not aware of any unifeid haredi communities where two parallel organizations exist one called vaad hatznius and the other mishmeres hatznius.

They are all shadowy and almost never publicly identify the names and the phone numbers. But everyone knows when it is them. I think they prefer keeping the identity of some of their names secret, the better to spy on folks. Also, some of their members are full timers and presumably paid (and usually paid off) and others are free lancers used for particular thuggery or to deliver the message to specific individuals.

As Ari Mandel retorted when asked for their phone number, "1 800 MAFIA-11."

But actually they do leave traces because they occasionally publish announcements in newspapers, etc. Even though they are unsigned everyone jumps because they know the law has just been laid down.

Gevezener Chusid

I meant וינבערג for the Israeli spelling of "Weinberg".

Gevezener Chusid

What's really funny is that "Va'ad" is spelled the modern Israeli way, with an extra "vav."

Posted by: Nachum | December 05, 2012 at 02:30

AM The "V" sound in Yiddish is almost always represented by two vav's... the inventors of the modern Hebrew language would have gotten it from Yiddish; not the other way around...modern Hebrew tends to omit double vov's such as in the name "Weinberg" which in Israeli is וינבערג and in Yiddish would have two vavs and two yuds (and an ayin in the "berg" part: וויינבערג. I don't think I have ever seen וועד anywhere spelled with only one "vav" ועד


Flatbusher : "Of course there is much more, but one day you will read it on page one of the NY Times,"

I'm glad for your way in-side'er info! btw what's a flat-bush'er is it the male side like a flat-head'ed person and she is a flat-bush'er?


What's really funny is that "Va'ad" is spelled the modern Israeli way, with an extra "vav."

Nigritude Ultramarine

It would be interesting to see a word-for-word translation, if it's available.

You would need to smoke a bowl to read it inasmuch as the writing style is indicative of a "special worker" from Goodwill Industries who missed his daily appointment at the methadone clinic.

Here is my translation. I cleaned up the grammar so that no one can accuse me of corrupting the youth of today.

Since you lead [life] not as it ought to be and you cut out the beard, with regret, we announce our decision that we can not keep your children in our institutions [for] the upcoming term.

Korben Dallas

Satmar is not just a cult, but an enemy cult of conspirators who seek to destroy the Jewish people. Chabad is a cult of fools and lunatics who run around impersonating the priesthood.


The letter is dated תשס"ט. That's 4 years ago. Plenty of time for his beard to grow back.


Va'ad hatznius is not mishmeres hatznius. Va'ad still has arguably some legitimacy because its basically the owners of the "private" school establishing rules (I do question the legality in both secular law and Halacha and the effectiveness of it). The mishmeres are basically a bunch of punks who make a fortune from extorting innocent people by threatening them that they will terrorize them if they don't pay them a certain amount of money. And when they aren't terrorizing people they sit in their offices watching porn and masturbating. And "everyone" in Williamsburg knows about them and is terrified by their terrorism.


The vaad hatzeniyus in KJ is well known to be an extortion organization. It is mind boggling how little people know of the organized crime going on there.

Example VHatzenuoys:

They catch someone fooling around with a woman/man/girl/boy they approach the person and threaten him.

A. you will be thrown out of the shtetl

B. We will expose you for your father in law / wife / family then your family life is over.

C. We will throw your children out of the Mosdos.

Then the person is told:

To prevent all of the above you must do the following:

A. pay us $20,000. for 'expenses'
B. Mandatory 'therapy' with Weberman or similar inhouse shyster

To show 'contrition' the person has to do certain non monetary things as dictated by the vaad hatzeniyos.

One might ask : Why do normal people put up with this? The answer is very simple. 99% of the men educated in their schools 'graduate' with a 4th grade 'English' in reading writing, and math. Hence they are stuck! So they tow the line, play the game and go on.

But what happens when people become fed up with corruption, terror, and injustice: They REBEL.

And that is what's happening in Satmar. Aron Teitelbaum is acting in a certain sense like Assad in Syria. Scorched earth policy.

Of course there is much more, but one day you will read it on page one of the NY Times, and THAT is what they are afraid of. So anyone who goes to court is a MOSER....



Is this a forgery? Or maybe just created today.

tell the truth

Satmar = Cult. This is not Judaism.

Local resident

It would be interesting to see a word-for-word translation, if it's available.


Abracadabra-this letter is from upstate Monroe.


DBesq - Because he belongs to that cult, that's why. So what they are essentially doing is shunning him and his children and socially ostracizing him and his children, who belong to the cult. They are being thrown out against their will.


The old Satmar Rebbe Reb Yoilish whose liberation is ironically being celebrated tonight by all factions respectively, had the opposite opinion.

He welcomed and TRULY honored everyone who wanted to become Chassidish in the 1950's. I guess by now the herd has multiplied, and his successors Talibanized, so they don't need the bodies.

What a despicable shame!


So the Satmar Va'ad HaTznius - traslated as "Modesty Squad" - DOES exist after all?

But the principal of the Satmar girls school says he does not know it exists? I'm so confused. (Not!)


S M L -I can say honestly that you dont even know the half of it, if you would really know
who they are you would puke.


This letter is a fake was sent around years ago. Anyone familiar with the real letters can see it. Kahal does not sign Hanhala and never uses vaad haztnies on an official letter. But for you Shmariah Goebbels this is fine.


A pestilential crew the Satmars. The more I read about them the more repelled I am by all they do and all they stand for - truly a monstrous, hypocritical lot. They're no better than the Branch Davidians or those fundamentalist Mormons on the Utah-Colorado border. What's frightening is that there are already so many of them and that they multiply like rabbits, sucking up resources and acting in complete defiance of the norms of American society, such as those are.


Why would this parent want his children in such schools, when he no longer subscribes to the norms upon which the school community is based? If the school is so rigid and intolerant so as to expel children who father's trim their beards, who needs it? The kids are better off in another school.


So what's the problem? Thank G-d the kids might now be able to go to a real school (Jewish or secular) and learn something.


Hi, that's like the taliban! (male) soccer-players not allowed to play in shorts? anyone?


There's a certain irony to a letter starting "L'kvod" and then telling the person they are "honoring" that their kids are no longer welcome in school.

The Wolf

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