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December 07, 2012


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Latest letters from the union rabbis


The reason non-UOHC rabbis are involved in sorting this out is probably:

1 The UOHC rabbis are in lock-down with a threat of expulsion for not towing the party line.

2 The non-UOHC are highly respected rabbonim and are just as Chareidi as the UOHC, albeit that some of LBD’s (United) constituent shuls have non-chareidi members; but as pointed out, the LBD dayonims’ own shuls are not LBD (United) affiliated and are on the right of it.

3 It is unlikely that UOHC rabbis are in a competent position to deal with this properly, with the threat of libel in courts always looming over their heads.



In principle, you're right. The real extremists will stay that way but post-Halpern, GG Orthodoxy won't be defined by the kedassiah kehillos - if there are any left. It will be defined by the dayonim of the LBD.

I have to admit that this "control" or privileged position of the LBD dayonim vis-a-vis the hareidi kehillos in GG has been enabled by them having feet in two camps - which is something that in principle, I've always been opposed to. I don't really like the idea that they have their own shuls which are not part of the US and that in essence, they don't daven with the people who pay their salaries.

But on the other hand, if they were more visibly centrist, they couldn't set the agenda like this.

But the UOHC people do need to understand that the very reason that the LBD has respected dayonim like this and they don't is BECAUSE the lay leadership of the US is part of the modern world and frankly, better Jews, not just concerned with silly humrahs.


Phil - I fully agree with you that the Rabbonim who had the integrity and guts to write that letter are to be commended and congratulated. They have done a tremendous service to the whole GG community.

But your bit about the extremists being blown out of the water is, unfortunately, unrealistic. When it comes to religion (as in some other areas of life, too, such as politics), extremists will always be what they are, and can't be "blown out of the water" just like that.

I wish you were right but extremists will always try (and will usually succeed) to manipulate us and our timidity, alleged lack of knowledge, and guilt feelings.

That's why extremists will usually quote their own Halacha sources (completely and deliberately ignoring that Halacha is not always clear-cut, and there are Chilukei Deios in many cases). And that's also why they invoke their Yichus, and quote fellow Rabbonim (very often in a misleading fashion).

Plus, extremists are well organized and totally determined to dominate. Power and Money - you choose in which order.

Moderates have little chance to fight back as there is always the threat of being called a Shaigetz.

As I say, I wish you were right. Maybe I'm too cynical, but I've seen extremist manipulation too many times: Eiruv, Tznius, Bugs, Shaatnes, Milk, Internet - you bloody well name it.

But maybe arm wrestling and happy ending towel sex with an Eishes Ish are permitted as long as you don't carry in the Eiruv and have no internet. Ask R'CH.


Of course this letter is a fake. The UOHC would never show such public respect to LBD dayonim - even if CH was publicly raping women outside their own front door.

Anybody who knows anything about NW London would know that.

I know it's hard for you shmarya but you can't just monolithically lump all right-wing orthodox rabbonim into one Hareidi catch-all.

The LBD dayonim, who are all personally very hareidi, have spearheaded the campaign against CH. They tried it the nice way, allowing the UOHC the possibility to put their own house in order. The UOHC dragged their feet, covered up and ignored the issue. So the LBD rabbonim came out with a clear public position.

You should have enormous respect for these people. They represent regular kehillos many of which have members who are far from being frum in any way. Yet despite their own hareidi views, they care about the whole kehillo and serve it.

This week, the estimations of these people, always high, have gone through the roof even amongst the extremists.

As I said in an earlier post, what is going on in GG is blowing the extremists out of the water. Ultimately, their very hechsherim are going to be bankrupted and they will have virtually no kehillos outside Stamford Hill.

Sure, we need justice for the victims - that is the priority - but on balance, things are going well.

You should applaud it.




It doesn’t matter one bit whether or not this letter is fake or not. That question is only a distraction.

It is quite clear that at best the UOHC, the chareidi umbrella organization, have shown how incompetent they are, but possibly also reckless in not dealing with the matter, and possibly worse defending the indefensible. It would seem that they would prefer to brush things under the carpet and hope the scandal will go away – sound familiar?

However, it would also seem that their order of priority has been to protect their organization, protect the rabbis under them and take no interest in the victims at all. The so-called Mora D’Asra has been in the US for a period of 3 weeks and was seen visiting various rabbonim in the NY area. You can almost see the caption under the photos saying – “Crisis – what crisis?”

Compare this to the rabbis of Golders Green who have been deeply distressed and shocked at what has been happening to their vulnerable married women seeking counsel from a so-called Choshuve rabbi. In their attempts to de-frock this person from his title of rabbi they have been blocked at every step by the UOHC and their rabbis and committee. Finally, they have had enough and issued their edict to de-frock this pervert. Clearly, this has irked the UOHC, but the Golders Green rabbis have done this in the interests of the Kehilloh and its members and they must be praised. The rabbis who signed the edict are all non-UOHC or affiliates, but no rabbi in Golders Green has come out to support the pervert in question – except his father who is perceived as “an elderly and saintly Rav”.


If this new letter by Kedassia is genuine, then R'CH might as well throw in the towel (pun definitely intended).



Latest latest.
Its shabbos in a few minutes here.


Have you seen this http://www.timesofisrael.com/senior-london-rabbis-break-ranks-to-demand-colleague-in-sex-case-step-down/

I am told that this is an accurate report of a letter or notice. If so then the newly formed Beth Din is no longer required. Hopefully this Rabbi will disappear from the scene and no longer will be held in esteem> I trust that other families will not now be sending their young daughters for "counselling"

Something tells me that this sort of individual never ceases this type of conduct until he is too old or is locked up. Both these remedies seem a long way off.

Shabbat Shalom


I wish it were true, sadly the Kedasaia cover-up continues. Thank god for the London Beis Din who are willing to take a principled stand against DC regardless of the length of his beard and his yeeechus.


for example
Faking It said...
Must be a fake -

1) Date is incorrect - 22nd Kislev finished on Thursday at Nacht - around 5pm - 5 hours BEFORE the one from the other Rabonim came out!

2) The comma after Gilui Daas is incorrect, typed by somebody who is not familiar with a hebrew keyboard and fonts.

3) The hebrew and english dates arent aligned, again an amateur error.

4) They don't sign 'The Committee' !

Good effort though. May actually force a response from the Union.

7 December 2012 09:43



There are at least 10 comments proving its a fake. And Mr Tickle has not put it on his site.


Ha ha. Shmarya taken in by a fake. Tickle wasn't taken in and wouldn't post it until it had been verified. Shmarya is interested in digging for dirt and will post anything he is told.
Shmarya, you've made out like you know whats going on and as if you have inside information. You don't know anything more than anyone in London. In fact you probably know a lot lot less. This sordid blog is just a reflaction of your own Apikorsish views.


u r the sad lonely idiot. awake at 3.34am your time.

it is so sad to see lonely poeople, ever again...


Fake fake fake.

Easy to verify. Phone them and they will tell you!


you are a fake just like this letter. why dont u give credit to ifyoutickleus and note it is a fake!!!!!!!!

Posted by: uranidiot | December 07, 2012 at 03:34 AM


I clearly credited my source.


Good morning. You need to check again.
Shame, but it's a hoax.

Posted by: Moishe Halpern | December 07, 2012 at 03:28 AM

I just did, and nothing is posted there.

Perhaps you could provide a link. Or would that be too much effort for you?


you are a fake just like this letter. why dont u give credit to ifyoutickleus and note it is a fake!!!!!!!!

Moishe Halpern

Good morning. You need to check again.
Shame, but it's a hoax.


This has been exposed on Tickle as a fake. Most likely done to make the kedassia make a move. One must remember that the LBD 'gilui daas' will be treated like their meat. NOT KOSHER for kedassia members.

Posted by: ben | December 07, 2012 at 03:08 AM

I checked IfYouTickleUs several times tonight, including a minute ago, and I don't see anything about this letter being a fake.


don't buy kedassia, it is not a trustworthy hechsher.

Posted by: soso | December 07, 2012 at 01:39 AM

I fail to see the connection to the rank and file people who actually do the hashgachas.


This has been exposed on Tickle as a fake. Most likely done to make the kedassia make a move. One must remember that the LBD 'gilui daas' will be treated like their meat. NOT KOSHER for kedassia members.


I think this whole affair and the way they ended it without condemning Chaim halpern shows they cannot be trusted for kashrut.

don't buy kedassia, it is not a trustworthy hechsher.

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