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December 04, 2012


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There just has to be consequences for failing to observe the basic mitzvah of educating your children, refusing to work and having children beyond the basic Halachic requirement of one child of each gender (G-d willing). Most of this poverty is self-imposed, as for Charedim everywhere. In any case, Australia has a generous welfare system which the Charedim very well know how to work to maximum advantage.


I find this very hard to believe, because the goyim in my town think that all Jews are wealthy.


And just because a lot of the Charedim are poor on paper (or at least the paperwork they submit to the welfare authorities) there are plenty that are living in million dollar plus houses and still manage to collect welfare. The true number of charedi "poor" would be much lower than is claimed.


At the start of the Common Era there were no government sponsored welfare systems which bailed people out the way Austrialian, British, USA and Israeli systems do. In those days people died of starvation and lack of shelter.

Most of the religious poor in these studies are NOT dying of starvation and lack of shelter, even if they are suffering.

At the same time, the current system is not sustainable, even for people with decent secular educations, and a lot of Chareidim have resorted to illegal activity of lying, cheating and stealing to maintain their Chareidi lifestyle.

The lying, cheating and stealing is going to get much worse as more and more Chareidi men are not given proper secular educations in elementary and high school and they keep having large families.


I get frequent "visitors" (read: chareidim)to my home requesting "tzedakah" (read: handout). I used to give to them all now I give to none of them. The endless litany of sob stories would boggle your mind. I still give to charities that I check out first on Charity Navigator. One mooch knocked at our door and told me he didn't have money to marry off daughter number 7! I told him he needs to buy a box of Trojans and I slammed the door in his face. My wife & I stopped at 4 and thank G-D they turned out great. College educated, good jobs, etc. This idiotic not working lifestyle has got to go.If you can't feed 'em don't breed 'em.


Haredim purposely choose a lifestyle of poverty because the men do not work. Every self-respecting man has as his first priority the financial support of his family, and taking welfare from the government should be the last thing he would want to do. The haredi value system is not something they should be proud of.



I am in the position of having to rent a housing unit in a religious area of town here in Montreal. I have been trying to rent if for over 6 months without success.

I always get these young religious couples wanting to rent it but they simply do not have the means to pay the rent. Not only that, but they also have an incredible sense of entitlment as well.

I dont know what kind of idiots are raising these young people but it is indeed breathtaking.

They are going to learn but its going to be a hard lesson in life.

Steven in UK

Synagogue made this claim,in this years Yom Kippor Apperal. Not in regard to Haredim alone, but in the general Jewish community.

While am doughtful, as both the UK and Australia are waelthfare states, I neverless pledged £50.

My Shul, by the way in Non Orthodox, MasortI).

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