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December 10, 2012


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Hamish McHorney

Please please please wold somebody explain where the arm wrestling comes into it? Like seriously, WTF???

Moishe Halpern

It'll never happen

If they find him innocent it will be widely derided, the whole of London knows he's guilty as sin (pun intended).

If he's found guilty then they've shot themselves in both feet.

damned if they do damned if they don't - it'll never happen


I don't see this as a positive step.

Mordecai Tendler tried (and failed) to move the investigation against him to the Israeli bais din system. He did so because he could exert more influence there and skew the outcome in his favor.

England surely has enough competent dayanim to handle this.


Rabbi Roberts letter also on the Tickle site now, after the Padwa one is much more interesting and in English. I dont know why you dont display it. He is the oldest rov in the kedassia (apart from Halpern) and is from Golders Green.


It does seem rather pointless to appoint another Beis Din when you already have a letter de-frocking said rabbi; the 5 signatories of that letter include 3 Dayonim of the LBD (London Beth Din). Unless of course you didn’t like the outcome of those 5 rabbis’ investigations.


Israeli Haredi Beit Din To Be Formed To Hear London Halpern Case

Mabel tov, now we are going to get to the bottom of this.

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