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December 06, 2012


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Nuchem rosenberg has said the n.... Word on his hotline today, isnt that racist remarks?? Where is the outcry "comunity activist uses racial remarks"

Listen to box 48 where he explains נחמיא האט נישט נאר ליב בלאנדע ער האט אויך ליב שווארצע איך מיין נישט שווארצע ניגערס איך מיין שוורא האר
Those were his words
Posted by: Nuchemiswrong | December 06, 2012 at 01:58 AM


thanks for the Tip, here is an apology on he saying n word



Is Yossi really such a cretin, that he actually believes Sandy only affected Jews?

Did he volunteer to help relief efforts for the goyim, or is that different?


Nuchem rosenberg has said the n.... Word on his hotline today, isnt that racist remarks?? Where is the outcry "comunity activist uses racial remarks"

Listen to box 48 where he explains נחמיא האט נישט נאר ליב בלאנדע ער האט אויך ליב שווארצע איך מיין נישט שווארצע ניגערס איך מיין שוורא האר
Those were his words


What is a self hating Jew, anyway? Is that when a Jew hates himself because he's a Jew or when a Jew hates himself for any reason?

I'd love to stick around for an answer but this is beginning to take up the time I have set aside for self loathing and depression.


Sounds like all of u . are one big bunch of self hating jews. would hitler still be around u would`v joined his forces.your so full of hate. y dont u guys get machine guns. and start shooting.


The writer of this Article doesn't separate White and black before washing his laundry because of racism ideologies


thelionroars-- My mother had a weberman aunt its a big family i heard interesting stories aboutthe aunt she would be 120 years old today i met her many years ago.


Almost all African Americans would not have been classified as black in Apartheid South Africa but would have been classified as colored.


As aninsider into hassidishe upbringing i can say with tottal certainty that this yossi Gestetner is stuck in a time warp he was never allowed to mature like other normal american jewish boys he has the comprehension of a 5 year old about the real world maybee even less so he is someone to be pittied rather then judged ,sadly this is the satmerers destruction of their own youths ,they are stuck in a servitude mode to serve their rebbes every whim like a dog serves its master or a slave i think a dog has more freedom then they do.


does anyone know if nechemia is related to the webberman with all the connections in goverment in miami and if thats the case maybe he figures they can get him off . hes very freindly with all the attourneys and goverment officials

spacedout BT

Don't you see? He's all they've got.And when words fail they will bring in hired computer hackers from their electronics businesses to go after Shmarya and all of us to out our identities. Shmarya- are we ready for a dreckstorm?


While it may not be a political correct statement, it is factually correct, do u deny that ???
How many jewish wives where killed by their husbands & how many African american ones have been killed by their husbands??? haven't seen any demonstrations about that!!!


haha actually she is Haitian. She is my class mate. I told her about it and she chose to join because she has a functioning brain and knows that what is happening is wrong.

Bas Melech

This guy makes me sick. Does anybody have any dirt on him? He can't be such a tzaddik, especially since he supports bad people.

A. Nuran

If someone said something nasty about Jews but didn't actually call us "kikes" or "Christ killers" would it make it all better? Do you think most Jews would be too stupid to realize it?

No and no? Then don't be a schmuck.

A. Nuran

B - It doesn't matter what specific word he didn't use. The cruelty and prejudice are the issue. And he's got them in spades.


He is a train wreck but he does not know it. This under educated fool is the best thing to happen to the cult. Keep talking Yossi, you will speak volumes! Sad. Luke


As long as he did not use the "N" word. African American is an acceptable term to refer to Black Americans.

Posted by: B | December 05, 2012 at 05:01 PM

Not true! Black Americans have nothing anymore to do with Africa, a backward continent wracked with HIV and where the practice of lip plate insertion is still done. They are Americans who happen to have a dark skin.

To be honest with all the raping of the slaves by the white slave owners much of the black population is now brown as contrasted with the pitch black color of true African people.

Yerachmiel Lopin

His racism is so instinctual that he does not need to know the word to act on it.

Yosef ben Matitya

before they cause more damage, we should stop refering to them as jews. nothing in them is kosher jewish.
they are modern day gilgul of anshei sdom.


This is not public relations. This is pubic relations, and he is digging the hole even deeper. Ironically he is clueless and does not understand that it IS racist!


He does a lot of Public Relations. All of it bad.

He'll double speak his way out of it but really, isn't this why they hired him? He's doing a good job by them. None of them know what is wrong with this and the educated literate populace is not their target audience.


Ein shtick dreck! Gay koken affen yam!


the following message was posted on http://gestetnerupdates.com yoosi ignored since its 100% true

Yossi respond to the real issue

Our Rabbonim Dayanim and leaders, strongly discourage (and ban) reporting and dealing with child abusers in any way shape or form. There isn't a Beth Din or institution that deals with these issue's within our community. I challenge you!!! name a dayan in boropark or williamsburg that allows reporting of a charidi child abuser, not in theory in practice .

We are the only community in the entire country that dons't allow reporting!!!!

Thats the problem, no one ever accused us of higher abuse and crime rates, then the rest of our country. The calthlic chuch came under similar attacks

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