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December 09, 2012


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This is at "Congregation Beth Simchat Torah" in the village.


This is not Judaism, but something else.


I bet "carriages" refers to baby carriages. "Prams" to the Brits, I think.

"The Management" a/k/a silly rabbis.

I would love to know what this "well prepared program" (sic) was.

Gevezener Chusid

If they were really interested in modesty they would have told the women not to speak AT ALL.

As Rabbit Avigdor Miller once said (and I quote):
"A woman's job is to look good, smell good, and keep her mouth shut."



Where was this sign? How do we know someone simply printed this on their printer and sent it here?

Details please.


carriges?? anyone?


We do nt even know if this is at a Jewish place. Nothng here indicates this being Jewish related let alone Hareidi related


at the co-ed mikvah?




what is missing is where this is

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