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December 11, 2012


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A. Nuran

Christopher Hobe Morrison writes: Maybe he would prefer that they served time in jail.

Why not? There are no women. There is no Internet. The food is all supervised. Plenty of time for prayer. Sounds like yeshiva life with the government picking up the tab


he should be jailed for encouraging others to break the law.


Honestly, a beard might be a mitzvah for some but where in the Toyreh does it say that it has to be filthy and disgusting? Jews are meant to be clean and well-groomed according to all have read.


He absolutely has to get down to the local dog wash and get that beard fixed up. Needs flea treatment, trimming, grooming.

Christopher Hobe Morrison

Maybe he would prefer that they served time in jail.


That photo must be really old. He looks so young and refreshed.


Steinman himself was a draft dodger:

Upon reaching draft age in 1937, he was subject to the Polish draft, as Lithuania was then under Polish control. He and his close friend, Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik (a grandson of Rabbi Chaim Brisker) tried to evade the draft by starving themselves, but they were declared fit to serve by the draft officer. The two then fled with other Brisk students to Montreux, Switzerland, where they returned to Torah study in Yeshivas Etz Chaim.

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