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December 02, 2012


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This criminal hiding behind his beard must be nrought to justice
he cannot lead a community let along his family
He must be humiliated and expelled

His problem is he suffers from G-d complex
He thinks he can do all he wants and is above the law
Try him
The women must come forward throughthe police and later in public
They are not to be embarassed and their husbands should stay with them
He abused his power the bastard possessed by the devil all the time.


How independent is this beis din? Is it rigged? Who chosen the Dayonim?


This is really kicking the matter into the long grass.


Have you seen the latest "ruling" from Stamford Hill.

התאחדות קהלות החרדים Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations
Registered Charity No 249892
140 Stamford Hill, London N16 6QT
Tel: 020 8802 6226 Fax: 020 8809 6590
4 th December ’12
The UOHC’s Honorary officers have been instructed by the Rov
Rabbi E Padwa to notify the public that upon the advice
of Gedolei Yisroel he is in the process of setting up an
independent Beis Din consisting of prominent and renowned
Dayonim to thoroughly investigate the allegations affecting one of
our Rabbonim.
This Beis Din will hear testimony and look at evidence and its
final Psak and decision will be adhered to by our Rabbinate. The
Rov expresses the wish that no further action nor
declaration be made until that Psak is issued.
The Committee.


The quality of posts on this blog is rapidly deteriorating. (and that's why the quantity has gone down to a trickle, too - who wants to be involved with infantility?)

Stop insulting each other ; quit trying to present wild guesses as facts.

If you don't have FACTS, shut up.

golders green man

YAKNAHAZ-which dayan in the lbd do you think is not "good"? And I also noticed you said nothing of the federation of synagogues-how come??


Posted by: Matok | December 03, 2012 at 08:28 PM

Let me guess.

You actually were kicked out of yeshiva, you don't really know how to learn, nobody ever says you're smart, and you hate those "fags" because they're so much like you.

Journalists quote my blog all the time, little man.

But some journalists like to poach my work.

In this case, they poached – and they also got it wrong.


Shmarya, they didn't quote your blog because it isn't worth anything. You pull these reports out of your tuchus while you're sitting on the toilet looking at some gay porn.

You are a failure and a loser.

Now go back behind your desk, in your dark room and cry like a baby because your yeshiva kicked you out for taking an extra piece of chicken.

hellporn hater

devorah, I only know one person who brandishes every critical comemnter a troll and threatens to put them in the headlines. Oh and his non sockpuppet name is not devorah... Shmaryah, you are sad.


Chenoch Ehrentripe gave his unwavering support for the pervert and deviant Leib Tropper. What's erlich about Chenoch Ehrentripe and his puppets.



You need a reality check? Erlich? As in when the London Beth Din tried to claim back tax on purchases of granite for matzeivois when they were using that same granite for their respective dayanim's kitchens (see jewish Chronicle on the story)Erlich? oh yes, very erlich!


Not only is he winning the plot, but he is helping to win the war against abuse, one country and battle at a time. If I were you, I'd be very afraid, troll, that your name will appear in the headlines one day.

hellporn hater

Yes, shmarya is losing the plot - unfortunately.


yaknahaz the London Beth Din dayanim are very respected and ehrlich people. I personally know all of them and can vouch for their sincerety, ehrlichkeit. No funny business. Kedassiah is a completely different story more "haimish"...

elwerthy  barak

to hellporn hater: STOP YOUR upright jews committing gross misconduct AND THEN THE failed messiah will stop being so over -come by the filthy conduct of "righteous hardei jews". he will then be able to regain his equilibrium. you think his reporting are fairy stories ? you are reading about real life sir.[ if you are a mr.

HellPorn Hater

Shmaryah, thanks for posting about this predator.

By the way, you are lately showing a short temper, low tolerance and frustration. Every second response of your contains idiot and troll etc. You look like you are going out of your mind. Depression? Get therapy, Doooog!


Not citing is a terrible crime.

By the way, where did you steal that picture from?


See this excellent article:



The comments that come out from people you speak to on the street, in shul, in shop’s
This one women is a drek, this is not true, how could people ruin a kehilla for one women,,,,
Well its 30 women, many rabbonim have heard and seen the evidence and there is truth, we must remember that these women did not ruin the kehilla this Rov did, no one forced him to do what he did, and all of you that support this rov are as guilty as he is,
30 yidishe lives (that we know of) they are all attached to husbands, children, family all affected, this rov has been exposed for doing inappropriate things as a rov, so I have one question where is our EMUNAH ?? there have been times in the past and now here again that we have to get rid of someone that is very clearly destroying yidishe lives and what do most of you do, you assist by supporting him, by destroying these people that have already been ruined, so is this all in the name of Torah and H’K’B’H

If it is in the name of Torah and H’K’B’H then I for one am not interested in this type of yidishe life, and that all the Torah and Hallocho that we have been taught over our years in cheider, yeshivahs, seminary’s, kolel, shiurim has it all been a pack of lies or not ?????

H’K’B’H had a choice to have let him carry on or to stop him by exposure, and H’K’B’H has decided to expose him, so who are you to support his wrong doings


The Quicker this scum "Rabbi Hellporn" (pun intended) is removed from our midst the better. All those that turned up to his shul on Shabbos are equally culpable for every molestation this man has committed with their immoral and financial support.

Once the rabbonim have dealt with him they can then next deal with the other crooked dayonim living amongst us like those at london beth din and keddassia.


The London Jewish Chronicle have to be very wary when it comes to English libel laws. Their report would have been scrutinized by lawyers before publication and they would advise against any citing or linking to a blog where these allegations are set out in detail, however indirectly, (especially anonymously in comments) since this could be considered as repeating a libel. Under English law the burden of proof in defamation proceedings rests with the defendant and not the plaintiff and absence of malice is no defence. The 's230' protection afforded to US bloggers who link to libellous report is not available to UK newspapers and bloggers.
A UK journalist who tweeted 'I looked up Lord McAlpine on t'internet. It says the strangest things' is facing libel proceedings for a tweet which would not in the US be actionable. Likewise the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons who tweeted "Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*".



Zayinist Basher

Let anyone who says he can be managed without resorting to prison offer the same advise to their loved ones when they get cancer: "There's no need to excise the tumor or kill it with chemo - let's just keep an eye on it - no chance of it metastacising elsewhere, right?"


Well if he is not found guilty then there is no reason why he should not return.

Posted by: S | December 01, 2012 at 11:23 PM


1. Halakha does not depend on a conviction in a secular criminal court to act against a sinner.

2. The rabbis already heard testimony and believe the accusations. There is far more than raglayim l'davar here, and therefore under halakha Halpern must be banned.

3. As I clearly reported, the resignations were meant to stop the women from cooperating with police.

That you are an idiot is clear. That you are a troll is clear.

Stop trolling immediately, moron. or I'll ban you.


Haplern's resignations wer only temporary, and that he would be back in his positions of authority in a few months after things calm down.

Well if he is not found guilty then there is no reason why he should not return.

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