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December 10, 2012

Embarrassed By Weberman Trial, Satmar Considers Shipping Rebellious Kids Out Of The Country For Treatment

Nechemya Weberman court 11-28-2012 closeupEmbarrassed by the sex abuse trial of Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, an unlicensed "counselor" of "troubled" teen age girls, Satmar leaders are reportedly looking at a different way to deal with rebellious teens – shipping them out of the country and away from prying eyes for treatment.

Nechemya Weberman court 11-28-2012 closeup
Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, accused of sexually abusing a "troubled" Satmar girl beginning when she was 12-years-old

Simone Weischelbaum of the NY Daily News reports:

Embarrassed by the sex abuse trial of a Hasidic counselor, leaders of Williamsburg’s pious Satmar sect are considering a different way to deal with rebellious teens: shipping them out of the country for treatment.

The idea comes as the jury weighs charges against the counselor, Nechemya Weberman, who prosecutors said molested a then-12-year-old girl referred to him because she wore supposedly indecent clothing, read People magazine and questioned God’s authority in a religious school class.

Without addressing the allegations against Weberman, a Satmar official told the Daily News that leaders are considering ways to avoid similar accusations by victims.

“This was a wakeup call; nobody denies that,” said Gary Schlesinger, who heads a nonprofit tied to Satmar leader Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum.

“Maybe we will send them to an Israeli program or a European program, and the kid will come back a different person.”…


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Sound familiar? They have obviously learned a lesson from the US military. Take alleged criminals and terrorists to jurisdictions beyond the reach of the US law and interrogate the poor kids there out of sight and away from the law. Did the Rebbe give the ruling that it was ok?

So now they are "rendering" kids?

Why not try something that the Amish people thought up? (You know, Christians who go around in horse-drawn carriages and look vaguely like Hasidim except without the payos and mustache.) It's called "Rumspringa". Someone should go and look it up.

Interesting, because this alleged victim was also sent to an Israeli program and still came forward. Also the2 names mentioned in Court, Gluck ( who took the stands in weberman's favor) and braun, were also sent to Israeli programs. So this idea is in practice already, and you can look on it both ways.

See, these fucktards wont learn their lesson, they'll just adapt. They would rather girls get raped and boys get raped than leave the Satmar group.

If you wont remain a Satmar in good standing they will torture you.

How long until they discover that rape is against the law in Israel and Europe, too?

There was a case a couple of years ago where a child was kidnapped by his parents and sent off to a prison gulag in the dominican republic for "re-education". It took the effort of dozens of activists and the gracious use of a private jet to rescue him out of there.

Yes, the Satmar want to send their "rebellious" children to re-education camps. They falsely believe that rape will be ok if it's necessary for treatment. How wrong the
Satmar are.

This will give the sexual predators a whole new method of hunting their prey. Ship the most nubile young jewesses to camps in the desert or the european back woods where the perverted little fucks like Weberman will be waiting for them with their dicks at full attention.

Add some Tznius police and clueless parents that would rather their daughter or son remain silent, and you have a formula for an ongoing Satmar brothel for their higher ranking perverts. Weberman would absolutely shit his pants with joy.

they really should not speak to the media the more they talk the bigger idiots they sound like

or maybe they should it exposes them

Satmar leaders are reportedly looking at a different way to deal with rebellious teens – shipping them out of the country and away from prying eyes for treatment.

Wise choice, treatment would be ineffective if the patients are hounded by the media. America is infested by hungry reporters looking for a story and an angle.

Maybe this plan can be stopped via anti-sex trafficking laws. Maybe they should try to investigate the whole Satmar organization using RICO.

to feminista. SPOT ON. the usa jewish community seems to be on a declining moral slope. satmar seems to equal child depravity. Send in the f b i.

Hmmm.. Sounds just like the approach that arrogant ra'sha Aaron Schechter took with the Hersh affair a few years ago.

What Satmar should consider is not being so kind to these rebellious children. Basically what happens is that these parents have dysfuctional homes, such as ths young girls home, the parents cannot control their kids, no school wants to take them in, so Satmar who never turns away anyone away be it a child with ADD, dyslexia, learning disabled, rebellious, you name it, boy or girl Their only request, they must conform to Satmars rules and pay for therapy. Why in heavans name were these parents keeping their daughter in Satmar??? Why didnt they send her to a less restrictive school. NO one forced her or them to go to Satmar.

You miss the point. The parents may or may not have made the correct decision to try to keep the girl in Satmar. The point is that the alleged crime was committed and, if proven guilty, Weberman is liable for his immorality and perversion. Making a wrong decision about their child's upbringing does not make Weberman less guilty. We'll see what the verdict is.

debra konig-Talking about dysfunctinal.to me the more dysfunctional is the satmar organization,with all its molesters and hiding behind religion to protect them you are half right the parents are also to blame but lets face it the satmerers are a cult and it takes the government to fight them no one person can do it alone.

Shipping them out of the country is the only solution , so as not to continually discredit and undermine rabbis. Anything less is a tacit admission of guilt. The Satmar society is very limited in what issues it can deal with . There entire bag of solutions to life's problems is based upon the canons of 14 century Polish Mysticism and superstition.

Beyond those the only means they have is denial. There first rule is the power of the Rabbi comes first . And there is no second.

All this report (if it is correct and true) does is to prove the moral bankruptcy of Satmar.

Does anyone here still remember, or have any knowledge of, the Yossele Schumacher story? This is the same thing.

Believe in Hashem NOT IN THE dysfunctional REBBIS idiots,the chassidim are dysfuctional, Chassidim have a dysfunctional Rebbe-chosid relationship ,some of what the Rabbis have said is indeed BS.Belief IN Hashem's Infinite power NOT WHAT THE REBBI SPOKE OUT OF HIS ASS. There is no more Tzadikim that we could trust anymore, all these so called Tzadikim are in it for themselves and they dont give a hood for the chassidim, these so called Tzadikim of today are in it for money and selfish power, if these rebbis would care they would never allow their chassidim to have to spend a million dollars for a show box size apartment in williamsburg or boro park, if these rebbis would really care they would send their chassidim to affordable places to live

Send the kids away without a cell phone to use in time of desperation? A Satmar's pedophile's dream! These girls will be gang banged.

Why not start a program for girls right here in New York? This program can include theatre, sports, dance, etc. The Satmar girls get none of that, maybe that is the real reason why they are "rebellious"... In addition to that, you can also have the girls get a better education in school. That can include learning chumash, rashi, gemarah etc as well as taking regents so that they can go to college if they choose to. Maybe if you focus on fixing these problems, instead of shoving it under the rug, you wont have "rebellious" teenagers.

There are plenty of licensed female therapists in New York who are religious (non-satmar) and qualified to help these so called rebellious girls. why not try them instead of an unlicensed male "counsler"? Seems like satmar is trying to hide something...

Again, it's blame the victim. If there's a problem, just sweep them under the rug, i.e. off to another country where perhaps the authorities are less diligent.

I guess they're just sick and tired of civil authorities in the U.S. getting all up in their faces. These U.S. people just don't appreciate how holy they are, and that such holy men can do no wrong.

Only the government can stop their madness.

Moshe aron kestenbaum--You are the idiot their god is money there is no god but money what are you deluding us and youreself for if there woud be a god then theese so called rebbes would never behave the way they do youre the shoite not us.


Whether Satmar or other orthodox religious groups, these so-called rabbis and leaders believe that they are Gd's representatives on earth. Therefore they can do no wrong. They worship power and the money that brings it.

I believe that there is a Gd. You do too, because you pray. However, I question many things such as all the rules and regulations, especially the newer ones. Yes, they change in every generation and today, every few years (modesty laws, Kashrus). The mentality is the more you do the mitzvos between man and HaShem,the holier you are. Therefore, molestation is all right.

Happy Chanukah to you and all other FM commenters. I pray for a Chanukah miracle. Just like the few defeated the many Greeks, we should be victorious against the charedi rabbis and masses who protect the molesters.

if these rebbis would care they would never allow their chassidim to have to spend a million dollars for a show box size apartment in williamsburg or boro park, if these rebbis would really care they would send their chassidim to affordable places to live

Posted by: Moshe aron kestenbaum, Williamsburg | December 10, 2012 at 09:22 AM

Actually, the rebbes care about the rest of us, so they are trying to keep their hasidim with them in willy and boro park so that the hasidim dont move to other towns and cities across this great nation.

Let's keep it that way, thank you vey much.

Actually, it wouldnt be a bad idea to send the girls away from home. this way they wont have to cook, clean, take care of their 10 younger siblings etc but will rather be able to focus on themselves and figure out what they want from life. I think that it would be good for them in the long run just as long as they are kept away from these so called "torah therapists" aka unlicensed male counselors or other types of abusive situations for that matter.

Lubavitchers are Christians | December 10, 2012 at 11:04 AM

You forgot to say that the rebbes want their followers near them, because they are easier to control. Also, the rebbes care, because their follower are the source of their income.

Once again relying on the Zionists to pull their hairy asses out of the fire...

Nothing new under the sun. Shipping wayward youths away is practiced already by hareidim and has been for quite a long time...

i'm calling for a program to have all satmar rebbes shipped out of the country for treatment.

Ah-pee-chorus says all "Satmar" rebbes should be transported, just as the "Satmars" transport rebellious youth. This operates on a presumption that all Satmar rebbes are wrongdoers, which is a stereotype and is thus not necessarily the truth. The bad should be treated; the good should remain in the community and be allowed to help the community. As for rebellious youth, rebellion is normal for teenagers, something that some hareidim don't seem to understand. That is why the Amish have their rumspringas, so that they allow their youngsters to blow off wanderlust and steam without harming the community as much. If a rebel really wants to quit being Amish, he can do so. What's wrong with that?

The Satmar seem to have received tips on handling pervs in their midst from the Vatican.

I will clap-clap-clap when Orthodox supplicants begin leaving the religion in droves, as Catholics are now doing.

Transferring of human beings throe international borders with an aim to cover up a crime or to avoid persecution-should be considered human trafficking! National governments and international bodies (UN, EU) shall take care about it!

"14th Century Polish Mysticism and laws". ACE Rabbi- you evidently haven't studied the teshuvos of the Bayis Chadash of Lublin or even those of the ReMa of Cracow or you wouldn't be making these fatuous statements. The Teitelbaum brothers could carry luggage for these giants of torah. Maybe.

I was wondering what would be a good place for a re-education camp. Israel can be OK, but there are some leftist judges there too who will not defer to rabbis. Same goes for Europe. Perhaps Kyrgyzstan?

Number one, there are reports that there is a Jewish community there, in decent rapport with the government. Russian Jewish tycoons may exercise some friendly influence too. Number two, Kyrgyz people are in the process of recovering the roots of their culture after the nightmare of Communist oppression, and one of the cherished customs was to kidnap a girl that you would like to marry. And the parliament rejected attempts to re-criminalize this ancient (and widely followed) custom. This kind of attitude, recognizing the wisdom of the Middle Ages (or earlier ages) could create a good environment. Also, traditional female dresses are kind of Tzniut.
Number three, you can set a camp in a mountain valley with few distractions http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/countries/kyrgyzstan-guide/

On the final thought, kidnapping may cause problems (even if bride price can be negotiated in the aftermath). Best solution: as the first thing, teach girls how to shoot, and keep them armed. That could even help with the counselors!

Joel Kolko is next on line.
Weberman did maybe 5-10 kids.
Kolko molested min 150-250 kids.

When kolko ends up like weberman brooklyn has to make kiddush.

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