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December 03, 2012


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You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately there is no alternative. Today we have to choose between 2 evils, one is leaving the evil on the street with no consequences, the other sending the evil to jail.
Emanuel was at Ohel, and went right back to work at a school. He made his bed, now time to pay for his decisions. This is no one's fault but his own. We need to worry about our kids first, pedophiles later. I do feel for his family and what they are going through, but they are HIS victims too and his alone.



He had an offer from what I understand, but decided to wing it. Emanuel has had the support of many people for the last 4 years.
And his family continues to get support from friends , family and even people who don't believe he is innocent. You are obsolutely correct he made his choices and now has to live with them.
Whats unfair is that the rest of us have to live with th choices he made as well. He chose to abuse these innocent children, embarrass the Jewish community at large regardless Russian speaking or not. He betrayed the trust that people used to have for educators etc...

For everyone out there that think that Jew doesn't belong in jail I agree. Do you have any other suggestions how to keep Jewish pedophiles away from our children other then locking them up?


@Leon. Where are you getting your information from? The fact that no porn was found on a computer means nothing. He might have used a website and cleared cache. You don't need to be a high-tech person to do that.

Also, are you really accusing the prosecutors of the case of misconduct? If you have any proof of that, it would help a lot on appeal. Contact the defendant and let him know immediately.

Third of all, I don't think any of us can evaluate the amount of years a pedophile deserves. He was convicted of forcing a minor perform oral, years of molestation and other despicable things. His defense was putting the victims through mud along with the family who he was very close to. He deserves a long jail term just for that. I am sure he had reasonable offers on the table, but chose to drag his victims through dirt. Unfortunately he deserves to have the book thrown at him.


@Spikey apples I couldn't say the same thing more eloquently than that.

@Leon- It's true but insignificant to the amount of people incriminated due to dna analysis. I graduated from John Jay it's not a new subject in the criminal justice system. Dna is not a factor in these cases and it's probably because of the extention of statue of limitations regarding sexual abuse. There is nothing wrong with wanting mercy for your friend, it would be best if he would be transferred to a special facility and provided extensive treatment.


amazing. you betray trust of Jewish youths, nay of God Himself, if only He exists-- and he should get lenience, and is 'no evil'? Hynes, for once, historically has bowed down precisely to political pressure from Jewish groups, or at least is seen by many as having done so-- so him convicting this guy (whom, by the way, i have personally known, though not at all closely) is itself a sign that there are serious proofs of his guilt. don't forget, he, it turns our, had been referred to Ohel for treatment of pedophilia before), by a rabbi.

by the way, my friends who in turn have known Yegutkin much better than me, have wildly polarized opinions on possibility of his guilt. characteristically, those who are more 'frum' say there ain't no way he could've done it, while those less religious say they were absolutely not surprised, and in fact had he not been 'frum', thus supposedly having a moral 'shield' from such deeds, he'd be immersed in this sort of stuff head over heels.

these are the times to look into the state of our nation. our teachers often are corrupt and dishonest; our political leaders, unprincipled attention whores and myopic bullies; and at least some of our philantropists are at best self-absorbed sociopaths, and at worst mega-thieves. i don't think Jewish nation will die, as it hasn't in even tougher times; but i'm not sure good a shape it will survive and continue in. seems like the birthpangs of Mashiach have resulted in an abortion


Eugene, do you know how many convicts fully exonerated by the DNA had confessed to their "crimes?"... Plenty.

The jurisprudence secular and Jewish alike frowns upon incriminating statements.

My main point here is even if he molested these kids, he should not have to do more two year max.

Yegutkin is far from being a saint if these charges have basis in fact but he is no evil. Hynes had been letting monsters go free for years bowing to the political pressure and now when the secret is in the open he is throwing a sink on everything that moves.


What about this? Also fabricated?


According to court papers, Detective Steve Litwin of the police sex crimes unit in Brooklyn told Mr. Yegutkin in January 2009 that one boy said he was abused for the first time at age 7 in the basement guest room of his house. “Is he lying?” Mr. Litwin asked him.

“No,” Mr. Yegutkin had replied. “The details may not be exact, but he’s not lying.”


FS, I can safely say that I know about legal process way more than you do. And I can tell you that the process is far from perfect(not that an alternative exists)....

This case is very troublesome to me not only because my friend is facing the odds of a very long sentence for the alleged acts that even if true would not amount to anything close to what he is facing, but because from the legal standpoint the prosecution had a very weak case.

All they had is a testimony from the members of the same family who had the history of significant drug use recounting the acts that took place over 10 years ago. This is not a good case. More importantly, a potential for prosecutorial abuse is huge. Do you know what coaching of witnesses means? Ask around....



Yes it means for whatever reason jury believed the alleged vicinity over mr.Yegutkin.
I do not know all the details of the trial, nor do I know whether these acts happened or not (as neither I nor you were there)

What we do know Mr. Leon is that jury (as well as many others ) didn't belve Mr. Yegutking!

That is the bottom line. We live in a country with rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are intended to keep up safe. And in case when we become the victims these rules and regulations serve punishment to those who left the confines of the law!
Leon since I am assuming you are observant, the same applies to Halakha ( in a true form, not perverted by local "rabonim")if one sins Gd will have to punish him. In times of Beis Hamikdosh we had a beis din which gave out punishment. Today we don't have this we have the law of the land. Mr Yegutkin appears to be observant as well and should have considered that abusing children in the alleged way is KENEGED HALOCHEH!!!


FS: does the fact that he was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt on all 75 counts does not suggest to you that the jury was prejudiced against him... It should.

The cops had captured the computer that allegedly was used to show porn and could not retrieve the porn to show it to the jury?????
How in the world did he get convicted on this count?


@LG- It's written in the overview in this post and some earlier newspaper articles from 2009.

@Sander and Leon- Go MBP yourselves.



Consider the following: The DA's job is too convince 12 random independent people beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. In this case guilty of over 100 counts. The jury came back with guilty on ALL counts. To me it means that they must have seen and heard testimony from all sides and decided that Emanuel is guilty beyond reasonable doubt!

That being said I personally don't think that a prison sentence is the right, however how else do we keep our children safe? Only by locking monsters up! and keeping away from everyone else. Treatment unfortunetly especially by local "rabonim or ohel like programs" doesn't work.. It is time our community faced the fact we have rotten monsters among st us. And they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

I know Emanuel and his family as well as the boys and their family for a long time. I feel terrible for the boys. I feel horrible for the wife and children of Emanuel as it is not their fault.
I will do what I can to help all the victims past and future!


LG: i would have said exactly the same, unless the prosecutors showed that the alleged abuse caused a substantial psychological harm to the children.

Do you know that had he killed the alleged victims, he would probably face less prison time than now?


@Eugene, he studied at Sinai Academy. And what non-mandatory Ohel program are you referring to? Was he previously known to do smth like this and referred to some program?

@Sander and Leon, why do you consider a two-year sentence just in this case? If he should get 2 years as you suggest, then you're implying he did it. I'm really appalled that you think that child molesters should get liberal sentences even if they are upstanding citizens otherwise. Maybe he should've molested your kids; I wonder what you would've said in this case.


I didn't know it takes only "fine frum boys" to tell the truth. If that were so we wouldn't have these blogs.


Dear FS!

Do you really believe US justice system is perfect? Do you really believe 12 people who are wishing to leave the case as soon as possible to get back to their daily lives really care for anyone at the court, especially when you have poor children telling horror stories what a older man did to them, will have an open minded opinion? I don't think so. In the past there were cases where judgement failed. OJ Simpson, Yankel from Crown Heights, 4 african american men who set in jaim for over a year because they were accused by an Orthodox woman that they raped her, the story she later admitted she made up. I really hope the judge will be smart enough not to judge Emanuel motivated by emotions, but based on the true evidence, which I hear are not too much.


Leon and Sender

We live in a country which has a judicial system. Those of us which are observant Jews we also live by the Torah law, which specifically stipulates (dinei de malchusa din ei) I may be off on the spelling of that, however He could have been the preson with best midos and a "groiser tzadik but if he was found guilty then pay the price.
Bottom line the jury found him guilty, thats all there is too it. It s up to a judge to give out senetencing.
And any Gd fearing person has to understand that this to is from GD.


I agree with Sander's post. Even if the charges do have basis in fact, two years prison term is more than enough.


It really sad that out of so many posts, there is almost none that may have a doubt that he may be not guilty or may be not such a monster as some people portrait him. I see most of the posts are written by one person, who is very involved with victim's family. I happened to know Emanuel for many years, and I refuse to believe all of you who don't know anything about case and still spread lies and empty accusations about him. I happened to know the victims family, including the children who were involved, and you can not really say the were "fine frum boys" because they were involved in many things including drugs etc from the early ages and to blame Emanuel for everything is not fair. I'm happy that victims family will have wedding in the family, but I can not stop thinking what will happen to Emanuel's family. Even if he is guilty as charged, his family's life is ruined, his poor wife, and poor 3 little daughters won't have a husband, father around. All of you who are attacking him and wish him to rot in jail, think for a second about his children. I think he deserves much less punishment that you suggest here, and yes, I am not afraid to have my children near him.


Thank you @FS, youre right.
His info is all over the internet.



I apologize but can you please sue grammar, I can't understand where a sentence starts or ends. Also I don't believe you know all the detail or enough to make a call on this.


He was in sinai academy for 5 years and the 1 and half school years in Israel, yeshiva Ohr Dovid.


Thank you so much Leon.


I don't think he ever went to yeshiva but besides the Sinai Academy. May be he was in the Lakewood East for a short time...


Matok--Youre a sicko go and get youreself killed whats youre f n problem .


@Leon- This is true of the case but I'm just inquiring as a concerned Russian-Jewish parent .


His being principal of his 15+ boys groisse "yeshiva" or "high school" has nothing to do with this case.

All his case had to do with was the two(or three) children of the defendant's high school teacher where defendant was ben bais who claimed that the defendant was abusing them in the course of ten years.


Does anyone by chance know what yeshiva Emanuel Yegutkin studied in or which Rabbi referred him to this non-mandatory Ohel treatment program? Thanks


The children were not from Elite high school. There were no other cases brought to this trial. He was convicted on all counts and will be sentenced at some time in December. There will be more info coming I will post as I receive it

mark meyer appel

and the wedding of the oldest will be god willing in march


I just got off the phone with parents of the 3 victims of Emanuel yegtakin. They are thankfully to god and are happy that. Their children can return to a normal life
god bless


This week is starting out very well for the brave survivors. :)


Posted by: ah-pee-chorus | December 03, 2012 at 12:18 PM

You're right. My memory was bad.


shmarya, i just read the post from 2009 about his initial arrest. that article said the victims were not from elite high school, where he was principal. were there additional charges relating to kids who were from elite?
its mostly a distinction without a difference but i am curious.

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