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December 05, 2012

Demonstration Tonight Against Jerusalem Get-Refuser

Shaul Yirmiyahu GlobmanShaul Yirmiyahu Globman is a Kashrut inspector in Hungary under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Tuvya Weissberger. Globman has refused to give his wife a get, a Jewish divorce, for 10 years.

Demonstration against Shaul Yirmiyahu Globman get refusal Jerusalem 12-5-2012



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Shaul Yirmiyahu Globman is a Kashrut inspector in Hungary

So will the demonstration be in Hungary of Jerusalem? Unless he commutes to work between Israel and Hungary.

Bet you he will give one if they threaten to sack him.

He should be arrested by the Fashion Police for that stupid tiny clown hat.

There is something missing from this story.

Anyone wanna guess?

why is he wearing a black potty on his head?
does weissberger wear the same thing?

s.o.b ! the law about the get should change . the rabbi should sign for the get , not the abuser husband .

what did globman did for 10 years ? having sex right and left with different women .
or he married in a different country without saying anything . there is no record and no system .

The protest was outside his parents' home, they live here in Jerusalem.

Thank you for posting this, Shmarya.

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