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December 04, 2012


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elwerthy  barak

joel, satmar. aha son a the great SATAN.Yout brains have been warped and your mind blinded. Go read early jewish history; devorah , sampson joshua. these leaders did not spend their lives dreaming about prepubescent children. your standard of english is inconsequential,my friend. you are living with perverts, many of them.


Joel, you need a psychiatrist if you are Satmar. Actually any fool who lets a so called Rebbe dictate what they can or cannot do should see one. Idiots.


"accept for the arrests of the hasidim".

Shmarya, I am Satmar, and my "4th grade" English is better than yours.

Bas Melech

At least he criticize the Satmar Rebbe's remarks. Even though it is erev Chanukah, we can't expect too many miracles from him. Some things are so blatant that not even Hynes can defend them. Although he probably checked public opinion first.

Watch. Now the charedim will call him a Jew hater for criticizing the Rebbe.


Hynes is playing both sides in order to cruise to reelection in 2013.

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