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December 04, 2012

DA Again Overstates Haredi Child Sex Abuse Arrests, Convictions From Kol Tzedek Program, Criticizes Satmar Rebbe

Charles Hynes and Zev BrennerBrooklyn's DA Charles Hynes again made inflated claims about the number of arrests and convictions he's achieved through his Kol Tzedek program. He also said that Kol Tzedek allows him to keep victim's names private until trial, even though state law already mandates that. And he criticized Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, one of the two Satmar Rebbes, for his verbal attack on the alleged victim of Rabbi Nechemya Weberman. Weberman allegedly began raping the girl when she was 12-years-old. The Rebbe essentially likened her to a prostitute and blamed her for ruining Weberman's life and shaming the Williamsburg community.

Charles Hynes and Zev Brenner
Charles Hynes, left; Zev Brenner, right

Here is a 16 minute audio excerpt from Zev Brenner's Talkline Radio show that will air tonight.

Brenner released it to VIN even though VIN has refused to cover the Weberman trial, accept for the arrests of the hasidim who photographed the alleged victim while she testified last week.

The details of Hynes playing fast and loose with the numbers were reported by The Jewish Week, The Guardian, CBS 2, several other papers, FailedMessiah.com and the New York Times, and got significant publicity.

Hynes, however, still makes claims that are absolutely false: 


Hynes also praises the Crown Heights Beis Din for ruling that there is no mesira, informing, when it comes to reporting known child sexual abuse to police. But he doesn't discuss the very erratic enforcement of that ruling within Chabad.

He praises Ohel even though Ohel's sex offender treatment program has reportedly been part of the problem, failing to report participants who leave the program prematurely to police.

He says he won't confront the Satmar Rebbe directly about his statement attacking the alleged victim in the Weberman case.

And he had nothing to say about victims' advocates who stood by the alleged Weberman victim and many other victims,and who made many of his actual prosecutions, the few that there really are, possible.

All in all, classic Charles Hynes.


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Hynes is playing both sides in order to cruise to reelection in 2013.

At least he criticize the Satmar Rebbe's remarks. Even though it is erev Chanukah, we can't expect too many miracles from him. Some things are so blatant that not even Hynes can defend them. Although he probably checked public opinion first.

Watch. Now the charedim will call him a Jew hater for criticizing the Rebbe.

"accept for the arrests of the hasidim".

Shmarya, I am Satmar, and my "4th grade" English is better than yours.

Joel, you need a psychiatrist if you are Satmar. Actually any fool who lets a so called Rebbe dictate what they can or cannot do should see one. Idiots.

joel, satmar. aha son a the great SATAN.Yout brains have been warped and your mind blinded. Go read early jewish history; devorah , sampson joshua. these leaders did not spend their lives dreaming about prepubescent children. your standard of english is inconsequential,my friend. you are living with perverts, many of them.

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