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December 03, 2012


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YL, are you serious?


I love it. He teaches strictly kosher material, as opposed to those who teach kabalah, mysticism and black magic. He really knows the difference between a true dream and a false one.

And he pleads, "I am not a freak." OMG!!!! Hysterical!

A Yid

"The Talmud rules that prophesy ended almost 2500 years ago, and that it will not be reinstated until the coming of the messiah, and that has been the standard Jewish position on the institution, codified by Maimonides and citied by many other rabbinic figures since then."

Shmarya , where exactly does Maimonides say that?


[Cut and pasted by Mendel]
Prophecy never ended, rather only the era of nevua did:
. It is a commandment from the Torah to obey the prophets. Thus when we listen to a prophet, we are combining the two elements of Divine service: accepting the decree from above, and internalizing it of our own free will.

In the Rebbe's words:

"Just as there is a command to obey 'your judges' at all times, as is written in our Torah portion, Shoftim, so there is a command to obey the prophets, as is written separately in the Torah portion (18:15), 'G-d will set up for you a prophet from your midst, from your brothers, like me, and you shall harken to him.'

"In this context, the Rambam explains, 'One of the fundamentals of the religion is to know that G-d sends His prophecies through people.'

"In his Iggeres Taimon, the Rambam writes that 'as a preparatory step for Moshiach's coming....prophecy will return to Israel.' This can be understood in connection with the explanations above. To prepare us to be able to receive the revelations of the Era of Redemption, we must experience through prophecy a foretaste of the 'advice' that will be communicated in that era.

"It is therefore important for later generations to know that it is 'one of the fundamentals of the religion is to know that G-d sends His prophecies through people.' Always, in all generations, the revelation of prophecy is possible. Moreover, this will include even a level of prophecy which is akin to the prophecy of Moshe as implied by the verse, 'I will set up for them from their brothers like you.' Moshe's level is the zenith of prophecy, as the Rambam explains at great length. Nevertheless it is not exclusive to him, but reflected to others as well.
Here are some latter day prophets:
Rabbi Shmuel Hanavi, Rabbi Elazar Baal "Harokeach," Nachmanides, the Ravad (Rabbi Abraham ben David), Rabbi Ezra Hanavi and Rabbi Yehuda the Chasid, and others.

Yochanan Lavie

I am starting a school for song parody writers.


Garnel, hilarious! I came to Canada as a child, in 1964. The last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup was 1967! Maybe I should declare myself a Navi, ha ha! Not!

Friar Yid

How serious can this guy be if he named his "prophecy school" (are they like the X-men?) after a pun?

Atheodox Jew

A school for prophets? I see HARRY POTTER spinoff material here!


Abel. Not Able.


No light obviously needs to get laid by a dude this time in order to lighten up. Hopefully someone will do it for her (but not me.) roflmao

I love girls who try to act tough by yelling and cursing at guys and saying they hate men because after all, having a temper to be tough is easier than doing pushups and situps to be tough.

Chief Hole-in-the-Sheet

Some of my best friends are prophets.


do they offer an online portion? ;)


Ah, so that's where Adam Neira's gone!

ZG - What do you want, what's your raison d'etre? Nobody gives a shit about the state of your cock, or your embarrassing fawning over frumbag orthofucks.

If you love them so much, why not go the whole hog and convert?

A. Nuran

Great idea! And the moment they get the tiniest detail wrong they're False Prophets and subject to the traditional penalties. I volunteer to throw the first stone.


Very reminiscent of early Christianity - the early Churches had members talking in tongues and others with various other "spiritual gifts." Soon you will see the same with Chabad. Talking in tongues - predicted here first. Naturally it will be stated to be Biblical. I wonder when Chabad will have a Pope and Cardinals.

Yerachmiel Lopin

They are going to flood the market with prophets and then there will be no profit.

Fleishike Kishke

All Chabad are Messiahist. Their main U.S. school Oholei Menachem (formerly Oholei Torah) hangs the piss-pants Rebbe-King-Messiah banner at every school function. ALL Chabad are delusional and insane. Some hide it better. As the recent widower Krinsky clearly says in his court filings, his battle with the 770 Messiahists is over real estate. Owner vs. Squatters in his opinion. Chabad's efforts to evict the Messiahists has nothing to do with ideology.


This could be the beginning of a dangerous cult. What is the difference between the abuse of these children's minds and physical abuse?

zionist goy

The price is right at 52.00, you can't get lunch for 2 at that price in n.y. the low price actually makes me inclined to believe the guy is passionately earnest in his cause. If only a circumcised goy could be allowed to audit........


it is under the hechscher of rabbi and mrs pinto who as prophets never saw their own indictmnet for fraud

Korben Dallas

Prophets are insane. Hashem told me so.

Eli, what me messiah?

this is just....pure genius!

wish I'd thought of it first.


bas melech

DBSesq | December 03, 2012 at 02:26 PM

Then it might be a real school!


Hey don't knock it. Severus Snape just joined the faculty.

Gevezener Chusid

Shouldn't that read "School for profits"?

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | December 03, 2012 at 01:27 PM

... ain't much profit if the tuition is $52

oh, and that's Cain and Abel, not able.


bs ! those 'prophets' will bs ppl to extort them . if the public is aware of it, then it won't be that easy to be swindled . hapartzi is training very dangerous ppl who will brainwash innocent and credulous clean souls .
let's hope these ' prophets' will end up in jail which will prob happen .

chabad is getting worse than they already are . they create all kinds of crazy programs and 'training '. dangerous.

Chazal Qaeda

The guys in this school sound more powerful than the ones in Professor Xavier's...


i think it should be required that whenever the term "messianist" is used it be hyphenated to "messianist-lunatic".

Yochanan Lavie

Shouldn't that read "School for profits"?


He should come to America, so we can have him from seer to shining seer.

If he's a prophet, then he already knows that we think he's nutso. And if he charges for this "education", then he already knows we think he's a gonif.


i just received a nevuah from shabtai tzvi-he said this guy is nuts.


Is this a state funded school or a private one?


I prophesize that it will be a big flop but not before lots of dupes will loose their time and money and it will be declared a big success for reb shmuel portman hapartzi.


and an introduction on the way angels communicate and participate in our lives.

students must first show proficiency in training dragons and talking to invisible unicorns. if one cant afford the tuition, similar classes are being offered at psychiatric units around the world, by fellow patients for free.

John Nagle, Silicon Valley, CA

Final exam: What are tomorrow's Powerball numbers?

Garnel Ironheart

Oh cool! Finally I'll be able to stand up in an old bathrobe and announce "Here ye the word of the Lord, ye long suffering Toronto Maple Leaf fans. For ye have long wandered in the desert of the missed playoffs and thine suffering has been noted. Great is thine suffering, so great that the Lord doth wish it to continue for a long while yet!"

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